Luxury apartments, dotted with splashes of light and shade -

Shelves with accessories in the bedroom

Our little flats sometimes seem doomed to a boring design and depressing atmosphere, because a small living space limits fantasy and interferes with the implementation of interesting ideas. But today we will provide for your discussion the interior design of a one-room apartment, where a lack of space did not stop the designer Natalia Akimova from creating a truly refined and functional housing.

Black lamps above the kitchen countertop

Behind the open door, we are met by a compact hallway, where only a few shelves for shoes and a hanger for outer clothing are settled. A saturated black color on one side and a fascinating floral print on the other together form the right balance, not allowing the situation to be gloomy and dull. Looking at such a compact area, the question arises: what to do with your things, if there is not enough space for cabinets? And then immediately you have the answer - in a stylish dressing room! The designer and then went on a little trick, arranging it in a completely unexpected point: instead of the wall and is the most important room for every woman - between the bedroom and the public zone, borrowing a bit of the area in both rooms.

Corridor with hooks for clothes

Harmonious contrasts are welcomed in the next room - a chic kitchen, here is also a dining area. The rigid lines and the transitions of paints soften the appearance of the floor, which consists of wood parquet, where the entire exquisite appearance of the untreated organic surface is preserved. For more functional use of space, built-in home appliances were used, some are located in niches that project into the next room.

Black and white bedroom execution Cozy small bedroom

The boudoir is presented in the execution of the most actual and fashionable tendencies, hidden lockers and shelves, smooth ceilings disappearing against the general background. Here you can take a closer look at the above wardrobe and its cunning location. To create a freshness the designer used the plexus of natural and artificial lighting.

Wardrobe in the bedroom Warm thick blanket on the bed

In the elegant bathroom you will have another surprise and a tricky trick. To save space instead of the traditional shell was installed not quite the usual design - floating. It easily moves one way or the other, allowing you to free the space you need when it's most needed.

Small black and white bathroom Two round mirrors in the bathroom Black and white walls in the bathroom

Luxurious interior design of a one-room apartment, where modern trends are closely intertwined with practical and modern solutions. The whole idea of ​​the idea had one concept - to create a comfortable and comfortable environment with a minimum of square meters.

The plan of a small apartment