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Video: teaser for the game assassin's creed 4

Ubisoft has announced the fourth part Assassin's Creed. It will be completely called Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.In Black Flag, we expect a "seamless" open game world, the scale of which far exceeds the frontier lands of the third part. There will

Contemporary fantasy artist igor vechersky

All fans of fantasy and fantasy should get acquainted with the work of the magnificent artist Igor Vechersky. Today, in the XXI century, many artists have appeared who work in these genres, and also use modern computer technologies for this,

Fashionable interiors: small apartment design options

Modern fashion interiors on the example of a small apartment Fashionable interiors do not require the use of a single style or this or that color range. Only the owner can decide what will be the design of his home, and the task of a specialist is to

Tulle in the interior - types and examples of design

Regardless of the housing situation, tulle in the interior plays an important role. This light curtain made of transparent or translucent fabric gives a harmonious appearance to the room, complements curtains and furniture, dissipates sunlight

Design a small apartment in khrushchev: 28 photos of the

The Khrushchevs are small apartments built in the last century. Despite their size, I want to make the design of a small apartment in Khrushchevka maximally functional and attractive. So, a small kitchen, a room and a bathroom can be turned into the

Mobile kitchen in a modern interpretation

Mobile kitchen Camp Champ Mobile kitchen is perfect for living in small rooms. Ideas for such a small interior can be used for both campsites and for ordinary apartments to save space. Core77 offers the ultimate portable kitchen option for

Examples of finishing doorways with decorative stone

Until recently, the decoration of doorways with decorative stone was used in restaurants and cafes. Today this solution is widely used in residential interiors. The use of this beautiful material helps create a romantic atmosphere or bring a note of

Gray bedroom - photo ideas how to beautifully decorate a

At first glance, gray is a dull and sad color. But, if we talk about design work, then it is considered one of the most common. Black and white colors are opposite to each other, and gray is just the so-called "middle" between them. Thanks to its

Do you have a small kitchen? no problem, we know how to help

If you own a small kitchen, this does not prevent you from making it cozy and comfortable. How? It is only necessary to observe several rules. We will talk about them today. Rule one: Avoid unnecessary things. There should not be something that is

Decorative plaster of bark beetle - 50 photos of interior

Decorative plastering bark beetle is rightfully one of the leading places among finishing finishing materials lately. And this is justified, since the bark beetle is very practical, relatively inexpensive and at the same time universal. Today we will
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