Unique interior of studio apartment

Interior of studio apartment in light colors

Interesting interior of studio apartment

Designers Candida and Jeff presented an unusual interior of their own studio apartment in San Francisco, California.

"We always dreamed of living near the ocean, in a small two-room apartment located in a building built in the 1920s," says Candida.

When the young couple bought this house, she immediately began to design her interior, and first of all Jeff and Candida transformed the unremarkable pantry into a posh bedroom.

Large flower in the interior of the studio apartment

Elements of interior

In a unique design, Candida and Jeff expressed their love for travel and the desert. Most elements of the interior, for example, interesting chairs for the living room, they bought in "flea markets", giving second-hand items they bought.

Leather sofa in the interior of the living room

Living room

White chair by the big window

White chairs in the living room

One of the most interesting decorative elements of the kitchen is a bright blue wall carpet. Also Candida brought back to life her father's old desk. In the interior perfectly harmonize with each other elements of both modern and classical style.

Original hooks for kitchen utensils

Wall-mounted carpet in the kitchen