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How to give coziness and functionality to a rectangular

Do you think that it is possible to organize a cozy comfortable space for housing from a small recording room that has an area of ​​only 46 m2 and only one window? The architects of the JPDA studio boldly claim that it is possible! About this

Door opening without a door

Any house is equipped with entrance blind doors, they are installed only to protect the house from uninvited guests, and interroom. By design, the latter can be sliding, swinging, cassette, folding and pendulum. The main function of interior doors is

African style in the interior and its features

Africa has long remained a "conserved" continent that has not been affected by other cultures. Therefore, the style, formed on these expanses, retained its primitiveness and archaism. The dwellings of the indigenous tribes are usually laconic, as the

Bed-office or original design of the bedroom red nest by

Recently, the growing trend in apartment design is maximalism. Countries such as Japan and China have made incredible efforts to apply these ideas to a small residential or working area, since the number of their urban population is growing year by

The original project of a narrow two-story house from

The project of a narrow two-story house was designed and implemented by the Australian architects Hearing the expression "project of a narrow two-story house", many of us will decide that it is about the next work of some Japanese architect. Although

Radical redevelopment of a small apartment - let more light

The owners of this small room decided to partially remove the wall, which was located between the rooms and make a window in it. In the aperture, where there was a partition, now there is a dining table, which is installed in such a way that its two

Roses from polymer clay - step by step instruction for

In each family there are special festive dates, which are celebrated according to a special, for example, anniversary, birth of a child, wedding. And at such festive events it is customary to decorate the room with flowers. However, fresh flowers as

Bohemian glamor in the scandinavian style - an interesting

If visitors to our resource want to see a really unusual interior, they should be interested in this apartment in Heleneborgsgatan street in Stockholm. For three decades, it was used exclusively as a storage for furniture until it

Istick universal organizer

Universal organizer iStick is designed to eliminate chaos on the desktop. All vital gadgets and just the right things now do not need to hide on the boxes. iStick is equipped with a stand for a cup, office accessories, a place for a smartphone and 3

Absolutely stunning tree house with own hands

House on the tree with your own hands To build a house on the tree with your own hands is a pleasure. The nomadic way of life still has its advantages: reducing the cost of living, no work to care for and maintenance of real estate, the opportunity
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