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Ornamental letters for interior decoration +56 photo

The house is not just a man's fortress, where he can spend time with his family, relax after a day's work. He, like clothes, is able to express the inner essence of personality, thanks to certain decorative elements, interior solutions and findings.

Living room in english style - photo of the best design

With the traditions of old England, we began to get acquainted with the famous bestsellers of A. Conan Doyle, S. Bronte and D. Galsworthy. The nobility of the lords, the serene calm of the characters, the manner and taste of the English aristocrats,

Futuristic saloon bar for airbus from vw + bs and virgin

International studio VW + BS in collaboration with the Virgin Atlantic team developed a striking bar-lounge for Airbus. The designers of the project managed to create an attractive social interior for passengers, which meets all technical

Great opportunities for a great kitchen (55 design ideas)

When there is a large kitchen in an apartment or a house, there is plenty of room for imagination to clear up. But even in this case, there are a number of subtleties that should be considered when arranging the premises. With the right design

Knitting for home and interior - 30 photo samples

The desire to be special and unique is inherent in people by nature. Human actions are always aimed at creating themselves as an indispensable person. This quality is also manifested in the desire to transform the surrounding environment into

Canopies from polycarbonate in the courtyard of a private

Polymer glass, also called polycarbonate, is a very popular building material used to create lightweight roof structures of small and large size. Modern polycarbonate awnings in the courtyard of a private house are easy to install and are an

A little charmer in a modern manner, or your unique compact

The actual question: how to equip the kitchen in a small room? It is common knowledge that for a long time the houses were built without taking into account the desire of the tenants. The so-called small apartments, and there are a lot of them, have

Tv stands in the interior - how to choose? 115 photo ideas

Despite the fact that modern TVs are often mounted on the wall, the TV stands do not lose their popularity. These pedestals are not only functionally significant, but also an active decorative element. Manufacturers offer thousands of different

Folding dining table: types and functionality

Is there not a lot of space in your apartment? Like to receive guests, but want to do without a massive dining room furniture? Then the folding dining table is exactly what you need. Today we will discuss how to choose the right transformer table and

Hamwells introduced an eco-shower, which will save water and

Eco-shower, which will allow you to spend ten times less water while washing The new eco-shower is very interesting because its creators promised to get rid of most of the shortcomings of energy-saving products. The water in it is recycled up to
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