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5 non-standard offers for decoration of a small apartment in

In the field of your view are apartments from two rooms that occupy 55 sq.m. They are decorated in Swedish style. Standard kittens in Russia do not differ much from them, but still, the difference is very noticeable. It is not so difficult to find

10 design options for tiny houses that smash prejudices to

Project by Koch Architects In today's story, we present to your attention ten design options unusual house with a modest footage that will help to create wonderful conditions for life and fill the atmosphere with incredible comfort and warmth. Small

40 hyper-realistic works that are difficult to distinguish

Although art is recognized to emphasize its detachment from reality, hyperrealism practically erases this facet. The paintings and sculptures created by hyperrealists artists are absolutely indistinguishable from the photograph of the source, so

Portrait photographer from buffalo luke copping

Luke Copping Professional Commercial portrait photographer, who was born in Toronto, but now lives in Buffalo. For many years of professional work as a photographer, he has accumulated a large number of high-quality projects, for which he received

30 examples of kitchen-living room for 20 square meters.

Free planning is now in the trend, and it is chosen not only if necessary. After all, it is quite logical to have one maximally comfortable room, stylish and beautiful than two small ones, where all expressiveness and attractiveness will be limited

Restoration of upholstered furniture by one's own hands:

Not every old and well-worn sofa has a place in the dump. Restoration of upholstered furniture can bring as much joy as buying a new one. And maybe even more if you like to do things yourself. In this article Dekorin will tell and show how the

Photoshoot renat touichev with model danielle from richards

The photo session was called "Afterglow". The model Danielle represents the modeling agency Richards Models looks. The photo session was held by Canadian photographer Renat Touichev in collaboration with stylist Vincent Lee and make-up artist Jasmine

Design of the loggia - 30 photos of ideas

In most apartments loggias have a very limited territory so many do not even think about how to convert this area to their needs for which there is not enough room in the apartment. In general, the design of the loggia is subject to the same rules

Interior of a small apartment of 50 m2

Interior of a small apartment on the top floor We present to you the original interior of a small apartment with an area of ​​only 50 m2, located under the roof itself and consisting of one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Entrance hall

Modular structures, compact forms, multifunctional purpose:

Having a large country house with spacious rooms, you do not think about the size of different furniture, and what to do if the rooms in a city apartment do not allow you to buy standard luxury furniture because of its size. In this case, you will
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