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20 accessories for small spaces

Modest apartments have a simple and concise layout and limited space, so they need careful selection of items of furniture and jewelry that can not only radically change the appearance of the apartment, but also fill the situation with incredible

Elegant comfort on 38 square meters - stunning ergonomics

Meet a very charming apartment in Stockholm, which is a unique example of how to correctly and tastefully organize a residential space of small dimensions. It is very small: only 38 square meters. However, the owners are not deprived of anything

Unique help: how to make a small space multifunctional and

Today, everyone can learn how tiny rooms can perform several functions at once. After all, this solution will save a lot of precious space and will satisfy the needs of all residents of the house. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the

The clock in the living room: what should they be?

The decor of the living room in the classical style is difficult to imagine without a wall clock. This accessory came to our culture from England, where, from the 16th century, the aristocratic lounges were adorned for hours. In the modern world, the

Secrets of a competent layout in a small kitchen: we

An ideal compact kitchen is an island of coziness and functionality, a concurrent combination of conciseness and style. It takes into account all the details of the interior, all the curves and literally every centimeter. Here, each thing has its

Original handmade ideas

Decorative crafts will open the channel of the fantasy potential flowing from you, corked by the abyss of everyday life dozens of years ago. The procedure for generating a tiny miracle with one's own hands gives rise to a sense of occupation and a

Warm plaids and bedspreads - 33 ideas with photo

Blankets and bedspreads are created in order to give warmth, create convenience during the rest and make an interesting note in the design of the bedroom or living room. In this article, you will learn how to make a beautiful bedspread on a bed or

Cinderella carriage or compact kitchen - an innovative

There are a lot of plans in this world, and sometimes we think: is there anything else that can be invented? If you take, for example, a small room, can you create in it the most comfortable conditions for a large number of people? Some designers

Decorating furniture with your hands + 40 photo ideas

In most homes there are headsets that are out of fashion or have lost their presentability from prolonged use. If the budget allows you can buy new designer furniture and throw out the old sofa. However, if you want to save money, you can
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