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A small swedish apartment - the competent use of exquisite

Welcome to the small, cozy, furnished Swedish apartment. Recently renovated, with a size of only 37.5 square meters, it is located in the city of Gothenburg and is a synthesis of two epochs. The original parquet, high ceilings and built-in wardrobe,

Practical interior design in a small house and all its

Interior design of a small house: photo Photo of interior design of small houses often attract attention. But, despite its charm and charm, tiny country houses have ceased to be a unique phenomenon. They must have their own individuality to win the

Calculation of electric current power - formula and online

Sometimes you can hear such a simple question: "what power is in the socket?". The answer, strangely enough, more often than this: 10 amperes. Or - 220 volts. It is clear that the question is stupid. But the explanation is not better - "And it's

New year's toys by own hands - 45 photos of beautiful and

Waiting for the New Year, you need to take care of decorating the interior of your house. Fine elements of its decoration can be New Year's toys with their own hands. Toys made by themselves - unusual and unique. New Year's toys made with their own

Laconic wooden vertical stand for a bicycle

Stylish and practical rack for a bicycle The new Artifox Bike Rack is not just an ordinary bike stand, it's a real work of art and an example of original design. Cyclists around the world will persuade their wives to give them a little space in the

Fantastic landscapes on long exposure david olsson

David Olsson is a 32-year-old landscape photographer from Karlstad, Sweden. He started taking photography more seriously about 3 years ago and has since tried a variety of shooting styles, including HDR, but at the moment his main style is landscapes

10 hot retro style trends that you will love in your home

There is no doubt that retro trends in furniture are returning and occupy a worthy place in the furniture market. You probably noticed that the things or furniture that you used 20-30 years ago, now again in vogue. Although, it should be noted,

Country style in the design of the house (60 ideas of a

"Country" in English means "village", "countryside". Accordingly, the house in the style of the country reflects the nature of the territory where it is located. Wooden blinds on the windows create an atmosphere of rural warmth and coziness. The

Project of mini apartment from studio p10: multi-component

Salva46 mini apartment project: compact kitchen with dining area Key Features The mini apartment project, developed by the designers of the Spanish studio Studio P10 in conjunction with the specialists of Miel Arquitectos, makes us think about how

Upholstered furniture in the interior - 120 best photos of

Any variety of upholstered furniture is not only functional products, but also able to give any room a certain feature and create a quiet cozy atmosphere. In this article, we will try to understand what are the requirements and conditions for the
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