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The blue pond of hokkaido

Hokkaido Island, located in the north of Japan, is well known to tourists for its unique nature. It is there that there is a pond with crystal clear blue water. This is one of the main attractions of the tourist resort, located near the small town of

Monochrome in the interior of a small room

Monochrome interior of a small room The designer from Saratov Anastasia Andreichenko presented the project of a monochrome interior of a small room combining a kitchen and a living room. The image created by her personifies painting, graphics, design

White brick in the interior - 40 photos of successful design

Modern trends in the design of interior decoration are increasingly inclined to non-standard solutions, in particular, the use of unusual materials. White brick in the interior will represent order and cleanliness, and also create an exquisite

Modern cuisines: trends 2018, ideas, options for planning,

Fashion, as you know, the lady is changeable and rather capricious. Every season, designers offer us new ideas for interior design, taking care of the comfort and beauty of our homes. Modern cuisine is a symbiosis of practicality and beauty. Design

A stylish and ergonomic mouse for your laptop from frank guo

Although tablets are becoming more popular, many people still rely on their laptops. Designer Frank Guo presented his design idea of ​​how a mouse should look for a modern laptop. The device is made in the form of a clip, which is very convenient to

Repair of kitchen by own hands - furnish and technics for

In the previous part of the article about the repair of the kitchen with our own hands, we talked about the design and layout of the kitchen. Today we will talk about finishing the kitchen, choosing materials and kitchen appliances. So, the repair of

Christmas garlands of paper with their own hands - 35 photos

Having made a variety of New Year's garlands of paper with your own hands, you can really festively decorate the apartment on the eve of the New Year. Making New Year's garlands has a very ancient history, and during this time many ways of their

Clock-alarm clock "target"

Clock-alarm clock "Target." For those who in the morning for a long time can not "tear" the eyes. At the set time, the alarm starts ringing, but to turn it off ... you need to show your sniper abilities. This gadget will definitely "make" you to wake

Methods of painting decorative stone by own hands

Often there is a desire to make some changes in the interior design. Painting a decorative stone from gypsum, concrete or cement allows you to obtain an excellent finish, beautiful and practical at the same time. The work itself, associated with

How to make a candlestick with your own hands

This year UNESCO officially declared the year of the world. In this light (sorry for the pun), it is worth paying special attention to the coverage that we receive from various sources, like computer monitors and screens of telephones and
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