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Bedroom design 20 square meters. m + 70 photos of planning

Implementing design experiments is much easier if there is enough space for this. The bedroom of 20 square meters provides this opportunity. This is a relatively large room, where you can actually implement any, even a bold experiment. The original

Pleasant photos from the sunny miami from maria pereira

Maria Pereira photographer from the sunny Miami. She has been photographing for a long time, but not as the main earnings, but just a pleasant hobby that brings her great satisfaction and joy in her life. The camera for her as the conductor between

With favorites do not leave: interesting ideas for placing a

If we consider a balcony as a place to rest in the open air, and not an area for storing things that the owners of the house have not yet decided to part with, the change in the concept of external space entails a fascinating creative search for

The concept of the hybrid transport t-velo from the designer

T-Velo is a combination of a bicycle with a car, the concept is designed for commuter traffic. This transport was developed using advanced of technologies and materials, which ensures clean and reliable transportation without compromising user

Fascinating design of the room for a girl or 61 idea of ​​a

Today's girls are not languid creation of the century before last. The interior of the room for a modern girl should not be pretentious, pretentious and heavy, on the contrary, now there is a light youth style in the trend. Modern women are no longer

The original design project of a small narrow studio

Not everyone can afford expensive, spacious housing, and often the owners of small apartments wonder how to comfortably and rationally equip their living space. About how to design a small room, our site will tell today. Designers tried to glory

Bezobodkovy toilet - 31 photos of modern models

Impeccable modern view of the bathroom depends largely on the plumbing installed in it. In particular, a good option is a harmless toilet. This is a fairly new model, which showed good performance in operation. It is able to provide the bathroom with

Kitchen design without cupboards - storage ideas, interior

Designers often offer new ideas, guided by fashion trends, features of the room, the preferences of the tenants. The design of the kitchen without the top cabinets becomes extremely popular. The desire to throw off the template designs, fresh flow,

Decor in the bathroom - 36 photos with interesting ideas

Being the smallest room in the apartment, the bathroom often remains without decorations. After all, many believe that in its interior there should not be any unnecessary details. Well, in vain! And today you will know why. Dekorin will tell you what

20 delightful ideas for creating a unique design of the dorm

Modern children are very fastidious to a place where they return from school. They do not need a simple dwelling for the period of training, as it was before, but a jealous designer masterpiece. With its creation you will be helped by interesting
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