Stunning apartment with everything in it, stockholm, sweden

Living room of a small apartment in Stockholm

Light sofa with colorful yellow, gray and green pads

Modest apartments are a wonderful base for searching new ideas in design, experiments and fantasy flight. The limited area challenges the owners of apartments, which tend to give them a more functional, attractive and elegant appearance.

Interior of a small apartment in Stockholm

The white decoration of the guest cabin in the style of minimalism

In today's article we will introduce you to the decoration of housing with a total area of ​​51 square meters. A small studio is located in the Swedish metropolis of Stockholm on the first floor of a modern building with a simple and concise layout.

This apartment has everything you need for living and relaxing: a cozy bedroom, a functional kitchen, a place to work, a living room and a bathroom. Each corner, window opening and wall surface were used to the maximum. Wherein fashionable furniture and accessories visually do not clutter a modest space.

Interior of the living room of a small apartment in Stockholm

A bright sofa allows owners to relax after a hard day's work and receive guests

The entrance of a small apartment in Stockholm

A large doorway visually combines the main room with a study

Study of a small apartment in Stockholm

The workplace is located in the hallway - a brilliant solution for a modest apartment

The kitchen of a small apartment in Stockholm

The kitchen zone impresses with its functionality and elegance

For the decoration of the ceiling and wall surface, a snowy shade was chosen. It not only visually increases the space, but also allows you to link together all the areas and areas of the apartments.

Gives brightness and expressiveness to the guest cabin a magnificent composition of colorful decorative pads. They raise the mood of the owners and their friends, and also look great against the background of a monochrome situation.

The wooden floor was painted with a special color with a glossy finish. In the living room and corridor the masters used a white shade, and for the kitchen - a bright and rich black. Such an unusual color in the interior makes the apartment more like an old Swedish manor house.

Living room of a small apartment in Stockholm

Complement the suite with a small coffee table and a cozy armchair with a floor lamp

Bedroom of a small apartment in Stockholm

The bedroom hides behind the swinging ancient doors

Interior of a bedroom in a small apartment in Stockholm

A large double bed became the epicenter of a tiny boudoir

A lot of bright posters and paintings with colorful designs are hung on the walls, they give the atmosphere an incredible charm, creativity and expressiveness. In the living room there is a stack of newspapers and books on the coffee table, and in the hallway there is a mudbord.

The owner of this housing is a young and energetic man, she knows the price of warmth and comfort. That's why the style of minimalism was chosen for decorating the apartment. It makes it possible to harmoniously arrange on the area of ​​51 square meters all the necessary areas and zones.

The entrance of a small apartment in Stockholm

The simple and concise design of the hallway raises the mood at the entrance to the house

Working area of ​​a small apartment in Stockholm

The corner for work is equipped with a small table and an interesting chair

Dining room of a small apartment in Stockholm

The magnificent dining area is located near the window in the kitchen

These small apartments are a wonderful place to live and relax. They have almost everything the hosts need: a kitchen, a living room, a study, a place for a meal, a bathroom and a bedroom. It's simple dream House!