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Around the world: crystal lake wolfgangse, austria

Wolfgangse - lake in Austria, on the border of the federal states of Upper Austria and Salzburg. The lake is located in the famous resort region of Salzkammergut, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Water in Wolfgangsee crystal clear, has a

Repair of a small apartment - competent re-planning of the

Specially for its readers, we present an overview of the design of a small apartment in the Copacabana area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. To the development of the interior of this tiny room with a total area of ​​45 m2, owned by a young woman lawyer, the

Interior of a small apartment: competent layout and correct

The interior of the small apartment located in Quebec was designed and implemented by the specialists of the design company Bourgeois / Lechasser Architects. Their main task was the reconstruction of the living space on the first floor of the house,

Erotic photosession on the ocean, photographer kesler tran

The waves wriggle around her naked body, the sun glows with delicate overflows on her skin. Passionate look predator. Ideal figure. Here's how to briefly describe this photo shoot.Photographer Kesler Tran, in collaboration with the model Ciara, which

4 reasons for the advantages of eco-architecture

A few decades ago, the concept of eco-efficient architecture occupied a very small niche in the international market. No one, except very fanatical environmentalists, did not pay much attention to this concept, and certainly did not look for ways to

Stunning scenery of romania from photographer elena simona

Young Romanian Photo by Elena Simona Craciun is engaged in photography landscapes. It sings the beauty of its native mountainous region, its amazing nature and vast expanses.Elena lives and works in Iasi, Romania. To shoot, she loves mostly beautiful

Functional design of a modest apartment from architecture

The architect Michael Roper (Michael Roper) has a small apartment with a total area of ​​24 square meters, located in the busy and picturesque suburb of Melbourne. It is located on the first floor of an old building built in 1936, and it also has a

Flower shop design

Ordinary grocery or household shops decorate with an additional decor, which stands out against the background of the products being sold, thereby setting the style for the whole interior. And what should the owners of flower shops or salons do,

10 tips that completely change your opinion about small

What is it to have a small living room and problems stemming from its modest size, today many people know. But what does it mean to have a living room, the quality of its design does not depend on its scale, unfortunately, only one knows. 10 tips to

Modern architecture: hotel banyan tree ungasan in indonesia

Hotel Banyan Tree Ungasan is located on the southernmost island of the province of Bali in Indonesia. Built on the edge of a cliff at an altitude of 70 meters above the Indian Ocean, it offers the highest level of comfort and privacy associated with
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