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58 elegant square meters in sweden - interpenetration of

For visitors of our portal we have prepared an unusually fascinating story about the original and unusual decoration in the refined and exquisite style of Scandinavia. This design can be used in your housing with a total footage of 58 square meters.

Bright interior and accentuated details - the canons of the

It is unlikely that you will be able to overestimate the advantages of this studio in the style of minimalism: here and contrasting colors, and classical for Scandinavian housing white background, and quite original ideas for decor, and a light

We express individuality in the design of the kitchen in the

Kitchen in the style of eclecticism - an excellent solution for modern, creative people who are not afraid to experiment. Such design allows you to express your individuality, exclusivity and originality. After all, this style is rightly called

Shebbie chic in the interior - examples of design

Modern interiors are designed to carry comfort, practicality and do not pile up unnecessary objects to their owners. But such interpretations do not like everyone. True romantic motifs carry a cheby-chic style. This "shabby chic" can be created from

Why is it better to put wooden windows

Recently, a large number of people prefer natural materials in the construction of housing, in particular, install wooden windows. They are installed both for glazing the house, and for terraces, outbuildings, etc. The growth of popularity of wooden

How to make a design studio apartment project of 40 sq m (60

The design project of the studio apartment of 40 sq. M can be either simple or rather original. Initially, the apartment studio was invented in the US as an economy class housing for people of creative professions and young professionals. Then this

Elements of design that changed our view of the world

Whether you give yourself a report or not, beauty is everywhere, and even though it is difficult to explain what a truly stunning design is, it's easy to define it. In every sphere of design there are some outstanding creations and examples. We

The unique interior of a tiny apartment - a bold color

Apartment-crumbs In the Swedish city of Goteborg there is a unique apartment. It is surprisingly very small, its total area is only 23 square meters. With all its small dimensions, it is made in the traditional Scandinavian style. It uses a large

How to visually enlarge a small kitchen? a dozen good advice

Each of us dreams of own residence or a luxurious country house. That's where fantasy can go! But, dreaming about mansions, you do not need to ignore your own small apartments. A tiny kitchen and a dining room in the house, of course, are not ideal.

Shower cabins - 80 photos of the best bathroom design with a

A special cabin for hygienic procedures is very comfortable and stylish looking. Acquisition of such a design will be a real salvation for owners of small bathrooms. Such adaptations help to noticeably save space in a small room and even make it much
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