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Original layout of a small kitchen in a multi-level

The Japanese company MAMM DESIGN has developed a project for the reconstruction of an apartment, the most original part of which was the layout of a small kitchen. The multi-level apartments are located in a historic building in Amsterdam. The age

Amazing cityscapes from van dong

The photographer is better known under the pseudonym "Black Station". The real name of the photographer is Wang Dong, he is from Shanghai, China. He was born in 1978 and in addition to photography, Van is engaged in graphic design.Wang Dong's great

The second floor in a private house: options for planning

For many people, a beautiful staircase leading from one floor of the house to another is a kind of work of art and a dream of all life. Are you planning to build a two-story house? Or decided to build a second floor in a private house where you

African style in the interior and its features

Africa has long remained a "conserved" continent that has not been affected by other cultures. Therefore, the style, formed on these expanses, retained its primitiveness and archaism. The dwellings of the indigenous tribes are usually laconic, as the

The decoration of the room area of ​​12 square meters. m,

Despite the fact that the room is very small, the designers managed to realize all wishes and dreams of the customer. What surprised the customers of the designers, our website will tell. In a small area it turned out to place everything necessary

Luxury concept car neue klasse

New class concept car developed by the designer of the Singaporean industry, Ying Hern Pow, combines elements of the coupe, showing unusual characteristics and radical proportions. Her style is simply impeccable, mainly because of the translucent

Child room design +100 photo interior

Each parent faces the task of correctly designing the design of the children's room so that the child can feel comfortable, safe and at the same time harmoniously develop. In the premises for children, everything must be thought out carefully, and it

Features of the design combined with the living room kitchen

The design of the kitchen-living room is an interesting task for the decorator. In the conditions of a megacity from a space of private habitation expect mobility and multifunctionality, therefore the connection of kitchen and a drawing room becomes

The charm of small bedrooms or 10 effective ways to create

Stylish and refreshing design Bedroom decoration is a special task. Unlike the kitchen or the living room, this room reflects the tastes and preferences of its owner, characterizing it as an individual and acting as a private refuge not only for

Not enough space? take advice on saving scarce space for a

A cozy evening, you just gathered to sit on the couch in front of the TV. You are looking for a control panel and, here's an ill luck, stumble on a cumbersome coffee table and already face to face with your beloved rug. That would have more room in
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