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Anton jankovoy - an outstanding travel photographer

Professional travel photographer taking pictures in such genres as travel, landscape, genre, genre and staging portrait; the head of Zhytomyr photographers' club "Photosphere"; the founder of the project "PHOTO-TRAVEL". Lately I travel a lot,

Apartment design transformer with a lift bed and a

Design of the apartment transformer in Sydney: "grassy" carpet and furniture shade of green apple in the living room Idea The concept, which relies on the design of the apartment-transformer, located in Sydney, suggests the possibility of changing

Interior of a small house - zoning and functional furniture

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not want to live in a comfortable, cozy house or apartment, where everything is necessary for proper rest. If for owners of spacious housing everything is decided by the availability of free time and

Unexpected transformation of a bachelor bedroom from sarah

Our hero - a promising administrator of twenty years old, living in a large suburb of San Francisco. Tired of the unnecessarily uncomplicated interior of his bachelor bedroom, he turned to designer Sarah Cosgrove with a request to develop for her a

We create a design of a room in a hostel in a small square

The room in the hostel is popular among those who can not afford a separate apartment. This is not just about students, but also about young families who are just "getting on their feet". The question of interior design is most acute if there are

Holiday greetings! we prepare new year's decor for the house

New Year and Christmas are holidays for more than one day. We look forward to their offensive from the moment we start putting glittering Christmas trees and showcases of shops filled with countless decorations and gifts, and we'll see off - in the

Modern landscape design: novelties and trends

Modern landscape design involves the decoration of large land areas, park areas and household plots. It stands at the intersection of plant growing, architecture and construction. Previously, this way to improve the allotment was only available to

The design of the living room in the mediterranean style (41

Living room in the Mediterranean style is the most relevant solution in creating a modern style. This option can be created in the event that a person has not yet decided in which direction he wants to see his living room. In this style, not only

The miracles of the transformation of the bathroom

It seems that it is difficult to radically change the face of a small room. But 8 examples of comfortable, stylish bathrooms of very small sizes will convince you that nothing is impossible! Several decades ago, the main task of the construction was

Kitchen 2 by 3 meters: examples of interior design

In modern cities and towns there is still a huge number of so-called Khrushchev. They were built as a temporary shelter, therefore, such apartments can not be called very comfortable. Distinctive feature - close kitchen facilities - no more than 5-6
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