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Small bathrooms - designer tricks to achieve amazing results

Decorating a small bathroom is a difficult task as it is necessary to combine practicality and aesthetics in an ideal form. One of the most difficult things to accomplish is when it comes to decorating an interior. It is rather laborious to use

Design of a two-room apartment - planning and interior (50

Two-room apartments have a lot of space for designing a free design. Today, it is the two-room apartments that are most in demand among potential buyers. This is due to the ideal price-to-living ratio. Modern developers offer from 40-65 m2, and for

Mediterrani 32 - an industrial house inspired by the words

The house was designed and built in 2012. An important point for architects was to bring maximum closeness to the surrounding nature. The project was completed by Isern Associates and inspired by the words of Monet, an Impressionist painter who

Romantic new year paper decorations with your own hands

For many, Christmas is a family holiday, the triumph of love and life. Immediately come to mind meeting in a warm family circle in a cozy room with soft lighting and festive decor. We offer you ideas on how to create a romantic Christmas atmosphere

Curtains for the bedroom - photos of the best new products

Bedroom - a room for cultural pastime. On it you need to focus. The design of the curtains of the room must be harmonious in the interior. For curtains, you need to make a selection of materials with dusky colors. It also has a dependence on the

The real london looking glass is a unique design project of

Who just did not try to nicely equip small apartments? This time, the design studio Intarya took up the job, which chose a room of 59 sq.m. in the capital of Britain. The secret of this apartment is in a large mirror, located between the bedroom and

Fashion trends in the interior: two-level stretch ceilings

Significantly simplify the procedure for creating the upper part of the room will help two-level stretch ceilings, which can seamlessly fit into any interior. Repair in an apartment brings with it a lot of problems. Basically, this is a large amount

Unusual storage: 10 simple tips for small room owners

Today's article is dedicated to those who have ever faced the problem of limited space for storing things. After all, ideally it should not only be convenient, but also attractive. For those who do not know where to start, we have prepared 10

The temptation of the apple: the creative idea of ​​the

Today we will talk about the kitchen for a small room. A convenient compact kitchen is the dream of many owners of small apartments. Modern designers, knowing the relevance of this topic, increasingly include in their development ideas for creating

Harmonious fusion of eras - an eclectic design project of a

The living space of this room is 37.5 square meters and is located in Sweden. The design of the rooms is made in two styles at once. Classical parquet and high ceilings are perfectly combined with ultramodern elements. Entering the apartment, you
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