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Modern wooden houses: types of facades and photos

We love wooden houses for a warm and cozy look, which is beautifully combined with any environment. We have accumulated a lot of interesting ideas that are ideal for the design of small wooden houses or cottages, and we decided to share them with you

The concept of a modular flash drive amoeba

In the concept of modular flash drive Amoeba, the data is distributed among four components: personal data, photos, music and working documents. Each of these components, in fact, is an autonomous flash drive, but if you connect them to each other,

Collection camera leica m8 special edition white version

Once again Leica pampers its fans by promulgating a new model of "M8 Special Edition White Version". The model is released in limited edition in 275 copies. The cost of the complete set is $ 8,500 US dollars. Private photographer I do not even think

Small kitchens - a photo of interesting design options for a

The kitchens of our time are equipped with a different set of equipment and all kinds of appliances designed for storage and cooking. Owners of a large kitchen space simply enough to place everything necessary, but the owners of a small area will

Bathroom furniture - 110 photo ideas of beautiful furniture

The design of the bathroom is not limited to the choice of facing materials and installed sanitary ware. An important part of the bathroom interior is the furniture. Our article with photo furniture for the bathroom will help to solve the problem of

Architectural film for windows and facades

The construction industry offers a lot of ways how to restore and restore the facades of old buildings. To decorate the wall surface today use hinged panels, various methods of staining, decorative plaster and so on. It is clear that in this case,

Curtains for the bedroom - photos of the best new products

Bedroom - a room for cultural pastime. On it you need to focus. The design of the curtains of the room must be harmonious in the interior. For curtains, you need to make a selection of materials with dusky colors. It also has a dependence on the

Victorian style in the interior: the history of creation and

The richness and extraordinary beauty of old castles, luxurious family palaces and the elegance of expensive interiors of ancient England fascinate us? Transfer this atmosphere to your home. How? Very simply, use the Victorian style in the interior

Office interior design

With the advent of office space, the issue of their convenient, comfortable, non-standard design was sharply raised. When designing the space it is required to execute it in the same style, correctly arrange the necessary furniture, organize a

Design of a narrow kitchen - tips and examples

If at the disposal of the family there was a kitchen premise, which can not be called close to a square, but is easier to characterize as a long and elongated one, then there is a need to develop such a design of a narrow kitchen in the repair, so
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