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How to decorate a small apartment - an impressive example of

This comfortable accommodation is located on the attic floor of the building in the Swedish town of Göteborg. This structure was erected in 1987, its enchanting attic space due to the use of professionalism and the phenomenal talent of the master

How clematis is planted and cleared in the open ground

Many gardeners are interested in the question today, how to grow clematis, planting and care in the open. The garden looks like it is not complete without this incredibly beautiful plant. It ideally covers and decorates land constructions. This plant

Coffee formula from behzad rashidizadeh bright start of the

Concept mugs Formula one will find recognition among fans of all unusual or simply coffee maniacs. Every time you want to enjoy a favorite, hot drink, this unusual thing will give a bunch of emotions. Cup can become, a creative gift or a spectacular

Photo: sports cars from andrew thompson

Beautiful work of sports cars from freelance photographer Andrew Thompson. Andrew lives in Missouri and is engaged in freelancing photography. His portfolio is full of surprisingly beautiful photos of sports cars, in particular Lotus. Photogallery

Green curtains in a modern interior

The color composition sets the mood for the entire room. Correct selection of its components is considered the basis of a cozy interior. Curtains in the room perform not only the practical function of curtains of windows in the dark, they help to

Options for laying tiles in the bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with tiles (ceramic tiles) is an original and budget design solution. The material is manufactured in several ways and is characterized by increased strength. The name "tile" he received in Germany, where it was established

Beautiful niches in interior design (45 photos)

Adding niches is one of the easiest ways to give the interior an unusual shape and bring bright accents to it. Small or large, rounded or rectangular, the niches in the walls are usually used simply for storing things or for an effective

What is a gazebo in scandinavian style (64 interesting

The arbor is one of the important elements of any villa. Design and shapes are diverse. Some choose an arbor in the Scandinavian style, others - in Russian or Japanese. To make an important and integral design for your site, you need to thoroughly

Crafts made of paper - 35 photos of interesting ideas

Doing paper crafts with your own hands is a very popular kind of home creation for many people whose roots go back to ancient times. Since then, and began its development of "origami" - the eastern art of creating unique diy from paper. Masters of

Aquarium design - 20 photo samples

When designing the interior of your apartment, the design of the aquarium plays an important role. Since in a removable room, as a rule, it can rarely be found. The aquarium with live fish has become a symbol of stability and reliability. Thus, he
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