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Warm plaids and bedspreads - 33 ideas with photo

Blankets and bedspreads are created in order to give warmth, create convenience during the rest and make an interesting note in the design of the bedroom or living room. In this article, you will learn how to make a beautiful bedspread on a bed or

Creative a to z

To read and write, the first thing you need to learn is the alphabet. To create, it is worth remembering. This is exactly what many people do to translate their ideas. They photograph, mold, cut, glue, paint, create installations dedicated to

100 small and beautiful living rooms in the photo

With small rooms, you can and should work, because they have a huge potential. A small but beautiful living room - that's what can happen if you put a little effort and take advantage of the ideas from our photo gallery. You can decide for yourself

Expand the space of a narrow children's room

If a child has a separate room, it is convenient for himself and for his parents. Usually a young family equips its housing in such a way that it is comfortable for two. Kids do not all appear immediately after the beginning of a joint life. For this

Bedroom decor - photos of the new year 2017

What - to make the interior decor of the bedroom beautiful and cozy, but at the same time stylish, does not need much time and expense. Your room will have an individuality, if it's right to approach the design.

Organza banquet with your own hands - step by step

The bow on the head of the first grader is not only a stereotype, but, you see, looks beautiful. Each schoolgirl, who has a beautiful bow, immediately becomes noticeable and interesting. This attribute of a typical school line can be bought

How to draw up projects of country houses with a mansard 6x6

Any land plot owner plans to build a house on the plot. This will help him projects of holiday homes with a mansard 6x6 m. Without these documents it is impossible to obtain a building permit. In addition, from the competent planning depends the

How to decorate a table for halloween

Colorful and slightly eerie decorations for the table are an integral part of any feast for Halloween. Let us have this holiday is not so popular as in America and Western Europe, however, today it is rare what kind of family with children it does

Children's room in the style of minimalism (40 creative

Children in the style of minimalism - very attractive, and most importantly, a practical solution. This style originates in the twentieth century - a century when technology and technology began to develop actively, along with such development,

Spectacular kitchen in loft style (58 original ideas)

The exemplary loft-style kitchen is a balanced balance of old and new solutions in the materials, surfaces and equipment used. The style of loft (translated from English "loft" - attic) was born in the 40-ies of the twentieth century in industrial
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