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Recognizable features of chandeliers and chandeliers in the

Creating the interior of a city apartment or a country house, many prefer rural styles. Chandeliers in the style of country, Provence give completeness to the design and will be the final chord in creating a relaxed home atmosphere, filled with

A unique project in the classical style for a young family

To arrange a comfortable home in a small apartment for a young family with a child is not easy. To this end, its owners turned to a well-known architectural bureau. Non-standard ideas of specialists gave them the opportunity to perform a rational

Travel to the eastern coast of nova scotia

This is the story of a small trip to the East Coast of the amazing and unforgettable Nova Scotia, its vast expanses, extraordinary coastal towns, with its unique way of life and customs - all this we have to visit. It was only three June days ...

How to decorate a photo frame - a step-by-step instruction

Despite the development of technology and the transfer of images in digital format, everyone is pleased to admire the photo, which depicts relatives and loved ones. To make it beautiful, you should choose a frame. It can be made in different styles,

Corner sofa in the kitchen - convenience and extra bed for

The kitchen, like all other rooms in the apartment, should be comfortable, functional and of course cozy. Putting a corner sofa in the kitchen, you can immediately meet all three of the above requirements. Just think about how many things you need to

Which tree to choose? artificial or alive?

A beautiful, fluffy, decorated Christmas tree - the main symbol of the New Year's celebration and winter in general. Every year, both adults and children look forward to the moment when you can start decorating it, get a box of toys, rain and

11 hot trends in the interior of the living room of 2015

Do you hear this unobtrusive but insistent squeak? Then hurry to find out what will be at the height of fashion in the interior design of the living room in 2015! 1. The Case of Color 2. "Unnoticed" and long-forgotten comfort 3. "Mute scene" -

Professional advice on the rational use and design of

What can be done with an extra room without specific functions, which is not large enough to be a full-fledged bedroom? Compact reception room Often this room acts as a children's or home office. Sometimes it simply stores unnecessary things.

8 tips for decorating the round table

Do so that your round table looked great, regardless of the size - with the help of creative compositions of flowers, vases and other decor elements. It does not matter where the round table is - in a large foyer, in the corner of a small

Decorating the modern interior with wood - design ideas on

The choice of any material on the construction market allows the use of modern developments in the field of interior design. Most people are extremely positive about the use in decorating the decor of natural wood. Despite the demand for concrete and
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