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Washable wallpaper for the kitchen: practicality and

How to decorate the kitchen space so that it would be convenient to cook and guests should not be ashamed? Washable wallpaper for the kitchen - that's the simple answer. Drops of fat, soot, stains from ketchup or wine can be washed away in two

An unusual draft skyscraper from the architect stefan soobla

Vertical Strip - an unusual structure, designed by architect Stefan Soble. His creation is an upturned skyscraper that will hang over the river Colorado in state Nevada next to the Hoover Dam. Due to its location between the dam and the bridge, the

Scientists at nasa were able to practically prove the

Probably many of you watched the movie «Star Trek» (Star Trek). One of the most amazing technologies in the film was the so-called Warp Drive (worm engine). The drive, which refuted Einstein's theory that no material object can move faster than the

Furniture-transformer for a small apartment - 32 photos

Regardless of how big or small his house is, a modern person tries to make it as spacious and free as possible. Gone are the days when it was believed that "the more, the richer." Today, in the trend, practical and original solutions for the home,

Open plan of the house from the burnazzi feltrin architetti

MP is a cozy and incomparable private residence, designed and implemented by the talented masters and designers of the architectural company Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti in 2012. This unusual house is located in the Italian metropolis of Valkanovere

Cabinet decoration by own hands - 5 ways

"Dear dear cabinet!" - that's how the Russian classic Anton Pavlovich Chekhov turned to this piece of furniture, which is present in various variations in each apartment. Once the presence of a massive wardrobe was a testament to the social status of

Modern architecture: paradise place in seychelles

Heavenly place in the Seychelles. Few would not want to be there just so hot summer, and enjoy beautiful views, sandy beaches and azure beaches, sipping some nice cocktail. So beautiful architectural decisions have always pleased, especially in such

How to make fireplaces made of bricks? (49 photos)

Fireplaces made of bricks are a solid addition to a variety of different interiors. Heating structures made of bricks are used even today. Due to its properties and the ability to heat a fairly large area, brick fireplaces are used in many country

Spectacular loft design in a small two-level apartment

Small two-level apartment in Loft style, New York A small two-level apartment is an excellent base for the embodiment of the loft-style interior. In the original version, the term loft denotes an attic or an attic. In the forties of the last century

To see the soul (about the blind artist tara miller)

A blind photographer - it seems, it is impossible to believe in it, but still such a person lives among us. Tara Miller is a professional photo artist who lost sight after eye disease. Now she sees only one eye only a few percent. But this does not
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