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Decor caskets with their own hands: decorating ideas +

Handicraft attracts many people. For example, the ladies have long had a passion for embroidering textiles, weaving macrame. Popularity also enjoys the decoration of various items. The most suitable accessory for this is a female box. It can be

Veranda attached to the house: 25 photos of interesting

The veranda attached to the house is a wonderful solution not only to increase the useful area, but also to transform the exterior of your home. Most designers believe that the veranda must be in every country house. After all, you will agree, it is

Design of wallpaper for the hall: 110 examples - combine and

By building your home, every person dreams of a home filled with comfort and comfort. Someone trusts the recommendations of the hired designer, someone prefers to follow the trends of fashion trends in the decoration of the premises, but many people

Luxurious bathrooms for inspiration

Are you inspired by beautiful interiors? Do you think that the bathroom is not just for bathing, but for resting with your whole body and soul? Then for you in this article we collected more than 50 photos of luxury bathrooms, every detail in which

To owners of small balconies - some useful recommendations

A large, brightly lit balcony is probably the dream of any of us. However, in reality, most people in our country are faced with the addition to the room with the shape of an elongated rectangle, which has an area of ​​just a couple of meters. And

Design of kitchen combined with a hall - 20 photos of ideas

Today, as never before, the question is connected with the design of a kitchen combined with a hall is best to choose. After all, this kind of association is a fairly common design solution, successfully applied not only in Khrushchev, but also in

Bedroom in the style of a shebbie chic: romance and comfort

Want to fill the bedroom with warmth, elegance and add a touch of romance? Do you have vintage, antique or artificially aged items of furniture or decor at home? So why do not you try to embody a very interesting and fashionable style - the shekby

Warm and compact interiors of very small apartments

The interiors of very small flats impress The interiors of very small apartments should be compact and cozy. The dwelling, which is decorated with light wood, will always seem warm and cozy. Correctly selected soft furniture and diffuse lighting only

Video: the official trailer of the science fiction film

Release date: August 9, 2013In 2159 on earth there are two classes of people: very rich, who live on a built space station called Elysium, and all the other people living in overpopulated and almost destroyed land. Secretary Josie Foster, a rigid

Bohemian glamor in the scandinavian style - an interesting

If visitors to our resource want to see a really unusual interior, they should be interested in this apartment in Heleneborgsgatan street in Stockholm. For three decades, it was used exclusively as a storage for furniture until it
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