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The royal grandeur of bronze chandeliers

As you know, electricity entered the human life relatively recently. And before the invention of the first incandescent light bulb, people invented various ways of lighting rooms: torches, lunches, candles. After the invention of the latter, the era

Wardrobe room in 5 square. meters

The dressing room is a separate room for storing clothes, shoes, which most women dream of, even some men. In very small apartments, you will have to settle for the best at the closet, in more spacious there is the possibility to equip the whole

A small design house: a project for allergy sufferers

A small design house from Superkül A small design house, which will be discussed today, looks very original. This project was presented by the specialist of architectural company Superkül Andre D'Elia in the framework of the forum Green Homes, which

Creative approach to the housing issue with cso arquitectura

Architectural firm located in Madrid TUBE Architecture united the best construction specialists Torsan for the creation of its project SAVMS, modular housing systems. The flexibility of the system allows customers to choose a home of their own

We are inspired by new year's interiors

Despite the winter weather, preparations for the New Year holidays are continuing. Today we present to you 30 inspiring photos of apartments and houses, beautifully decorated for the New Year and Christmas. How can you bring the spirit of winter

7 simple ways to save on kitchen repairs

Want to make repairs in the kitchen, but you have a limited budget? You do not need to be a jack of all trades in order to reduce the cost of repair work or nightly watch the video on YouTube with instructions on how to install the plumbing

Cozy dining area in the kitchen - 30 photos with design

Kitchen - a place for creating culinary masterpieces. And that the efforts of the hostess were appreciated, you need a comfortable dining area in the kitchen, where all members of your family will gather for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this

Unique interior in a small studio apartment in the

In our lives, more and more industrial equipment bursts in, so the owner of this small studio dreamed of such reincarnation of his home. However, after a bit of reflection, reading the relevant information, he realized that the bare brick walls

Modernist style in the design of the kitchen. (40 design

Going to create a modernist kitchen design, you need to understand what this style is. Often, for art nouveau issued and take a modern design. But the classic of modernity has nothing to do with either modern materials or modern forms. The Internet

Kitchen corner with sleeping place - 30 beautiful photos in

The kitchen has long ceased to be a place intended only for cooking and eating, because in this room we also communicate with family and friends. That is why it is important to make the kitchen as cozy and functional as possible, and a kitchen corner
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