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Interior design of the house: interior design for 35 photos

Almost everyone dreams of owning a private home with a cozy and stylish environment. In order to design a modern interior design at home, you can use the services of professionals in this business. However, you can also try to do it on your own.

Functional interior of the studio apartment água verde:

Employees of the company, led by the famous Brazilian architect Leandro Garcia, developed a project for a private studio apartment called Água Verde. The customer of the design was a former ballerina who bought these modest apartments with an area

The concept of an underwater skyscraper from the architect

Jacques Rosiers (French architect) came up with this skyscraper boat SeaOrbiter for studying the ocean. This 58-meter and 500-ton vessel was created to allow 18-22 researchers to spend 24 hours a day underwater. This vessel will allow astronauts to

20 effective ways to get the full return of a small kitchen

We present to your attention 20 useful and simple ways to solve all your problems. Retractable niche with hooks Similar retractable storage systems allow us to use until now useless space, located between kitchen cabinets, which not only is

Design studio apartment area of ​​23 square meters. m

When a person purchases a one-room small apartment, he thinks: how to equip it so that the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom are located? This question is especially acute if the apartment is tiny - only 23-25 ​​sq. M. This room will suit a

51 idea for those who are planning to sew lambrequins with

The first thing that looks in the room is the window. To make it pleasing to the eye, the curtain must be beautiful. Lambruckles give curtains and curtains a special appeal and completeness. The luxurious canopy of dense gold fabric became an

Tiny apartments with panoramic glazing and terraces - a

What is a mini apartment? Modern urban planning and design define them as small areas from 22.6 to 32.7 square meters. m. This housing is cheaper, consumes less energy and is easier to maintain. How is it created? For an example, our site offers to

Design of a narrow kitchen - tips and examples

If at the disposal of the family there was a kitchen premise, which can not be called close to a square, but is easier to characterize as a long and elongated one, then there is a need to develop such a design of a narrow kitchen in the repair, so

Choose wallpaper in the corridor in the apartment - 50

The choice of wallpaper plays a significant role for apartment design. They can become both an accent object in the room, and go to the background, emphasizing the interior. Today we will select the corridor territorially and pay special attention to

Elegant comfort on 38 square meters - stunning ergonomics

Meet a very charming apartment in Stockholm, which is a unique example of how to correctly and tastefully organize a residential space of small dimensions. It is very small: only 38 square meters. However, the owners are not deprived of anything
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