Unreal design of a tiny apartment from czech architects

Design of a tiny apartment from Freedomky

The design of a tiny apartment designed by the Czech company Freedomky is admirable in every respect. This is a small prefab house designed for one person. Its area is only 22 m². He is simply charming in style by functionality.

A pair of glass doors opens up access to a spacious kitchen, living room and living room. Designers are sure that it is due to daylight and properly selected materials, in particular a tree of gentle colors, that space seems to be larger. The same problem is the lack of decorative elements.

The whole room is made of fine sanded wood. It is finished with walls and ceiling, which creates a single space. Virtually all the interior details are finished with wood. The exception is the bedroom niche, fireplace and kitchen area.

Interior design of a tiny apartment

The working area of ​​a kitchen of cream color is shaded by other elements of the situation. The grooves in the doors of the cabinets are not just a decorative detail. Of course, they have a purpose. Wooden walls smoothly round the metal wood stove.

Design of a tiny apartment in a light tree

The legs of the dining table are made of inverted U-shaped wood. The white top is perfectly combined with the work surface and apron.

Design of a tiny apartment with a fireplace

A deep niche for the bed looks like a cocoon. Its walls are painted in the color of thunderclouds. The mattress, located on the dais, hides a place for storage. A miniature bathroom with a pull-out dressing table and a glass shower is illuminated by a small window from above.

Storage systems in the design of a tiny apartment Bathroom design in a tiny apartment

A great option for one person at home, is not it?