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Demonstration of a realistic petman robot

Robot In the stomach was developed by Boston Dynamics with the financial support of the program of the Ministry of Defense. It is used to test protective clothing intended for use in extreme environments and hazardous environments. The video

Original design solutions for dividing the functional zones

Planning the interior of a small apartment, you need to consider all the details. And for starters it is worth reading about an article about one of such unusual interiors. This room is just an example for your future ideas. In this small room there

Exciting architecture with zaha hadid: city art center

New project «City Art Center» It is created to become a new cultural place of the province Sichuan. The center is designed to become unprecedented in the collection of projects of world-class arts. The NCCAC also said it would become a regional

The decor of the wedding hall +100 photo of the decoration

On the solemn day of the wedding ceremony, everything should be perfect - and the dresses of the newlyweds, and car decoration, and a place for painting, and a restaurant. Now the design of the wedding hall can be entrusted to the designer or the

A unique photo work book by martin stranka - iam

After 6 years of amazing and adventurous travel to the world of photography and art, Martin decided to release a book dedicated to his work. Cooperating with some printing house, he created a truly unique book, in which he collected 100 of his best

Mount roraima - the lost world of the gods

Mount Roraima - lost world of gods. Почему затерянный мир? Потому что в 18 веке предполагалось, что на вершинах подобных столовых гор могут сохраниться реликтовые формы жизни — в том числе и динозавры. Почему world of gods? Потому что Рорайма — на

Modern design of the bathroom +80 photo

The interior and decor of the bathroom in a modern style of dwelling should correspond to the needs of the household, to please the eye, to give an opportunity to retire and relax. In the process of repair it is important to choose high-quality

Chocolate color in the interior +75 photo ideas

For chocolate is to thank the inhabitants of South America. From cocoa beans they made a cold drink, which was called "bitter water". In the Aztec language, the name sounded laconic "chocoatl" or "chocolatl". Until now, we have used the adapted

Film from junghyun choi, south korea

Junghyun Choi was born and raised in Yangpyeong, a small town on the outskirts of South Korea, in 1981. The last four years she was engaged in web design, but not so long ago she opened a small cafe in Cheongju.In 2005, a great journey began into the

What is fashionable in modern luxury design?

Luxury design is focused on the art of living of very rich people, on design for sophisticated homeowners and on products of high price category. Most luxury products are out of the reach of ordinary people, but there are ways to create a resemblance
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