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We make a small hallway functional - five secrets of

Even a very small hallway does not feel like combining with the living room. Five great ideas for you about how to share a recreation area and area for clothing storage. The first idea is a visual divider in the form of a tile at the door. It will

Modern architecture: the winery in france from atelier

White concrete construction of a streamlined form reveals the results of human-nature interaction. Elegant appearance corresponds to the exclusivity of the wine produced here. As for technology, these are only necessary conditions, and not an object

How to add a loggia to a narrow and long kitchen - a photo

The design of this room was developed taking into account not only its long length and small width, but also several other factors. First, the kitchen is going to gather a lot of people: the apartment is inhabited by a large family. Secondly, only

Topical design ideas: how to place a dressing room in a

Often, leafing through glossy magazines on the subject of a housing issue or watching TV shows about the established everyday life of public persons, we catch ourselves thinking that it would be nice to arrange a dressing room in our house. It

Around the world: mystical places of russia

1. Arkaim — древний город-обсерваторияЭтот древний город по праву можно назвать одним из мистических и загадочных мест России. В нем сплелось так много истории, судеб и загадок. Причем большинство тайн еще предстоит нам узнать…Как только не называют

Modern architecture: dalian library

One of the concepts of the new library in Dalian, China. The library merges with nature, dragging visitors into a unique landscape. The building seems to be intertwined with the ground, creating rows of courtyards and unevennesses, and rising higher

Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

The modern bathroom has many functions. It serves as a room for washing, washing, storing cosmetics, various household trivia, which should always be at hand. Therefore, the design of the bathroom must meet all the needs of the owner. Do not forget

New impressions with the flyboard device

flyboard this is a concept from a designer J u soft film LY, which brings water extreme sports to a whole new level. The device is something between wakeboard and water skiing. The engine system is built directly into the lower part of the board, and

Samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

The market for mobile devices is teeming with competitors, but the leading manufacturers are invariably the companies of Apple and Samsung. Most of the profits come from their flagship smartphones. In any other parallel universe, gadgets can and

How to arrange furniture in a one-room apartment for maximum

The right choice of furniture, as well as its placement for a small apartment is of no small importance, since it allows you to create comfortable living conditions in a limited space. But how to arrange furniture in a one-room apartment so that the
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