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Hotel tierra patagonia in chile national park

Hotel Tierra Patagonia is presented by the architect's office Cazú Zegers. Located on the shore of Lake Sarmiento in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, it covers an area of ​​4,900 sq. m. The main concept of the hotel boils down to ecotourism.

Project of mini apartment from studio p10: multi-component

Salva46 mini apartment project: compact kitchen with dining area Key Features The mini apartment project, developed by the designers of the Spanish studio Studio P10 in conjunction with the specialists of Miel Arquitectos, makes us think about how

Fashionable color in 2017 - 10 best shades for the interior

In 2017 the most fashionable interiors will be made in bright and cheerful colors, natural, like nature itself. The Pantone Institute provided a fresh palette of 10 shades that will be used by designers and fashion designers in new collections by the

Piggy bank ideas of a small bedroom - xx successful photo

Everyone has the image of an ideal room for sleeping. We see something cozy, warm and necessarily spacious. Reality does not always condone our whims. But if there is a desire, then only a good idea for a small bedroom is needed, which will help to

Spreading rate for 1m² - consumption rate with photo

The consumption of putty on one square meter is determined not only by the condition of the working surface. Other factors play a role here, and the most common problem is the lack of material to complete the work. To prevent this from happening, the

Presentation of the new generation xbox one from microsoft

Microsoft, seven years after the release of the Xbox 360 released a new generation of consoles Xbox one. Xbox One is much more powerful than its predecessor. It involves an 8-core "system on a chip" from AMD with 5 billion transistors (against 500

Scandinavian design: a small stylish apartment in the heart

We propose to take a closer look at the stylish modern design of the apartment an area of ​​34 m2, located in Stockholm (Sweden), which clearly shows how you can turn a small dwelling into a cozy and comfortable nest with the help of non-standard,

12 convenient hidden kitchen compartments

It's nice to go into the kitchen, knowing that each of the tools and materials for cooking is neatly hidden in a specially designated place! You too can realize this dream with a few small changes in your kitchen, many of which can be done by

10 ideas for spectacular lighting in the bedroom

Choosing the right and effective coverage of the issue is sufficiently responsible and important, a quality solution that will bring many fruits, and most importantly, convenience and pleasure. 10 interesting ideas for effective lighting in the

This interactive cloud-lamp will bring a thunderstorm to

This wonderful lamp with audiovisual effects from Richard Clarkson's design studio will bring to your house a summer thunderstorm - thunder, lightning and no rain. The lamp-thundercloud, together with the audio system, gives the impression that you
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