Tv stand in a modern interior with 40 photos

In our time, it is probably difficult to meet a dwelling, where there would not be a TV. The blue screen has become an integral part of our life, and therefore, among a whole variety of furniture, a headset, like a TV stand, is in great demand. Its value in the interior of the apartment should not be understated, because, in addition to its direct functional purpose of the original stand, it is also able to greatly embellish the interior. Beautiful TV stands draw attention to themselves, no less than the technique itself, and executed in a certain stylistic direction, can even become a certain highlight, attracting admiring glances. Among other things, they can serve as a "haven" not only for the TV, but also for decorative items and other interior items.

TV stand for TV: how to choose the right model

Among a huge number of diverse species, it is not so easy to stay on the right option. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the main criteria that influence the choice, namely:

  • the size of the TV. Here everything is obvious: if the diagonal of the screen is small - we choose the stand more modestly, and for large models, we need a reliable overall base;
  • financial opportunities. From this factor will depend, first of all, the quality of materials from which furniture is made. The most expensive options are natural wood or glass, and chipboard and plastic - much cheaper, but, as a rule, less practical. Although, if you adhere to the necessary care for furniture and its correct operation - even an inexpensive model can last a rather long period and, at the same time, look no less elegant than expensive designs.

Style and size of the room

  • the size of the room. This is one of the key indicators, which must correspond to the TV stand. For example, in a small room, a large massive model will look ridiculous, and it will take quite a bit of space. For large living rooms, miniature pedestals are completely inadequate, since in such rooms TVs, as a rule, have large dimensions, and to install them on a small basis is stupid and risky;
  • stylistic direction in the interior. The overall design of the room must be taken into account when choosing a TV stand. Modern models often have non-standard forms, which is completely unacceptable for classics and vice versa. On what the distinctive features of the furniture of a particular style, we will dwell in more detail in a separate section of the article;
  • height of the surface. When choosing a pedestal, it is necessary to take into account the height of the sofa and armchairs in order to make watching TV as convenient as possible;
  • the possibility of placing additional accessories. In the modern design of interiors there is a tendency to apply a minimum number of elements of a furniture set, due to their functionality, when one piece of furniture can replace two or three. Nowadays, the manufacturer tries to implement this idea in every possible way, thanks to which, a TV stand in a modern style can have additional niches, shelves or holes for the placement of necessary accessories and storage of things;

Of course, the quality of products is always the determining factor, which should be given great attention, because the furniture is purchased not for one year and not for two. Therefore, in addition to good indicators of the main material from which the TV stand is made, it must also have high-quality and practical accessories, which is worth asking when buying, since, in the future, this will determine the term of its operation.

curbstone under the TV, photo 1curbstone under the TV in the living room photo, photo 2TV stand in the living room photo, photo 3Curbstones under the TV in the living room, photo 4television stand modern, photo 5

TV stands in modern style: a description of the varieties of models

The main criteria for the classification of supports for TV are: the form, the type of installation and the material from which furniture is made. Let's consider features of separate kinds.

TV stand in a modern style, photo 6

Long pedestals for TV

Линейные модели прекрасно подойдут для установки больших плазм в гостиных или спальных комнатах. В основном такие конструкции применяются в просторных помещениях. Они могут быть установлены стационарно либо в подвесном состоянии. На сегодняшний день, любой мебельный салон может предложить большое разнообразие моделей, каждая из которых будет отличаться своей функциональностью. Long pedestals for TV, фото которых представлены в статье, могут быть оснащены различными ящичками для хранения разной мелочи, а также полочками, где можно разместить декоративные элементы и прочие аксессуары. В некоторых моделях не предусмотрена задняя панель. Бывают также тумбы, которые имеют вертикальные надстройки. В гостиных, объединенных с кухней, длинная конструкция может послужить ограничителем зоны отдыха, а также создать иллюзию более объемного пространства.

long pedestals under the TV, photo 7long pedestals under the TV photo, photo 8long pedestals under the TV, photo 9curbstone under the TV modern long photo, photo 10

Corner cabinet for TV

Models of curbstones, designed for installation in a corner, are one of the most practical options that can effectively save space, so it is good for rooms of different sizes, both large and small. In addition, having enough shelves and sections, a corner cabinet for a TV, as seen in the photo, is very roomy.

For the children's room you can buy a model with rounded corners. Quite often, corner structures are part of a whole set of modular furniture. If the cabinet is bought separately, it is necessary that it fits into the overall interior of the room, consistent with the stylistic direction. To date, choosing the right option is easy, thanks to the diversity presented on the market. As an alternative - you can make a bedside table on request.

corner cupboards under the TV picture, photo 11Corner cabinet for TV, фото 12Corner cupboards for TV photo, photo 13curbstone under the TV, photo 14corner cupboards for tv photo, photo 15corner cupboards for tv photo, photo 16

Cabinet-chest of drawers for TV

In a spacious room, you can install a stand under the TV in the form of a chest of drawers. This option has existed for decades, but does not lose its relevance. This TV stand is quite roomy, but at the same time it takes up a lot of space, so it's about installing them in spacious living rooms or bedrooms. The advantage of this design is also the fact that it can install not only plasma, but also more large TVs, which take place in many homes.

curbstone under the TV, photo 17curbstone under the TV photo, photo 18TV cabinet in the interior photo, photo 19

Cabinet for TV - table

Such a model can not boast a special spaciousness, since, in the usual version, it does not contain additional drawers and niches. But, it perfectly corresponds to many modern directions in registration of interiors. Glass curbstones-tables under the TV (photo can be seen in this article) can become a successful addition to the style of high-tech, minimalism and others. They look light and elegant, without occupying space, than are good in applications for small rooms.

