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Exciting pictures of nepal

Nepal is certainly one of those places that attract and cause an unquenchable desire to make some stunning photos. Himalayas, Everest - all these are components of a stunning and spectacular landscape of any photographer.The photos show a place that

Important tips that should be considered before starting

Building a house can be exciting! Meeting with the architect and contractor, where you discuss how your house will look and function, is an important milestone in the life of any person. Although, before thinking about what will be the interior and

A small, yes, remote - a stylish and functional kitchen in a

Today we are happy to share with you suggestions that will help to comfortably equip a small kitchen. The key factor is the minimal space of the room, where girls, moms, wives spend most of their time and feed us delicious meals. Do not despair if

10 things to do in paris

1. It's too early to leave the hotel and walk along the washing city to Vozhwhere to ask the owner of the Hugo Cafe coffee-cream and croissants. Do the same every morning in different beautiful places, because the smell of fresh croissants and coffee

Kitchen design with vent box

The vent of the ventilation shaft in the kitchen is a little difficult for experienced designers, and beginners sometimes do not even know what to do with it at all. Most often in this case, design latent ventilation, build a false fireplace or

Combining a balcony with a small kitchen - we expand the

How many Russian housewives are forced to organize their daily life in kitchens with an area of ​​less than eight square meters? Many people are still looking for a solution to this problem, not daring to attach a balcony to the room. But with a

How to create a project baths in the style of the chalet (49

The individual design of the chalet-style bathhouse is not just a building document, it's a whole work of art. For its creation, it is not enough to estimate the dimensions and technical characteristics of the future structure and find an expert. To

Interior designs - 30 design ideas

Interior decoration paintings - the most affordable and at the same time the original way of decorating an apartment or house. Previously, paintings for the interior were the prerogative of the elite layers of society, they were works of art of

Watch the future - iwatch from apple

Data iOS-clock, capable of working in conjunction with the iPhone or iPad, have a traditional aluminum body and an unusual strap, with which you can monitor the pulse and body temperature. Also, by turning the hand, you can call up the weather, your

Magic of mirrors: 5 unique ideas from specialist maria

A tiny room provides plenty of room for imagination and experimentation! Many believe that interior of a small apartment you can not do without mirrors, which are one way of visually increasing space and filling the atmosphere with incredible charm
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