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The design of the attic +90 photos of examples of

The useful space under the roof above the first floor can always be used rationally. Why do you need a cold, uninhabited attic when, with a reasonable approach, it can be turned into a full-fledged residential building? The design of the attic will

Kitchoo mini kitchen

Those who often happen in Europe, they know how deplorable it is with housing economy class. While in England there are useless protests against the reduction of the area of ​​apartments in new buildings, manufacturers are looking for ways to make

New trends in interior design 2018: fashion ideas with

New inventions, technologies and materials appear so often and so quickly change our world, that sometimes you do not have time to follow it. Is it worth while to rely on fashion trends when planning to repair and buy things for your home? In fact,

Beautiful table lamp with your own hands from materials at

If you are bored with the boring and monotonous things in your apartment that you see every day, then it's time to diversify the design with the help of hand made. A table lamp by one's own hands is an excellent way to start. It does not require

Cases-compartments: the design of facades +50 photo examples

The stylistics of modern interiors often involve the use of sliding doors. This allows you to save space that does not "eat" the opening flaps. The designers took the idea of ​​such design in the West from the trains. Capacious elements of furniture

How to effectively enlarge small rooms with a folding

We suggest to learn about how to turn your small room into a rather spacious and functional room. With the help of the Murphy bed you can realize any dream. After all, it will allow you to save space without compromising for a comfortable stay. In

Designer desks - beautiful exclusive furniture on 40 photos

Beautiful furniture is always able to decorate the interior and note its stylishness. In particular, designer tables made of high-quality materials will help create a beautiful design, not only in various premises of private housing, but also in

We illuminate the facade of the house

Today new directions in design appear. They offer their original approach to lighting buildings. One of the popular solutions is the use of architectural lighting. This is a very interesting know-how, and let's dwell on it in detail. In any

The most beautiful and stylish kitchens - photos for

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is here that families gather every morning to prepare for the start of a new day, and in the evenings - to discuss everything that happened this day. In this case, not all of us can afford

13 modular furniture elements for modest apartments -

In today's article we will introduce you to an incredible and cognitive selection of furniture elements that have a modular unfolding design that allows you to incredibly decorate a living room and save square meters. For our respected readers, we
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