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25 photos of small bedrooms. choose your cozy bedroom

A person who loves to live for his pleasure, pays much attention to the qualitative design of his house. Not the last in this process is a place to sleep. And the size of the room does not matter. Below you can see photos of small bedrooms that

Zhang zhevuan is an outstanding illustrator from china

Zhang Z and V u press - 3D artist, illustrator, living in China. Currently he works in the game industry. On his account, work with such well-known projects as, Uncharted, Never Dead, Heavy Rain, GTA, The Elder Scrolls and NBA 2K Online. This means a

Spectacular apartment in milan, italy, - stylish design

Bright red lamp and bookshelf This studio consists of two rooms and is a living example of how you can create a special atmosphere of comfort with the help of cute objects. To organize the space, no special methods were used, but the result was

Almost two rooms from one - elegant designer half measures

In this topic, on your court is a small bright apartment located in the old house of the prestigious district of Gothenburg, Sweden. In a small area, about 34 meters, you can place one room, but with some effort, it is quite cozy to do almost two.

Interior of a small room: 24 original versions of the

Today we will get acquainted with the famous interior designer and his original project - a room in which many transformations are possible! This housing is clearly suitable for those who do not like constant monotony and are inclined to change both

Design of a large living room - 50 interior ideas

The living room is the largest room in any house. There we spend most of the time, receive guests, spend evenings with my family. The design of a large living room in the house implies the need to take into account a lot of nuances. The choice of

Modern architecture: winter gardens in singapore - an

Winter gardens in Singapore, designed by the architect Wilkinson Eyre, are part of a large-scale park complex Gardens by the Bay and represent a combination of modern design and innovative technologies in the field of climate control. Photogallery

Amazing design of a one-room apartment with an area of ​​40

The design is designed in a muted smoky palette Not all of us live in a spacious and luxurious apartment. Many have to settle for a small one-room apartment with a view of the garage or patio. But, what if you want to live in a beautiful, comfortable

We choose and realize the project of a bath from a bar 6х6

Each owner of the land plot wants to furnish it with maximum functionality. Using the project baths from the bar 6x6 with an attic, you can build a practical and comfortable construction of a small size. For small areas, this may be the only possible

Amazing interior of a modern apartment in a historic area

Elegance and charm in design Next to Tegnerlunden Park in Stockholm are modern apartments with an updated interior. The floor plan allows you to maximize the use of large windows, which are missing a lot of light, fill every corner of the apartment
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