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Interior of a small apartment in scandinavian style,

Exquisite decoration of an apartment in Scandinavian style In these Swedish apartments, beauty and grace are hidden in small details and interior items, selected by owners and designers with taste, as well as in a well-designed system of

Easy way to save on the renovation of the interior

The desire to update something in your life or around yourself is common to all people. And there comes a time when the orderly boring and obsolete items of furniture and interior at best move to a dacha or a country house, and at worst to a dump.

12 ways to make the kitchen more cozy with the help of rural

Perhaps the ubiquitous ruffles and ruches and images of rural animals in the village kitchens of the 80s have long been out of fashion, but the rural motifs in the interior of the kitchen will always be stylish. Even in the most modern kitchens,

Ficus: proper home care

Ficus, home care after which will be simple, is a very common indoor plant. There are many of its varieties, and many of them are completely different from each other. Now, ficus is a frequent plant in winter gardens, offices, houses, apartments.

Design of a bathroom with plastic panels

The bathroom along with the kitchen is traditionally referred to the premises with a "complex" microclimate. It maintains "chronic" moisture and high temperatures, which will not withstand every material. Until the beginning of the last century,

Home decor ideas in different styles

To give you a new source of inspiration, we have gathered here 75 fresh ideas of home decor: simple, bold, unexpected and even a bit strange. Modern, classical and exotic - some of them can be embodied with their own hands with the use of improvised

What can be the design for the kitchen 11 square meters. m.

To design the kitchen area of ​​11 square meters. m should be approached seriously and responsibly, since in our time this part of the dwelling should combine at least three things: Functionality. In the interior of the kitchen should be rationally

Decor in the bathroom - 36 photos with interesting ideas

Being the smallest room in the apartment, the bathroom often remains without decorations. After all, many believe that in its interior there should not be any unnecessary details. Well, in vain! And today you will know why. Dekorin will tell you what

Do not be slaves of the matrix - bold design of an apartment

Hello again! The site about small interiors prepared an interesting story for its regular readers. To design an apartment of a small area, an extraordinary solution was needed that would help make the premises more comfortable and cozy. The authors

Collection camera leica m8 special edition white version

Once again Leica pampers its fans by promulgating a new model of "M8 Special Edition White Version". The model is released in limited edition in 275 copies. The cost of the complete set is $ 8,500 US dollars. Private photographer I do not even think
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