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How to make an office in the loft style (40 photo interior)

Cabinet in the loft style is an interesting solution. The Cabinet is a place where you can not only remain alone with your affairs, but also relax your soul and think about your own. In this case, the ideal option would be a loft-style office. The

Calm monochrome interior - elegant black and white contrast

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is already familiar to many of us due to its unique and unforgettable design of residential and public premises. This small, but cozy apartment is located in Gothenburg. Its area is only 65 square meters. It is painted

Design rooms for girls - photos and examples of interior

When children grow up, parents have new worries. This is especially true when a teenager is a girl in a family. It is vitally important for a young girl to have her own space. This period is characterized by the awareness of one's personality, the

Kitchen 2 by 3 meters: examples of interior design

In modern cities and towns there is still a huge number of so-called Khrushchev. They were built as a temporary shelter, therefore, such apartments can not be called very comfortable. Distinctive feature - close kitchen facilities - no more than 5-6

Modern type of housing - studio apartments (67 design ideas)

The design of an apartment-studio is first of all the unification of a large common room with a kitchen. Studio apartment - a fairly modern type of housing. It is characterized by the fact that there are no partitions separating the living space from

Construction of a frame house as a modern alternative to a

Many people living in big cities have a dream of owning their own homes outside the city, where you can relax with your family or friends alone with nature. If you decide to make a dream come true, and at the same time save money, then the

Sci-fi-style residence in australia: stamp house

Have you ever had an association with a spaceship at home? I think no. This is why this residence, designed by the architect Chrles Wright, makes such an impression. It is located in Queensland, Australia, on the edge of the FNQ beach. The project

Unusual art inside rolls of toilet paper anastassia ellias

Anastassia Ellias - unusual artist, she makes amazing crafts ... from rolls of toilet paper! Yes, yes, yes, you understood correctly - from rolls of toilet paper. This unusual form of art has recently become quite popular and is gaining momentum.The

Change for the better: turn a cluttered garage into a music

Home before work starts The owner of this house is a person who really knows how to live, "says the main contractor, Chris Myers of Pinneo Construction. In densely populated Princeton, New Jersey, he designed a comfortable and cozy cottage for his

Milk chocolate in the interior of the 12 meter kitchen -

Round shapes of kitchen utensils At 12 meter kitchen, the village motifs and the state-of-the-art technological process of cooking were perfectly matched. Each member of this family has received from this room all that he wanted, although the age
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