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How to choose a shower door: types, functions, ideas and

Shower enclosure - a design that has long been included in the daily use of each of us. This ergonomic and convenient construction is appropriate not only in small-sized and studio apartments. Even if you own a hundred square meters of housing, the

How to choose a faucet sink in the bathroom - 30 photos

To date, a wide range of bathroom faucets and faucets are available in sanitary ware shops, therefore, not everyone can choose their own plumbing without the help of a specialist. If the reader has a need to buy a good basin mixer in the bathroom,

Unusual design of a children's room by yestudio

It would seem that there is nothing easier than designing a children's room for games. But when it comes to a small room with slider panels, everything seems much more difficult. Unusual design of a children's room by Yestudio However, Yestudio

45 square meters of coziness and comfort - wonderful design

In the city of Sao Paulo, this 45-meter apartment is located. The designers faced a difficult task. They needed to make of it a comfortable, multifunctional room that would meet the basic requirements of customers. So what can people use in their

Unique designer furniture as a panacea from a small area -

Small apartments become a problem for many interior designers. Almost all attempts to cut this "Gordian knot" with ease break down on the still Soviet realities, which are distinguished by inconvenience and small squares. But, whether we like it or

30 ideas how to make an autumn wreath with your own hands -

A beautiful autumn wreath can be made in just a couple of hours. Is not it a good way to entertain yourself on a gloomy autumn evening? Moreover, as a result of this lesson, you will receive a stylish decoration for the entrance door, mantelpiece,

Conceptual french studio - masterly maneuvering on 16 square

This small and modest in size apartment - a delightful and breathtaking masterpiece from the decorators of this decoration Julia Nabuset and Mars Bailargeon. Creativity in a cramped area and a staggering outcome of the work deserve close attention!

Bunk bed in the interior of the nursery

At the birth of the second, third child, the question arises: where will they sleep? Well, if the apartment is large enough, there is the possibility to equip everyone with not only a sleeping place, but also a personal "working" space. If you have

Loft style in home decoration (56 interior ideas)

The design of a loft-style house is quite popular today, although its appearance is associated with the middle of the last century. At that time, it was not uncommon for successful artists, musicians, actors or any other representatives of creative

House decoration in baroque style (50 ideas)

Today many people dream of making a baroque country house. Both the appearance of the house and the interior decoration in the Baroque style have always attracted by its attractiveness, luxury and refinement. To some, this style seems too rich,
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