TV stands modern: types of installation

Each furniture manufacturer, in order to make it more functional, easy to use and applicable for a certain style, tries to produce a variety of models, thus increasing the demand for its products. This also applies to the differences that a TV stand can have with a TV, depending on the installation. There are several categories:

  • Stand for TV stationary. Such a model can have a solid base or small legs;
  • The design on wheels, which has the ability to move, if necessary, into the right space;
  • TV cabinet with a bracket, with which you can make a turn in the necessary direction;
  • suspended structures, mounted directly to the wall, which creates the illusion that furniture "hung" in the air. It is a newer development widely used in modern design.

beautiful curbstones for a TV photo, photo 20curbstone under the TV, photo 21

Modern TV stand for TV: materials for manufacturing

TV furniture can be made of materials such as natural wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic or glass. The most reliable and durable are models made of wood, but they have a relatively high price. Most often they are used in the classical design, but since the TV stands are modern often made using several materials - they may well fit into other styles.

Particleboard is a material obtained in the process of pressing wood chips with synthetic resins. It is used in the manufacture of cabinet furniture quite often. The structures made from chipboard are much cheaper than wooden ones, but they are much inferior to them in strength.

A positive feature of plastic models is their wide assortment in different colors. In this case, the pedestal made of plastic does not have high strength and can be used as a stand under the light of modern TV.

Glass stands for TV (as seen in the photo) create a sense of weightlessness. They, in practice, are invisible in the interior, due to what do not clutter the space. For such structures, hardened materials are used, which makes it possible to withstand the weight of even large-sized machinery. Due to transparency, glass models will suit any color scheme of the interior.

curbstones for television, photo 22glass pedestals under the TV photo, photo 23Glass cabinet for TV, photo 24

Curbstones for TV: photos and characteristics of furniture in different styles

Of course, when choosing furniture, it is worth remembering that it must correspond to the general interior design of the room. For today, to pick up beautiful curbstones under the TV, photos of which are in our catalog, it is not too difficult. For this, it is necessary to know the basic features inherent in one or another direction.

TV stand in a classic style

Классический стиль — это всегда элегантность, аристократизм, шик и изысканность. Мебель может быть изготовлена из любого материала, но, наиболее популярным в этом направлении остается натуральное дерево. TV stand in a classic style из дерева может иметь красивую ажурную резьбу, а также кованые элементы. Она должна быть массивной, но грациозной и, при этом, смотреться довольно тепло и уютно.

In addition to classics, there are quite a lot of modern trends, the main feature of which is multifunctionality and conciseness in design, exclusion of any excesses. The TV stand in a modern minimalist style will be very simple. This can be, for example, a glass construction consisting of two shelves with a chrome riser. Less common are models made of wood or chipboard. In this case, the color of the pedestal should be in harmony with the technique, while combinations of white with metallic or black are possible.

TV stand in a classic style, photo 26TV stand in a classic style, photo 27TV stand in a classic style photo, photo 28TV stand in a classic style, photo 29

TV stand in a classic style photo, photo 30

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TV stand in modern style

For fans of curvilinear forms, it will be a good help to purchase furniture in the Art Nouveau style, where preference is given to a trapezoid shape with rounded corners. It can be glass shelves on a metal frame with wooden curved reeds, and a pedestal made of wood with a countertop that has bends, and other options.

curbstone under the TV, photo 31curbstone under the TV photo, photo 32glass pedestals under the TV photo, photo 25

High-tech style is a clear geometric shape using materials such as glass, metal and plastic. Such furniture is rightly called design because of the uniqueness of the designs. It can be a rack that is a glass ball attached to a metal base and other combinations.

TV stand in the interior photo, photo 33beautiful curbstones for tv photo, photo 34

The optimal option for high tech - modern TV tables (photo of such models is placed in the article), which are combined with vertical elements. They can be made of any material other than natural. In rare cases, it is possible to use wood, but, at the same time, it should be as much as possible "disguised" - painted in bright colors or with acrylic coating.

To choose furniture for styles of a provence and country is much easier, as it not necessarily should correspond to design of technics. The material for the pedestals is wood or chipboard with possible minor thread elements. It will not be superfluous to have a slight scuff to give the appearance of antiquity.

curbstone under the TV, photo 35curbstone under the TV photo, photo 36

TV cabinet in the interior photo, photo 37

Correctly selected TV stand for TV, combining practicality and exquisite appearance, will become the most visible part of the room. It will not only perfectly complement the atmosphere of rest, but also serve as a repository for various trifles, which so often it is difficult to find a place in the apartment.

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