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Design of the ceiling in the hall +60 photo

The ceiling in the main room of the apartment or house, namely in the hall, attracts special attention from the first seconds of being here. But in addition to the aesthetic function, he performs many other tasks: hides defects, provides competent

How to make a flower garden in a shady place

Many people want to decorate their gardens. To break a flower garden in a shady place of the garden scheme is always possible. It is often said that flowers and other green plantations do not like to grow in the shade, prefer the sun. But this is not

Invisible people in the house: transparent acrylic furniture

If you want to have a stylish modern interior that in accordance with today's trends will be light, atmospheric and spacious, then you certainly need to consider the transparent acrylic furniture. Almost conspicuous against the background of the rest

How to design a hairdresser's +50 examples

Conducting a modern design of a hairdresser is quite simple, if you start repairs from scratch and carefully plan each stage. Thoughtful furnishings and a choice of all necessary furniture will provide comfort of carrying out of salon procedures,

Pictures from cereals - a step-by-step instruction with

A very interesting and popular form of creativity is the creation of paintings from improvised materials. For example, pictures of cereals with their own hands can organically fit into the interior of any room, they will look very interesting and

Small kitchen in the style of provence - french chic on 40

The modern rhythm of urban life often dictates our rules to us. Eternal haste, traffic jams, deadlines are so tiresome! Have you long dreamed of a pantheon of tranquility and pacification amid the dusty fuss of the urban? Create it right in your

5 ideas for beautiful decor of threads

The best decor for a house is the one that was made by own hands. Did you know that you can not only knit with thread for knitting? In this article we have collected the 5 best ideas for handicrafts with thread application, which each of us easily

Unusual small apartment in a combination of modern and

Unusual small apartment Unusual small apartment в одном из городков Италии. После полной реконструкции она превратилась в современное элегантное жилье с неким старинным шармом. The architects from the Flussocreativo studio connected the main

Refrigerator decor +70 photo ideas

The main idea of ​​the art of decor, when it comes to the interior, is to create a holistic image of the room, corresponding to a certain direction of style through various art techniques and techniques. If it comes to the kitchen, then the

A non-standard solution for a hollywood celebrity - a unique

You will be interested to learn how to increase the space in the bedroom. The bed on the ropes from Funn Roberts will be an ideal solution. Probably, the greatest number of questions are received by designers from owners of small apartments. The
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