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Best wallpapers for the bedroom - trends and novelties of

If the furniture and decor is the "filling" of the interior, which can constantly change and improve, then the wall coverings are the main element that sets the atmosphere and mood. What are the wallpaper for the bedroom today in the trend? This

Macro photo mirka wolfova, slovakia

Mirka Wolfova is an amateur photographer from Slovakia. She is fond of photographing flowers, in all sorts of compositions: with ladybirds, dew drops, butterflies. The main style for such hobbies, of course, was a macro shot.Nature for Mirki is an

The art of design of small apartments: stunning projects for

Design of small apartments: how to properly organize space The result of any enterprise always depends on the degree of skill of the people participating in it. This statement can be applied to any activity, and to the design of small apartments

Bookcase convert bookcase innovative bookcase can change

Today we will get acquainted with the apartment in Melbourne (Australia), the area of ​​which is only 50 square meters. It became known thanks to the stunning development - the Bookcase Convert cabinet, which was designed by the brilliant employees

Spectacular photos of shanghai from a height of 2000 feet,

While working on the second tallest building in the world, the professional crane operator Wei Gensheng decided to take a few pictures from the top. Just an ordinary amateur photo. But he did not even suspect that these photos would make him the most

Design studio apartment area of ​​23 square meters. m

When a person purchases a one-room small apartment, he thinks: how to equip it so that the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom are located? This question is especially acute if the apartment is tiny - only 23-25 ​​sq. M. This room will suit a

We equip the interior of the passage room

The passage room in the recent past was considered an example of an extremely unfortunate planning - there it is impossible to retire, you have to be always in sight. "Khrushchev" era functionalism, with such inconvenient facilities, even cost an

Making children's room for the new year: new and interesting

Create a Christmas mood is not difficult at all, especially if your little fidgets become helpers. Let's break the stereotypes that adornments of the interior should only be dealt with by adults. Imagine how surprised your friends and relatives will

How to replace the carpet on the stairs: walkthrough

Many of us know what it's like to see an unattractive, worn carpet on the stairs every day. The thought of replacing can seem daunting, and perhaps that is why old carpet paths stay in place for too long. If you are ready for change and want to

Corner upholstered furniture for the hall - 35 photos

Want to buy a corner sofa? Or maybe you are interested in different angular soft furniture, which will help to save space in an apartment or a private house? In this article you will see what kind of corner soft furniture for a hall can be - we offer
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