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Garage design ideas +75 photo interior

The biggest problem for car owners is buying or building and equipping the garage. This issue is most acute in megacities, where prices for square meters bite, and I do not want to keep my "swallow" on the street in the rain and snow. For motorists,

Design studio apartments - from small to large (+30 photos)

It seemed that small-sized housing has become history for a long time, but building companies are increasingly offering just a small-area studio. Low cost, compactness, the ability to create their own design studio apartments attract buyers. Indeed,

The idea of ​​an interior for small apartments - a lot of

An interesting idea of ​​the interior for small apartments is realized by the designers of the American studio FTA. Architects demonstrated unlimited possibilities of design on the example of an apartment located in an old building built in 1934.

Exquisite studio-cabinet for the writer-recluse - a stylish

All creative souls dream of a secluded study with an environment sufficient to gain the necessary sense of comfort. This is the case with the writer's studio - this is the creative insight of SMNG-A Architects designers in Lakeside, Michigan, USA.

Bedroom in a private house: design and interior

The rooms in the private house have one strong advantage over the apartments - their limits you set yourself. The more spacious the room, the higher the probability of creating an ideal design that will embody the owner's preferences and create the

Interactive t-shirt with ultraviolet laser

The popularity of glowing in the dark graphics on T-shirts has disappeared many years ago, but this is a completely new, innovative way to apply neon graphics. With the use of special materials, each T-shirt can become exclusive, since UF - Laser has

Beautiful flower compositions (72 design ideas)

Many saw compositions from flowers and dreamed of making them themselves. Everyone who once went to school knows what a herbarium is. However, in addition to his cognitive functions in skillful hands, these natural materials are transformed into

Portrait photo session will forever capture your beauty

You are cheerful and beautiful! Experiencing the best periods in your life! You have creative inspiration! - Now is the best time to arrange a photo session and create your own photo portrait! What is portraiture? The creation of a photo portrait

Promenade residence from the architects of bgd architects in

Promenade Residence consists of a two-storey luxury house, conceived as an ideal holiday home and a magnificent terrace with a swimming pool. The project was developed by a group of architects from BGD Architects in Queensland, Australia. The main

New year's toys with their own hands made of paper:

Recently, people increasingly shopwrights for New Year holidays prefer made with their own hands. Christmas toys with their own hands made of paper will be a wonderful decoration for both the Christmas tree and the entire room. Yes, and the process
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