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Creative advertising for the new mustang 2013 (shelby gt500)

A creative advertising video about the new Mustang 2013. Match it to yourself! Photogallery Total | 7 photos

Decor ideas for the new year 2015

Approximately at this time, most people begin to count down the days before the New Year and the following other favorite holidays. Therefore, starting today, and for the remaining month before the entry into force of 2015, we will often delight you

The output of the smartphone samsung galaxy s iv may be held

Exit the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S IV is already around the corner. So far this is all we know at the moment. Some sources claim that the release of one of the most popular Android devices can take place in the coming month. Madness began when,

We equip the small apartment correctly. famous designer

A small apartment can also be convenient and functional, if it is properly designed, professionally, as the designer Inna Usubian can do. Making maximum use of space, it creates comfortable conditions for people living. Inna Usubyan creates

20 ideas for creating the island & raquo; in a small kitchen

If your kitchen has a modest size, this does not mean that you should give up all those amenities that involves the use of the kitchen island. First, a smart kitchen island is an ideal way to expand the cooking area, which can also be used as a

Unusual floating house exbury egg from studio pad, group

The Exbury egg is the fruit of the joint work of the PAD studio, the SPUD group and the artist Stephen Turner, who, by the way, plans to work the whole next year straight out of this egg. Now the egg is in the mouth of the river Beaulieu, Great

Interior doors in the interior - 35 photos in combination

Did you know that you can change the whole face of your home by simply setting interior doors of the right color in the interior? The same floor and wall coverings will look completely different in combination with doors of light or dark shade. Let's

Design of a small kitchen - interior ideas

Kitchen - the most functional room in the house or apartment. The design of the kitchen assumes the existence of several working areas and a high requirement for a level of safety of finishing materials. For all its practicality, it is necessary to

24 fantastic vertical partitions that will transform your

Vertical partitions of natural materials Think about how to use vertical partitions to divide space in an unusual way? In this article we will tell you about the most interesting and simple options. Of old vinyl records Of old vinyl records From

Trendy coffee tables in minimalism style

If the sofa can be considered the main hero of the living room, then the coffee tables are the elements that provide invaluable support in terms of aesthetics and practicality. A unique coffee table can be a highlight of your interior, especially
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