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Combination of doors wenge with interior

Wenge is a valuable rare tree that grows in the tropical forests of Central Africa. In height it grows to 25 meters, and the maximum fixed diameter is 120 cm. The color of the wood is from yellow-brown to black-brown, there is a huge variety of

Modern design of the kitchen 12 sq.m. m

Kitchen - the embodiment of practicality, aesthetics, cleanliness, home, the room in which meetings occur, communication of family members. At different times of the day, this part of the house should leave a corresponding calming and inspiring

Desktop wallpapers - 100 photo examples

When creating the interior of any room, all the details are important, but in the living room, the focus is more often on walls and furniture. The side background occupies the largest area and performs many different tasks. To the living room, like

6 tips for developing a tiny apartment - effective ways to

Today on our portal this example we will consider the problem of creating a small apartment, which is located in the Swiss city of Gothenburg. It is very beautiful and bright, its total area is 26 square meters. Such small sizes are typical for

Japanese style in the interior - 75 photos of impeccably

Nowadays, many designers prefer the Japanese modern style in the interior, and this is not spontaneous, because this oriental style has a beautiful and unique look, besides this style is very popular in Russia. The main feature of this style is that

Unconventionality of interior and furniture - loft style (72

Unusual and even unique for the interior to date, many believe the furniture loft. The very word loft translates as an attic. The room in this style once served as a workshop, but gradually it turned into an original stylized room, which is used for

Ces 2013: augmented reality glasses from innovega inc

Developers of compact displays HUD, Innovega Inc., at CES 2013 they presented a prototype of transparent glasses. Scoring system Innovega consists of two elements: microprojectors or LED panels built into glasses, and contact lenses iOptik, which

A compact kitchen combined with a balcony - a photo of a

Unusual room in bright treatment Combining a small kitchen with the same balcony, the designer was able to perfectly place on it a dining area, a place for rest and even equipped a working area here. On it everything stands in its place, without

Provence style in the interior of the living room: the

I want the living room in the house to become not just a room for rest or reception of friends and relatives, but a cozy corner where you can escape from the turmoil of everyday life, relax and enjoy the memories of summer vacation? Apply the style

Different layouts of small bathrooms: maybe you do not have

We bring to your attention examples of the planning of bathrooms of different sizes. What do you think is the most acceptable? Where will be more comfortable for any apartment tenant? I would like to hear your feedback, maybe you yourself were
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