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A small living room? no problem! use competent advice from

Reception of guests, family gatherings and watching television - all these activities are often organized in the living room. But if this room does not have enough dimensions, and you think that this situation can not be fixed, it is simply

Interesting projects of houses with a mansard up to 150 m2

Projects of houses with an attic of up to 150 m2 are very relevant in our time. Frame houses are in great demand in conditions of dense development of cities and the construction of suburban housing. Projects of houses with an attic up to 150 m2 are

Pictures without a brush - the creation of amy shackleton

Canadian artist Şeklton (Amy Shackleton) creates pictures without the help of a brush. An unusual painting style was mastered by a 26-year-old artist from Toronto. Her tools - Tubes of paint and gravity. She just pours the paint on the canvas,

How to decorate a bedroom in a refined eclectic style

Do you want to show your rebellious and non-stereotyped thinking in interior design? Then you probably will like the idea of ​​not sticking to a particular style, but use a mixture of several of them at the same time. Today we will introduce you to

How to make the wigwam in the nursery with their own hands

In the old days, they did not say in vain: what would the child do to enjoy, if only it did not cry. Centuries-old parental experience fully justifies this phrase, because to develop, the child needs tools for creative realization. Wigwam Indians

The blue pond of hokkaido

Hokkaido Island, located in the north of Japan, is well known to tourists for its unique nature. It is there that there is a pond with crystal clear blue water. This is one of the main attractions of the tourist resort, located near the small town of

Baby pictures from adriana varela

Adriana is a photographer from Southwest New Mexico. She has been engaged in photography for more than ten years, during this time she tried herself in many genres and styles. For such a long experience with the camera, she developed your vision of

Furniture for the interior of the house in the style of

How does high-tech furniture look, how beautiful and comfortable it is? High-tech style appeared in the 70s of last century. This style has become a unique trend, abandoned the pretentiousness of the style solution of the classics. The interior,

12 ways to decorate the interior with floating shelves

Floating shelves make it easy to update the walls of the house and beautifully demonstrate your favorite souvenirs, books, dishes and accessories. Check this with our new collection of 25 photos representing different ways of including floating

Table in loft style: features, fashionable variations and

Loft style came to us relatively recently, but this did not stop him instantly falling in love with a lot of hearts. Massive parts, wood and steel; unconventional solutions that give old things a new life - is not it cute? Today, let's talk about how
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