Design khrushchev - ideas of the interior (+30 photos)

Khrushchev Design

Once "Khrushchevs" were the salvation of millions of people who received a separate living space instead of collapsing wooden barracks. Today, these small apartments, where a person taller than 170 cm is difficult to turn around, are increasingly housing the newly created family, an undergraduate student or a young specialist. And then the main question arises: how to think over the Khrushchev design? How to make a project, choose the finishing and decorative materials to properly use the existing small square meters and get a space in which it will be convenient to live?

These "achievements" of Soviet house-building differ in the materials of the basic constructions: brick and block. The brick-built variants have a slightly larger area of ​​premises, an acceptable ceiling height, are better suited for a normal life. But to design an interior, design a hruschevka of any dimensions, adapting it to the needs of all the inhabitants is a complex, fascinating process where every centimeter of space should be taken into account so that it works in a plus. The more difficult the task assigned to the designer, the more interesting it is to solve it, coming up with design and decorating moves to make the small room ergonomic, bulky, optimally suitable for a specific person.

Hall in a two-room apartmentHall in a two-room apartment

First Steps and General Tips

How to improve the design of each room in the Khrushchev? We will go through all the premises of the "Khrushchev heritage" and determine the starting point, decide how to start developing the design of the Khrushchev: determining the modern style, taste preferences, calculating finances or redevelopment.

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Kitchen combined with living room

Even with minimal re-planning, it is necessary to make out the measurement plans of each room, indicating the location of water pipes, gas pipes, batteries, sockets, pins under the lamps. The next step is the development of a sketch, or an exact project, and then - obtaining permission from the appropriate authority.

Design of a one-bedroom apartment in Khrushchev

Decoration techniques that solve the problem of limited space:

  • Interior decoration of the Khrushchev with light colors. The lighter the space, the more spacious it seems.
  • Laying on the floor of the apartment of the same type of high-quality expensive coating. The area of ​​Khrushchev is not large, so this purchase will not break the financial gap in the budget, but it will look worthy for a long time, emphasizing the thoughtfulness of the interior.
  • The use of one color for finishing the vertical surfaces of all rooms. If this solution seems boring, then accent one wall of the living room (opposite the window) with contrasting wallpaper, or using a very large drawing. This technique will help to correct too long a room, to make it visually approximate to the "golden" proportions.
  • "Dissolution" of furniture in general color.
  • Use of low items for furniture, so as not to stumble at the dominant verticals. So you create a sense of space, the lack of "cluttered up" in a small apartment.

Living room in Khrushchev with fireplace

Living room with kitchen in Khrushchev

The hall in Khrushchevka: "There is a way out!"

The problem of the pressing small space of the hallway means a full measure right from the threshold. Separate the walls physically will not work. But it's worth using designer tricks that will make the corridor more pleasant, comfortable, comfortable:

  • A mirror on a long wall visually expands the space. Let this be just an optical illusion, but it allows you to get the desired effect.
  • The device is perimeter under the ceiling of the shelves, where small items, books, study books of the previous year, materials for a hobby will be stored in wicker baskets, colorful boxes or "office" cases.
  • Depending on the position of the entrance door, the device is a tall closet using the end part of the corridor. Even small in depth, it will allow the storage of many seasonal items. Cabinet doors, following the general style of the apartment, it is better to make a mirror or use ready-made door-shutters, painted in the tone of the walls or in contrast.
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How to make a living room in Khrushchev

The last variant of doors is applicable when using different style directions, it is well combined with plaster, wallpaper treated with concrete. Today, a non-trivial solution to the problem of rapid introduction into a new apartment is the refusal to carefully trim the wall surfaces: the concrete walls are covered with a suitable paint or protective transparent composition, revealing its texture.

Gray-white living room

The fewer doors open into the hallway, the more convenient. It is better to abandon some of them, leaving the opening open.

Paintings on the wall in the living room Kitchen in Khrushchev Bright living room in Khrushchev

Full bedroom: two options

During the design of the Khrushchev, consisting of two full-fledged rooms, special attention should be paid to the bedroom; - this is the only impassable room, a closed space where there is an opportunity to be alone with yourself. To make it more convenient, it will be necessary to puzzle a minimal, but necessary re-planning: the allocation of a total area of ​​a dressing room and the transfer of a doorway.

The bedroom in the Khrushchev is a room with a width of only 2.8-2.9 m. In the case when the opposite wall from the window is decided to occupy the dressing room (the storage compartment, where even the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner can easily be hidden), the only option of placing the bed , with the approach from both sides, remains the contiguity of the headboard to the longitudinal wall opposite the door. Drawing on the plan all the dimensions, "moving" the painted furniture, you will understand exactly where the door to this private room should be.

Bedroom design in Khrushchev

It is not recommended to place a TV in the bedroom. Loud sounds, flashing frames excite the human nervous system, disrupt psycho-physiological balance, which leads to insomnia and lack of night rest. It is better to create a quiet atmosphere in the recreation area, and move the television panel to the living room.

Workplace in the living room

In one-room corner hruschevke, where two window openings are provided, re-planning can be more serious. If technical standards allow, try to separate a part of the room from the window with a light partition, install the door, create a small bedroom, and demolish the wall between the kitchen and the room, uniting the space and getting an almost square kitchen-living room with a small niche for cooking.

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Bathroom in Khrushchev

Kitchen for a small company

In the usual Khrushchev kitchen, 2 people can hardly fit. Therefore, if you decided to combine it with the living room, then equip the wall perpendicular to the window with the necessary appliances built into the kitchen set, and transfer the large dining table, where the entire family will quietly accommodate, to the adjoining room, giving it an additional dining room function. The lower row of kitchen modules can be continued along the wall opposite the kitchen window, choosing a less deep dimension row. Cutting in the corner a triangular sink, you will get an enlarged L-shaped working area. The upper row of lockers above it will successfully replace the narrow open shelves. Bottom to them is easy to screw holders with hooks, which will accommodate the entire collection of tea cups, a collection of blades, coronets, scissors, vegetable peelings.

Example of an apartment interiorExample of an apartment interior

Use the maximum vertical surfaces to unload the kitchen countertop. Magnetic stripes for knives instead of a table box, holders of cans with spices, brackets for paper towels, baskets with appliances and detergents - a huge number of items can be removed from the horizontal surface, preparing a place for culinary creativity.

Kitchen in Khrushchev в светлых тонах

Do not decorate the kitchen window with curtains.

Kitchen design with a bar counter instead of a table

Living room with roses on the wall

The idea of ​​apartment designThe idea of ​​apartment design

Much more practical and convenient when cleaning roller blinds or a variety of blinds. They do not clutter the opening, do not interfere with the penetration of light. Even more "fling" the windows of the Khrushchev towards the sun will help gluing to the slopes of mirror strips, cut exactly along the width of the slope. This technique allows you to visually expand the window opening, due to the reflection effect make it "invisible". This trick of design visually slightly increases the area of ​​a small kitchen.