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Interior in the style of patriarchal morocco - when a small

Will the readers agree that any living space should be designed uniquely first of all in order for its inhabitants to be comfortable? The interior should reflect the preferences and tastes of the owner of the house, and even its history. It is only

Kitchen decor by own hands: apply our strengths, talents and

The decoration of the kitchen interior is a space for the imagination of handicraftsmen and homemade craftsmen, a fascinating occupation that can make the kitchen space unique, fill it with interesting little things created in a fit of inspiration

Interior of two apartments in new york - competent

New ideas in design are clearly expressed in the work of Axis Mundi Design specialists, who have mastered their unique designs very skillfully when creating apartments for relatives, in particular for a brother and sister.  Two small apartments are

Examples of a living room in beige tones on 50 photos

Create a competent design of the living room in beige tones under the power of each owner. Such work includes many nuances, but is entertaining and interesting. To begin the alteration of the room is recommended with the choice of a suitable color:

The second floor in a private house: options for planning

For many people, a beautiful staircase leading from one floor of the house to another is a kind of work of art and a dream of all life. Are you planning to build a two-story house? Or decided to build a second floor in a private house where you

Thoughtful apartment interior pad 67: an ideal project for

Today we want to invite readers to discuss the design of a city apartment. In front of you there are interesting apartments where smart planning is performed in an unusual way. Open space, with shared common areas, is an ideal solution for modern

Milk chocolate in the interior of the 12 meter kitchen -

Round shapes of kitchen utensils At 12 meter kitchen, the village motifs and the state-of-the-art technological process of cooking were perfectly matched. Each member of this family has received from this room all that he wanted, although the age

We place tv in the interior + photo examples

TV is the property of every family. Improved miracle of technology without problems is rationally placed throughout the apartment. Today the TV in the interior is a stylish addition to the design of the room, and not just an entertainment device.

How to grow a veil shrub

Many gardeners would like to see on their site vaigelu - a shrub of a family of honeysuckle. The plant is considered one of the most beautifully blooming. It can become a highlight of the garden, fitting into the landscape design of any style. When

15 exceptional examples of multifunctional furniture for

Small apartments raise a large number of problems, and one of the most significant lies in finding the right organization of space and filling it with compact designer furniture. But any difficulty has a solution, in this case even more than a few.
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