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Stands under the hot - how to make their own hands?

So winter came again. Behind the window is cold and snowy. Naturally, in such weather, well, there is no way to do without a cup of hot tea or a favorite chocolate. In the modern rhythm of life, when there is an eternal lack of time, we can drink tea

Finishing the facade with brick: types of materials and

The decoration of the facade with brick is the most popular solution for hundreds of years, especially among private houses. Facing bricks are available in a huge number of colors and patterns, many of which are not inferior to the aesthetic

20 m2 of parisian charm for a comfortable life

20 m2 of Parisian charm for a comfortable life - white minimalism in the original small interior from BETILLON DORVAL-BORY. At first you might think that in such an apartment you can not live, to such an extent it is tiny. However, after a more

Portrait photographer from buffalo luke copping

Luke Copping Professional Commercial portrait photographer, who was born in Toronto, but now lives in Buffalo. For many years of professional work as a photographer, he has accumulated a large number of high-quality projects, for which he received

How to save space in the hallway - stunning ideas for

Beautiful decor in a neutral range Not all apartments have a spacious hallway. If you are faced with the problem of creating a spacious and beautiful parade area in your apartment, you will be able to take advantage of interesting solutions for the

Carolene preap - life photographer

"Life is a beautiful thing," says Carolina Prip, also known as Preappy (Preppy), as she was called in her childhood. The lens of Carolina will get everything that she sees around her, this whole beautiful world full of unexpected and colorful

Sweet design by february 14 - 5 ideas + 35 photo examples

Feast Valentine's Day is created specifically to confess your feelings to a loved one, to open in secret love. On this day, everyone is eager to say thank you to their second half for a strong relationship. Many thanks can be said this day to your

Good energy of vintage objects: creating an ideal atmosphere

So, let's move to the Scandinavian Peninsula, namely to the wonderful city of Göteborg (Sweden). Here the Swedish designers tried their best and finally managed to express their individuality through various design objects. At the same time, they

The modern church in norway froeyland orstad

LINK Arkitektur completed the design and construction of the modern church Froeyland Orstad in the small village of Orstad, Norway. The building occupies the order of 2100 square meters and inside it there are 600 seats, as well as a small pool for

15 amazing buildings in the style of origami

Origami - ancient art of Japan, the main meaning of which lies in the creative folding of paper into various forms. Outside of Japan, this art spread around the middle of the 1900s and inspired artists in many areas of art, as well as
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