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Photo frames in the interior - 50 photos of ideas

Photos remind of important moments in life, dear loved ones. Good photographs can be an effective decoration of the room and fundamentally change the style of the interior. On sale are photo frames made in different styles. They are used to decorate

Wonderful design ideas for small rooms, with which it

Do you know the problem of arranging small apartments? Our portal, armed with the advice of specialists, will show and tell about the strategies of life in very small spaces. Before the owners of tiny spaces there was always a dilemma: how to make

Brilliant interior design for a small private house

Interior of a private small house - ideas for design The interior of the small private house gives a lot of opportunities for the creativity of the designer. This cottage with an area of ​​just over 65 m2, designed by Kazuhiko Kishimoto from the Asa

A small white apartment with an original combination of

A small white apartment is full of comfort A small white apartment in Rome became a real test for designers. After all, they were required to create an interior that combines features of a strict modern style and characteristic signs of "shabby

Crafts made of paper - 35 photos of interesting ideas

Doing paper crafts with your own hands is a very popular kind of home creation for many people whose roots go back to ancient times. Since then, and began its development of "origami" - the eastern art of creating unique diy from paper. Masters of

How to turn a tiny house into a spacious and comfortable

The original tiny house The new owners of this tiny house on the island of Sowie, which is north of Portland, USA, decided not to expand the living area, but to redistribute it. This allowed more efficient use of existing space. It is noteworthy that

New works by maria kuzmenkova in the studio monolog studio

Maria's works always amazed and surprised me, the next series of works also did not remain without our attention. The creativity of this outstanding person and her team is difficult to describe in a couple of words - it needs to be felt. All works

New year's crafts for 2018 - 60 interesting zadumok

Hooray! Before the battle of the holiday chimes, there are only a few days left. And this means that it's time to do New Year's crafts for 2018. This fascinating and pleasant needlework is able to charge festive mood, even those who in ordinary

15 most popular ideas for organizing space in the kitchen

Being a place where a lot of various household appliances, kitchen utensils and special appliances are stored, the kitchen is always a difficult task for those who want to organize its space with maximum efficiency. Countless little things, jars,

Electric supercar concept one ev from rimac automobili

Recently Rimac Automobili (Croatia) in the salon Prive (Great Britain) showed the concept of an electric supercar. The car works on four separate electric motors, the concept runs 373 km on one charge. In Rimac, the system's torque (R-AWTV) directs
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