Design of a standard one-room apartment of 38 sq m

Studio apartment

To decorate the interior of a room apartment, fit everything it needs and do not "overload", the task is not simple, but it is quite possible. The average area of ​​a one-room apartment is 37-38 sq.m. m. offers a wide variety of layout and design.

The choice of color solution is, perhaps, one of the most important moments. Probably everyone knows that light shades visually increase space. Even if someone odnushka does not seem too small, preference is best given to pastel tones. In the future, the situation will not look too monotonous or neutral, because it will necessarily have brighter accents: curtains, pillows, upholstery, decor. Their bright colors are enough to revitalize even painted in white walls.

Living room is gray with a work place

The optimal solution for a modern one-room apartment will be light green, sand, cream, gray, brown, blue or yellow.

Combined kitchen with living room

Thinking over the design, it is important to determine the original style and take into account that some of them are simply impossible to reproduce fully in a small area. At once it is worth to abandon the classics, country, antique direction or American. The minimalist directions will be optimal: Scandinavian, Swedish, style, high-tech, eclectic. In a modern apartment, you should also use modern materials for decoration and decoration. Swing doors can be replaced by sliding partitions, or completely abandoned in favor of arches.

The partition between the kitchen and the living room

Design project of one-room apartment

Professionals in the field of interior design are sure that you can not start any repair work without preparing a design project. This is not just a picture that shows how the interior will look in the future. This multi-stage work, which takes into account everything, allows you to make estimates, calculate the cost of repair, the optimal sequence of work, determine the style, highlight the functional areas, pick up the necessary furniture, and arrange it.

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Wooden beams on the ceiling

The complexity of the design of a one-room apartment of 38 square meters depends on the amount of repair work. If you need to equip an apartment in a new building with a zero, the project should be as complete as possible. If this is a residential apartment that requires only small changes, for example, the arrangement of a children's area, the work will accordingly not be so global.

Design-project of lay-out

The main tasks of the project design are:

  • Detailed metering of apartment premises, drawing up a plan. This information will be needed for a more detailed study of further changes, calculation of materials, illumination, etc.;
  • Schemes of demolition and erection of partitions, if any. At this stage, it is important to think over the ergonomics of moving around the apartment, taking into account the current rules and regulations;
  • The layout of communications and wiring;
  • Selection of finishing materials, definition of stylistics, choice of colors and finishes;
  • Selection and placement of furniture, decor, accessories.

Gray in wall decoration

Design projects are rarely drawn by hand, the work is done in special computer programs. Many of them are freely available on the Internet. They allow you to create a 3D model of the future interior of photographic quality.

Apron in the kitchen under the tree

Basis of the basics - zoning

Zoning - the main reception designers decorators. It allows you to visually divide the space into separate functional areas, without affecting the overall style. In one-bedroom apartments without zoning can not do. Only with its help an apartment with a large functional load can be made comfortable and convenient.

The bed is an attic, below it is a useful area

It is important to understand that zoning is most often conditional, determined by furniture, color and other content, and does not imply the division of the room into partitions into many tiny snacks.

Glass partitions

Regardless of the area, work begins to compile a list of required zones:

  • Living room;
  • Bedroom;
  • Children's;
  • Working (study, hobby corner);
  • Recreation area (library);
  • Canteen;
  • Sports;
  • Wardrobe.

This is only an exemplary list, it is not necessary that all zones are present. Someone needs an office, and someone has a children's corner or a secluded place to relax.

Zoning with curtains

Methods of zoning in a one-room apartment

You can divide the room in different ways, without necessarily using everything at once or just one. It is important to find the golden mean.

Zoning with curtains and glass partitions

Furniture and textiles

It so happened that we are accustomed to arranging furniture around the perimeter, but sometimes it is worth reviewing conservative views. The arrangement of furniture is one of the simplest and most convenient ways of zoning a room. Guest from the bedroom can separate a tall narrow closet, the doors of which are facing the bed. A seating area with a kitchen is shared by a sofa or a bar counter, and the workstation can be a shelf or a table with a shelf.

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A secluded sleeping place

Zoning with curtains is not the latest reception of designers, but not in every interior such an option will be suitable. The choice of textiles that will perform the role of partitions often depends on the style. In classical interiors, it can be a dense canopy on the ceiling cornice, oriental style will be complemented by multi-layer flying draperies, and Japanese will emphasize the bamboo blinds.

