A charming little apartment in tel aviv with an open layout

Interior of studio apartment in light colors

The architectural company Sfaro has developed a brilliant floor plan for this relatively small apartment in Tel Aviv. Only 59 square meters of space specialists were able to equip two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, dining area and spacious kitchen.

Entrance to the bathroom from the kitchen area

All rooms are interconnected by sliding doors. At the entrance to the apartment a person enters an interesting room that performs three functions at the same time: a living room, a dining room, a kitchen.

The room is equipped with two systems of cabinets. One refers to the cooking area, and the second serves as a storage area. Between them a passage to the bathroom is designed, on the two sides of which there are bedrooms: the first with a single bed, the second with a double bed.

Gray wall in a small living room Living room and bedroom Kitchen area in white color The layout of a small studio apartment