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Interesting ideas for using a niche in the interior

The niche represents an element of decor, which allows you to create a rich and flexible interior. This element is formed in tone to the main background or in contrast to it. It is not recommended to make out an opening in dark colors.Select a

Erotic photosession isabella lindblom from photographer

The photo session was held by an interesting young photographer from Los Angeles Aaron Feaver, who began to engage in photography for a long time in Portland, Oregon. Mostly Aaron is engaged in fashion photography. In this erotic photo shoot, the

The royal grandeur of bronze chandeliers

As you know, electricity entered the human life relatively recently. And before the invention of the first incandescent light bulb, people invented various ways of lighting rooms: torches, lunches, candles. After the invention of the latter, the era

10 tips that completely change your opinion about small

What is it to have a small living room and problems stemming from its modest size, today many people know. But what does it mean to have a living room, the quality of its design does not depend on its scale, unfortunately, only one knows. 10 tips to

Niche under the tv of plasterboard - 25 photos in the

Gypsum cardboard is one of the most popular finishing materials in today's market. It is very easy to work with, including cutting and bending. At the same time it is quite strong and can act even in the form of partitions and walls in the interior.

The tranquility of modern architecture in the suburbs of

Outwardly reminiscent of the riot of the holiday Water House was built by the studio Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas and is in fact one of the quietest and serene works of modern architecture in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. According to the

Pool in a country house: design in the interior and exterior

A small or large pond on the territory of a private house is a great idea, especially on hot summer days. A couple of decades ago, the private pool was the subject of an unprecedented luxury. Currently, such "water reservoirs" often allow themselves

The world around us, in photos brooke pennington

Brooke is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Initially, he was engaged in fine arts, watercolor and oil. However, one day he discovered a new world - the world of photography. And he also understood the amazing similarity of these two creative

Design of a children's room for children of different sexes

Designing a children's room for two children of opposite sex is an interesting, but painstaking, activity requiring a comprehensive creative and practical approach. In a limited space, you need to organize zones of sleep, rest, games and training

Colorful photos from rachel bellinsky

Rachel Bellinsky graphic designer and photographer, originally from Las Vegas. In her photographs, a documentary photo and a surreal note are combined. The main emphasis in their photos Rachel takes on animals from the suburbs. She has already
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