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Arrangement of a small house of 25 square meters

Internal arrangement of a small house When it comes to the arrangement of a small house, there are different problems. But have you ever heard of talking about an exploited green roof? Austrian Wohnwagon (you can call it - a residential car) with

Interior of the living room with a fireplace in the house -

Today, the interior of the living room with a fireplace became a characteristic symbol of the comfort of individual houses, a romantic atmosphere, while fulfilling the status role - the owner of the fireplace, without doubt, a successful and

Kitchen wenge color - design and 25 photos

Repair in the house is always a crucial moment. Choosing the interior, furniture of a particular room, we always try to combine functionality, practicality, beautiful design. Most of all, this approach is necessary when planning kitchen facilities,

Apartment design in 2017 - modern interior design options

It is always very interesting to create a design in an apartment. Every year new unique opportunities open for us, allowing to realize all our ideas and desires. New design of apartments 2017 is about to lose relevance, and therefore we will

Christmas garlands of paper with their own hands - 35 photos

Having made a variety of New Year's garlands of paper with your own hands, you can really festively decorate the apartment on the eve of the New Year. Making New Year's garlands has a very ancient history, and during this time many ways of their

The showy luxury of the baroque style (60 interior ideas)

Baroque style in the interior differs ostentatious luxury, it is characterized by the use of many gilded details, murals and expensive interior fabrics. Design in the Baroque style at all times attracted by its beauty and luxury, as all elements

Bathroom furniture - 110 photo ideas of beautiful furniture

The design of the bathroom is not limited to the choice of facing materials and installed sanitary ware. An important part of the bathroom interior is the furniture. Our article with photo furniture for the bathroom will help to solve the problem of

Illumination of buildings as one of the methods of design

Light has long been an original element of art. With its help, designers create unique ornaments for architectural structures. Setting the backlight - this is one of the spectacular methods of highlighting a nondescript building. The glowing house

A remarkable project october field - a fashionable studio

October Field - this is the name of the original studio apartment in Moscow, with an area of ​​about 1100 square meters, which was designed taking into account the interests of living a young family. The new interior design is made in light and warm

Dining table for the kitchen and dining room - 30 best

There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables. What is the dining table to choose for your kitchen? Since the dining or dining area is the center of home entertainment, it is very important to choose the right dining table, which will
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