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The most beautiful homemade lamp shades for pinterest

A beautiful lamp with an unusual lampshade can in itself be a worthy decoration of your interior or even create a bizarre play of light and shadows on the walls and ceiling. In this article we have gathered for you 30+ the most interesting ideas for

Functional and beautiful modular walls: variants of a

The dynamics of life is reflected in fashionable furniture trends, now a beautiful modular wall helps to present stylish features to the premises, including organize storage. Such furniture is ergonomic, functional. A variety of options and the

Kitchen decoration - photo examples of the most unusual and

By the next holiday or arrival of guests, I always want to update my house. Most often, radical changes are expected by the kitchen. The facades quickly get dirty and lose a new look, the surfaces are rubbed off from frequent cleaning, the curtains

Variants of the original corner fireplaces in the interior

The corner fireplace perfectly complements any interior. In many interior solutions, various elements can manifest themselves. The corner fireplace is suitable for any interior and brings a special note of coziness. At the same time, one should not

Cabinet or wall - use of author's furniture in an unusual

In front of you there is a living area of ​​only 59 square meters. This small apartment in its style is very similar to the Scandinavian examples, but it is located in Israel in the city of Tel Aviv. Two revolutionary approaches to solving the

Photo: best of the week # 1

Furrow the vastness of the Internet, comes across a huge number of photos of varying quality and professionalism of the author, this column will try to help you with the selection best photos of the week, according to the authors of the site.

A series of photographs "time" by john clang

Clang - photographer / artist. He was born Ang Choon Leng in Singapore, earned his nickname in 1990, while in the National Service on his badge it was written CL Ang.In the early 90's, being a Singaporean it was extremely difficult to meet with

Old boards in interior design

The board is traditionally associated with wood products. In fact, the first samples were made of stone and baked clay. Such plaques were not used in decorating houses, but played the role of information plates on which important data for descendants

Closet in the bedroom: economical and roomy +75 photo

Places for storing things and household appliances are usually organized in the living room and bedroom. For this purpose, use shelves, cabinets, shelving, chest of drawers, but more practical furniture than cabinets have not yet come up with. They

4 reasons for the advantages of eco-architecture

A few decades ago, the concept of eco-efficient architecture occupied a very small niche in the international market. No one, except very fanatical environmentalists, did not pay much attention to this concept, and certainly did not look for ways to
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