The idea of ​​zoning

Colors and finishes

In its execution, this is one of the most difficult and not always successful tricks, if it is a one-room apartment. Here the principles of zoning and tips for visual expansion of space collide and contradict each other. Too small areas will not be appropriate for bright colors and color finishes. The border can be drawn on the floor, for example, add a carpet by selecting the necessary area.

Zoning with different finishes

Fixed partitions and screens, doors

Mobile screens and stationary partitions, besides zoning, perform a decorative function, therefore they must meet the general style of the interior. There are a lot of options for their execution. If there are no specific ideas, you will have to devote an hour to viewing the photos on the Internet. Also it is worth considering that in a one-room apartment, the partition should take up little space and visually expand the space. Most often use plastic, plasterboard, mirror surfaces.

Glass sliding doors

Behind the thin door-screen you can hide a whole cozy room. The material for the canvas can be used various: wood, plywood, MDF, plastic, glass.

Partitions in the living room and bedroom

Different levels of floor and ceiling, lighting

If the height of the walls allows, you can equip the podium for separating the working, sleeping area or nursery.

Podium for a sleeping place

From the standpoint of convenience, lighting should be organized so that each separate functional area is maximally independent. Use multi-level lighting, lamps of different light spectrum, lighting and so on. As a selection of individual functional areas of one light is not enough, it can only be an additional tool.

Example of lighting odnushki

The choice of furniture and the basic principles of the arrangement

The rooms after furniture furnishings should look as spacious and cozy as possible, and not remind the train tambour. Strangely enough, but the main thing in the arrangement of the apartment is the order. No newfangled things are no longer able to make it comfortable and clean. All boxes, shelves should be in their places, and their contents are available at any time. That is why furniture is always selected individually, taking into account the wishes of all residents. To make it easier for yourself, you can make a list of necessary things in advance, a place for them, a way of storing them.

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Interior of a small apartment

  1. The interior is filled with only the most necessary. Furniture should be compact, functional.
  2. 2 large elements visually occupy less space than 3-4 small, so from chests, nightstands refuse in favor of cabinets.
  3. Bulky, massive furnishings here also there is no place.
  4. Multifunctional transforming furniture will, if necessary, expand the space of the room. At least it can be a sofa bed, a folding table in the kitchen or an ironing board outside the door.
  5. For a family with a child, an excellent solution will be bunk furniture, which combines the working area on the first "floor" and the bed on the second.
  6. The maximum use of space will help the built-in closet.

Kitchen-living room

To accommodate furniture, you can use the wall above the bed. This is an excellent place for open shelves and shelving. In the corridor, you can take up the ceiling space for the niches. Under a wide window sill often built-in locker. A common mistake many make is that the corners of the room remain open. This is a great place to put a corner cabinet, shelving or cabinet.

Bedroom behind the screen

In the kitchen, take into account every free centimeter. Modern interiors, except for standard equipment (refrigerator, stove, microwave oven) provide an additional (hood, dishwasher, coffee maker), well, if it is built-in.

Corner Kitchen Project

For storing various small things in the kitchen, a rack or a storage room with drawers is perfect. If the furniture is made to order, it is worth considering the optimal depth. Perhaps, it may be somewhat less than that of the factory. It is better to give preference to smooth, blind facades or frosted glass.

Functionality for a small apartment is important

In the bathroom, as in other rooms, the zoning principle operates. Here there should be at least two zones: a washbasin with a curbstone, a mirror and a bath or a shower, a towel rack. If there is room left, the washbasin area can be supplemented with a pencil box and a laundry basket.

Partition in the bathroom

Interior design, begins to live only thanks to the details. One-room apartment is a kind of canvas on which a picture is created, taking into account personal requirements and preferences. Significantly simplify the task of the artist templates and individual ideas, already embodied in life.

Carpet with geometric pattern Geometry on the wall Original apron Sleeper under the ceiling Glass partition

Glass partition Sofa separates the kitchen from the living room Bar counter for dividing the room Living Room Design Small Living Room                                            Scandinavian style in the apartment White interior Zoning using a screen