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Gray curtains in the interior +50 photo

The overall impression of the room to a large extent depends on a harmonious combination of colors of its main elements: walls, ceiling, floor, textiles, wallpaper, furniture. First of all, you need to choose the base color, then only proceed with

Children-adults from cristian girotto

We can not deny the fact that inside each of us lives a small child, full of creative principles, as well as naivety and innocence. Many people just hide it very carefully, and some still do not - this is the decision of each person. Cristina Girotto

Design studio apartments from hue d in singapore: bedroom,

The efforts of the HUE D team in the space of the Curtain apartments located in the capital of Singapore created an elegant and airy interior in a modern style. The apartment, recently acquired by the young couple, can not boast of large

Modern built-in wardrobe compartment in the hallway - 23

The vestibule in any house or apartment is the room, the appearance of which gives an impression of the whole dwelling. That's why the built-in closet in the hallway is an excellent solution for a modern apartment. It allows you to compactly store

Wall panels for the kitchen - photo review of the best

Wall panels for finishing the kitchen area are quite a good option for replacing traditional ceramic tiles, and they are almost identical in strength and durability. In our time, you can find a wide variety of wall panels for the kitchen, and their

Unique myrtle forest in argentina

Мирт - fragrant evergreen tree. He has dark green, as if polished leaves, beautiful flowers. The leaves of myrtle contain essential oil, which was used to make incense. Myrtle was a sign of fame and good deeds. Myrtle wreath with roses in antiquity

Royal luxury of empire style (70 exquisite ideas)

Any apartment style Empire can turn into an authentic royal apartment. Originally this type of style appeared in France during the reign of Bonaparte. Guest room in Empire style. The designer was able to make an exclusive, luxurious living room out

More alive than life itself (about front-line photographs)

On the facade of one of the houses in the writers' settlement of Peredelkino there is such an inscription: "See you in September 1941!". From these words he chews in the heart when you realize how people wanted, they hurried to live, they believed

A collection of 4 things jangada from designer nicole tomazi

Brazilian designer Nicole Tomazi A collection of things in the oceanic style, called Jangada Collection. The collection consists of four knitted things, made in the colors of a shade of blue.The collection consists of a rocking chair, a seat, a

Apartment design - photos of fashion trends in the interior

One bedroom apartment is ideal for a single person or a young family. A small apartment does not require much trouble, and the bills for a communal apartment are not so expensive. But it is not easy for the residents of a small dwelling to arrange
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