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Design of modern apartment interior and trend towards

The existing design of premises and interiors is used for a specific purpose - to transform the room in accordance with the functional and aesthetic requirements of the owners, namely - to increase labor productivity in an apartment, to reduce the

Niche under the tv of plasterboard - a simple instruction

Recently it became topical to hide equipment, in particular television, in the wall area, especially if there are already shelves or niches in the interior of the room. In this article we will consider the most common options for hiding home

The taming of the shrew - 12 multifunctional furniture

Today's themes will be useful for many owners of small apartments. After all, we have gathered for you tremendous solutions for saving space with the help of smart furniture. Enjoy! 1. Adjustable height The adjustable base of a smooth coffee table

Tv stands in a modern interior

TV often takes pride of place in any city apartment, a country house, is its decoration. Someone he hangs in a niche on the wall, bracket, an ordinary table, which is not always convenient. Modern designers invented many types of stands, which put

Interior design of a one-room apartment: fresh ideas with 30

Everyone living in a one-room apartment understands that a small space must be filled with the mind and to the maximum. Therefore, before finishing it is important to clearly think over the interior of a one-room apartment, to allocate a place for

Unusual ideas of interiors for small apartments: the latest

Ideas of interiors for small apartments - multifunctional furniture Modern designers offer us a wide variety of interior design ideas for small apartments. One of the latest and most successful inventions can be called transformable furniture,

Tiny apartment, paris, france

Oh, how many people in the world are concerned about the housing issue and how many complain about fate, dreaming of a slightly larger number of square meters. But stop! Look here and you will understand that all your complaints are unworthy of

Game pad razer edge

At CES this year was presented working prototype of the game tablet Project Fiona, The final version of which went on sale as Razer Edge. The gaming device is represented in several options, depending on the amount of RAM and processor power. Yet the

How to make a modern bathroom renovation - 63 photos

The bathroom is a very important functional room, where we get a charge of cheerfulness in the morning and wash off fatigue in the evening after a hard working day. That is why bathroom repair is an interesting and responsible task, as it must take

How to decorate the interior of a small apartment in the

Whoever says anything, but even in a limited space, you can recreate the interior with a "character". The presence of a white color visually expanding the available space;minimal amount of furniture, decor elements and visually heavy parts;the
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