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The showy luxury of the baroque style (60 interior ideas)

Baroque style in the interior differs ostentatious luxury, it is characterized by the use of many gilded details, murals and expensive interior fabrics. Design in the Baroque style at all times attracted by its beauty and luxury, as all elements

Shelving in the interior - rules of decoration, variety and

One of the most convenient and very popular methods of zoning space with small areas is the rack. This is a multi-tiered shelves, fixed with vertical uprights. They can be in built-in different in form cabinets, but they also fit easily into the

Chests of the bedroom - 60 photos in the interior

A chest of drawers, such an ordinary thing in an interior, is not at all a modern invention. The chest of drawers in French means "comfortable". The prototype of the chest was a chest, which was used in the interior for storing things, and could also

A fresh look at extensions to private homes

The sports hall in the annex to the private house Addition to a private house is a new way to circumvent the law on limiting the number of residential buildings in one plot. In a small house without a basement, which will no longer be regarded as a

Corner cabinet in the interior - 115 photos of modern models

A modern built-in corner cabinet is considered an ideal option for standard apartments. Typically, the bedrooms are small in size and therefore you need to carefully cut out every inch to create a comfortable, stylish and main functional space.

Modern style of art deco in the interior

An art-deco style was born in the interior of the house in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Otherwise it is called art deco. Its mandatory condition is the use of expensive precious materials. The main distinguishing features of the art

Red kitchen photo 47 original examples of design

The kitchen for the hostesses has always been, is and will remain one of the important premises in the house. After all, they spend a considerable time in it not only at breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also preparing food for all these meals,

The bright expressiveness of the "red nest" - a stunning

This time we have expressive work for the transformer room. Great idea for a small room. A bright red-orange color will emphasize the individuality of the owner or mistress. The motto would be to take the phrase "Impossible is possible!", Especially

Beautiful and high-quality peretyazhka upholstered furniture

If you have beautiful and expensive pieces of upholstered furniture, the outer upholstery covering of which has worn out, then it is not necessary for them to pass judgment and dispose of them. Constriction of upholstered furniture will help save the

Transformation of the pantry into the office - an original

If you want to have a cozy, functional and beautiful home office in your apartment, you do not need to allocate an isolated room for its arrangement. Today in our new material you will be introduced to the unique reconstruction project carried out
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