A correct decision or micro-apartment in berlin by spamroom

Work desk in the hallway

If you have even a very tiny apartment, but it is decorated in white and it has light wooden floors, echoed by small panels on the walls, this will visually make the room larger and more spacious.

The front door lets you into a small corridor that leads to the hall. A small snack near the window turns into a kitchen area, immediately - a modest corner of the hallway. All furniture is made in a single ensemble.

A small two-level apartment in Berlin

High ceilings and large enough windows allow you to hang the original chandelier or place a lot of bright lights, and turn the sills into additional places for food or work.

Dining table on the windowsill

Wooden floorboards are very practical and durable.

Small kitchen corner

And the furniture, executed in the same style, but for a couple of tones is lighter, perfectly combined with the overall concept of the apartment.

Kitchen set from light wood

Facing the kitchen with tiles makes it very practical to use. It's easy to take care of, and the cooking area will always look fresh.

Electric cooker with two burners

Directly in front of the front door is a small wardrobe where you can put seasonal things.

Ladder to the second level

Further, a small staircase takes you to the second level.

Steps to the second level

Retractable shelves and practical lockers hide in each other, which allows you to place many things in a relatively small space.

Mirror cabinet at the stairs

Also, a place under the stairs or the steps themselves can be functionally used as shelves for books or plants.

Cabinet with sliding shelf-step

From the territory of the second tier, where, as a rule, a sleeping place is placed, the whole area of ​​the apartment is perfectly visible.

Second level квартиры

A sufficiently large niche will make it possible to decorate a spacious sleeping place, hang several shelves, decorate with photos or pictures.

Bedroom on the second level

Where did the bathroom hide? And in such a small room it can be lost. It is located right next to the entrance. A shared bathroom, which is kept in the same light version, and only a bright tile slightly refreshes the bathroom.

Compact bathroom

Placement of mirrors on both sides visually increases the bathroom by half. And this is a definite plus for such a small room.

Blue tiles in a white bathroom

Transparent-mirror ceilings will slightly increase the area of ​​the room.

Mirror walls in the bathroom

Of course, there is no need to dream of a full bath, but a comfortable shower here fit.

Glass shower Layout of the first level of a two-level apartment

First level

Layout of the second level of a two-level apartment

Second level

Kitchen layout


Bathroom layout