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Albarracin - the most beautiful city in spain

Albarracin is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and a unique place, located in the province of Teruel in Aragon. This land with its beauty stands out from the rest of the landscape. Hills and gently sloping stone walls seem endless. It can

Photos of popular design solutions for the interiors of

Interior of a small room: tips for designers In the interior of a small room, every little thing matters, everyone knows about it. At the same time, small apartments Today they are encountered much more often than spacious dwellings, so their

Natural wallpaper in the house

Натуральными обоями сегодня называют и бумажные, и текстильные, и флизелиновые настенные покрытия, но если чье-то природное происхождение и может не вызывать никаких сомнений, то это, несомненно, будут обои Grasscloth, сплетенные из волокон растений

On the seas, on the waves - dynamic design of a small

We offer a stunning design of the bedroom unusual house with a modest footage, which was successfully developed and implemented by talented designers and specialists of the Glamor Nest project bureau in the American city of Los Angeles, California.

How to stylishly and cheaply furnish your home - an example

Designer In one of the districts of Vancouver, where there is a lot of greenery, there is a studio measuring only 42 square meters. She can tell a lot about her mistress, for example, that she has a woman who loves everything tender, romantic and

Roman curtains on plastic windows photo with 28 fashion

Very often to protect the room from sunlight and foreign views, the plastic windows install blinds. Roman curtains on plastic windows photo 28 ideas that you will see on our examples are a more interesting and beautiful option for decorating windows

Decoupage hours - master class with a simple, step by step

To create a unique style in the interior of the room used a variety of decorative elements. One of the important details is the wall clock. They set the tone for the whole interior and emphasize its refinement and individuality. Decoupage of wall

How to equip a compact hallway - 8 creative design ideas

Deciding to renovate the hallway, many of us will turn to the inspiration for the world wide web. I must say that the search results will vary depending on the words in the original query. For example, a foyer is defined as the lobby of a theater,

Inspiring portraits of laura marii

More than anything in the world, Laura likes natural light, it's not just about photography, but about everything else. Light for peace is the most important thing, because without it we can not live. The main direction of creativity Laura Marii

Interior of the bath: 75 photos of examples of design inside

Traditional Russian bath has a long history. While in the enlightened Europe the royal courts invented spirits to mask the smell of unwashed bodies and died of lice, our man performed a weekly washing ritual. The whole family went to the baths
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