Design interior studio apartment area of ​​25 square meters.

Bedroom in studio apartment

The interior decoration of the studio apartment is 25 sq.m. should be cleverly thought out. It is necessary to properly distribute the functions of the living quarters, to choose a certain light solution. In a small area it is difficult to place everything that is necessary for comfortable, comfortable living.

Unusual chandelier on mobile bar

The original layout of the living area has not changed. It was completely open, the inner walls were missing. Designers installed a partition, equipped with a sliding door, which allowed to separate the kitchen, isolating it from the residential sector.

The plan of a small-sized studio apartment Plan of furniture arrangement in studio apartment

Color solution

The artistic solution for a small studio apartment is a gray color, quite light, which helped visually increase the space. This color is neutral, such an interior will not cause negative emotions. White skirting boards and neat trim, like furniture in combination with gray walls look noble and decorative.


Quite an interesting option turned out with lighting: from the decorative stucco on the ceiling, where, as a rule, is a chandelier, the mobile bar descends. With it, you can adjust the light source - a light bulb in a light bubble, in the direction we need. And also to move the lamp in the necessary direction of any functional zone.

Lamp on movable rod

The apartment uses additional light sources. These are table lamps and a mechanical floor lamp of the same type as the central chandelier. Such a mechanism gives good opportunities to illuminate the desired zone. Where necessary. Or turn the light in the opposite direction from the place where you want to recreate a soft intimate situation.

Chandelier on the bar in the interior of the apartment Table lamp for working area illumination


The usual furniture is bulky and bulky. In order not to litter the room with unnecessary items, most of the furnishings are made to order. For example, a chest of drawers in the guest part of a studio apartment is not only a storage box, but also a bright eye-catching separate art object.

Cabinets for the kitchen, a bed with an interesting headboard, which has several functions - all this is a design find, and an excellent solution for professionals specially for this project. Additionally, a convertible table and chairs are provided. A place for folding furniture is in the closet. At a meeting of visitors it will not be difficult to get and arrange them in a room.

Floor lamp next to the sofa Lighting столовой зоны квартиры-студии

Keeping things

When planning the design of a small apartment, you need to calculate every millimeter of living space. To save space, the partition separating the bedroom from the living room is appropriate. She serves as a shelving unit, a book cabinet, a bed headboard and even a bedside table. It is very practical that things can be folded into boxes hidden under the bed, and in the hall to place interior decorative objects and literature on comfortable shelves.

Book shelf above the TV Shelf for books and accessories over the couch

To preserve the atmosphere of space and airiness in a combined kitchen, cabinets were placed on one wall, they occupied the entire height. A light wardrobe and a refrigerator were also placed on one wall. This closet is very convenient for storing household trivia. Opposite the work area is a cooking plate and a comfortable washbasin.

Room decoration with fresh flowers Organization of the kitchen in the studio apartment Kitchen in a small studio apartment

25 sq.m. very small room, where it is difficult to place large cabinets. The perfect solution was the presence of mezzanine. They are at the top, so do not occupy a living space. There you can put things for long-term storage.

In the hall area is a bench, it is used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a place for shoes. Also for added convenience there is an open coat rack for street clothes.

Interior design of the hallway Soft bench for putting on shoes