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Black color in the interior: ideas of color combination +75

During the formation of the design project, depth and unique charisma of black color are often undeservedly neglected. But skillfully placed accents make it possible to create a unique style of decoration, the key features of which will be laconic

Eclectic-modern, multi-faceted style in the interior of the

Eclecticism in the interior is incredibly popular, amazing with its originality, adventurism, the ability to experiment direction in the art of design. Mixing the elements of different eras, countries, a combination of opposing styles into one single

Living room in neoclassic style - 100 photos of ideas how to

Classics has always had an undeniable advantage over other styles. It by definition is immortal, but over the years it has been constantly evolving, mutating, acquiring new features, but the essence remains unshakable. The modern hypostasis of the

Style loft in the interior - 100 photos of ideas of brightly

The place of birth of the interior style loft are considered to be large industrial cities of the USA, and it happened in the 40s - 50s of the 20th century. The impetus for the emergence of this style was, oddly enough, the increase in the value of

Wallpapers with flowers +75 photo examples in the interior

The history of wallpaper has more than 2000 years. Their invention followed immediately after the appearance of rice paper, which perfectly adhered and retained the pattern for a long time. Unfortunately, to this day no specimen of the art of ancient

Interior "can not": read, remember, use

In the house, as in man, everything should be fine. Thoroughly thought out design and furnishings are the guarantee of a wonderful mood and well-being. Let's learn about the main shortcomings that threaten to become a real failure when creating

A wonderful collection of small kitchen projects

Perfect interior It's time to pay tribute to remarkable qualities interior of a small kitchen, although many consider compact size a disadvantage, but this is not at all the case. It is enough to organize the life and use simple tricks, and even a

Fashion shower fences and pallets for bathroom design

This article will be useful to anyone who wants to have a stylish and comfortable shower in the bathroom. Conventional shower cabins are quite simple to install, but can not fully provide either a beautiful environment or comfort during a shower.

Kitchen design 5 sq.m. m. - compact solutions for a small

Small kitchen 5 sq.m. m - not an occasion to be upset. Any room can be made comfortable, respecting ergonomics and functional zoning. The compactness of the kitchen is, rather, the virtue than the lack. A competent approach to the issue of equipping

Interior of a small two-level apartment from david kohn

Interior of a small two-level apartment in Barcelona Designers of the studio David Kohn Architects have done an amazing job designing the interior of a small two-level apartment and changing it beyond recognition. The apartment is in a triangular
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