Unusual ideas of a bachelor apartment: 70 examples of

Studio apartment

Studio apartment from Elftug

For some reason it is believed that a man without a woman's supervision should live in a den. At best, a bachelor's flat seems to be a senseless heap of computers, music centers, televisions and game consoles with posters of ambiguous content on the walls and a mountain of dirty dishes. But, of course, many of our readers have friends - bachelors who respect the comfort and style, comfort and brutality of the home. Let's look at seventy examples of how to create a home as a man.

Bright living room for a bachelor

Elegant and cozy room for a bachelor

The living room is the face of any house, especially a modern bachelor's den. And even if for you the perfect evening is a soft sofa, a huge TV set and a delicious pizza, a strictly male living room should look elegant. Necessarily a combination of beauty and comfort, style and functionality. Do not try to be fashionable and extravagant. Strict lines and neutral tones will allow you to create an interior that is relevant for many years.

Shelves on the wall in the bachelor parlor

"Floating shelves" will add ephemerality

Rocking chair in the living room of a bachelor

A chaise longue or rocking chair look great in the "men's" living room

White sofa in front of the panoramic window

Leather upholstery is a great idea

Gym in the living room

To connect a stylish, laconic living room with a gym - it's so manly ...

Low coffee table in the living room

Low tables look great in such a living room

Stylish living room in black and white colors

Monochrome and sharpness of lines

Fireplace in the white living room

Grace and minimalism from Nicole Hollis

Living room in natural colors

Living room in dark natural colors from Nick Onken. Gloomy, but brutal

Living room in bright colors with large windows

Light colors, large windows, right angles

Living room in violet-white design

Chic combination of violet and white

A bright picture on the wall in a strict living room

A bright picture in a strict living room will add personality. By Robert Granoff

Living room in gray tones

Correctly selected curtains will not make your house feminine

On the first place put comfort

Do not forget you should be cozy in your home. This is the place where you should rest after a hard day. The place where you want to return. The apartment, as if descended from the pages of the magazine, very few people will enjoy.

Soft coffee table by the window

And a table and an ottoman. And the fact that it's the size of a helicopter pad, it's also like a man ...

Armchairs-bags in an unusual fireplace

Originality does not hurt. Peculiar fireplace and armchairs bags from the Ambient Lounge Designer

Carpet on the floor in a cozy living room

A soft carpet will only add convenience. PURE Design

Suzie Parkinson SÜZA DESIGN proposes to combine a strict style of the room with bright pictures in the style of fantasy

Fantasy paintings on the walls in the living room

Простота от Dana Gordon + Roy Gordon Architecture Studio

If you like to receive guests, you will be ideally suited for large modular sofa beds. On this couch perfectly fit a crowd of friends. And after a noisy party, he will perfectly serve as a bed. The original coffee table will add a touch of joy.

Terracotta accents in the living room

Kerrie L. Kelly

Black armchairs and white ottomans

Another idea of ​​how to accommodate guests

Strict corner sofa in studio apartment

Строгая современность от Caitlin & Caitlin Design. Тёплые тона смягчают суровость

Small cozy living room with fireplace

Строгая современность от Caitlin & Caitlin Design. Тёплые тона смягчают суровость

Living room in gray-red tones

The idea from Z Gallerie. Contrast of gray and red

Pink orchid in the gray living room

Wolf & Wing Interior Design. Небольшое яркое пятно оживит интерьер

Accents of color aquamarine in a bright living room

Masculinity and elegance from SoCal Contractor

An unusual picture over the sofa

Sofa bed is a great idea for a small room

Unusual cardboard above the sofa in the living room

Acquire an unexpected, original piece of furniture, for example a chair from Eames Lounger

About illumination

In recent years, almost all designers are advocating for natural lighting. Is it possible to expand the windows? Do it. Especially if the view from the window itself can become an ornament of the apartment. Combine natural light with strict or original lamps.

Luxurious living room in bright colors

View from the window as a decoration

Large rectangular sofa in the center of the living room

Large sofa, natural colors, sharp lines and lots of light

Black sofa in the living room with a luxurious view

On the premises

Lamps in the living room for a bachelor

Soffits and modest lamps. "Masculine" design by Jarosz Architect

Yellow accents in the interior of the living room

A beautiful view of the modern city can be a complement to the style of the apartment

Small cozy living room

The idea of ​​the British company A Good Chick To Know

Cozy narrow and long living room

Reasonable use of a narrow and long room

Stylish interior of the living room in bright colors

Like the cabin of an ocean liner ...

Interior of the living room in bright colors

Cheerful and a bit unreal, but still very masculine living room

Original details in the interior of the living room

An original floor lamp and an unusual plant will add peculiarities

Contrasting accents in the bright living room

Minimalism from Gerstner. Contrasting picture and carpet give life to this "sterile" room

Exerciser in the small men's room

Iron horse in the living room. An element of decor or a declaration of love?

Functional small living room for bachelor

Using the space to the maximum

Contrast cushions in the white living room

Simple change of sofa cushions you can change the style of the room

Selection of colors and materials

It is not necessary to use only neutral shades and strict lines in order to emphasize your masculinity. Do not hesitate to bright colors and soft tissues. Here the main thing is not to overdo it.

Blossoming composition on the table in the living room

Comfort and warmth

Bright accents in the design of the living room

Original lighting and a few bright spots

Turquoise accents in the bright living room

White with turquoise. Almost Marine Style

Cozy living room with fireplace

Large contrasting pattern on a neutral background

Stylish living room for a bachelor

Chlolstyak refuge in the last trends

Of course, in a pink room with ruches and pillows for a Dalmatian, a man will look ridiculous, but if you like coziness, then who forbids buying a soft plush sofa and putting pictures on the walls? Do not forget, you are building a home for yourself.

Compact seating area in the living room

Cubic ottomans as additional seats for seating

Loft flat in loft style

The combination of steel pipes, brick walls and contrast furniture. Fusion - the perfect style for men

Bright accents in the strict living room

Mix bright and strict

The combination of orange and blue in the gray living room

Another great example of the use of bright spots

Brickwork on the wall in the living room

Benjamin Cottrell. Individuality

Contrast colors in the design of the living room

Sharpness of lines and colors from Allison Jaffe Interior Design

Interior of the living room in natural tones

Natural colors. Contrast. Leather. A little severity does not hurt

Bright accents in the bright living room

Written by Shirley Meisels. Bright elements stop the look and prevent the room from merging

The house must contain a piece of the owner

Billiard table in the living room

Billiard table or basketball basket, darts or chess table. If you are a fan or a professional of some kind of game, its presence in your living room will be absolutely appropriate.

Table football in the living room

From your house you should have fun

Desk-bumper in the living room

A writing desk stylized as a bumper. What better to tell about the owner of the house?

Chessboard in the living room

Will we play a game of chess?

An unusual picture above the fireplace in the living room

If you love art, create a gallery from the living room

Coffee tables-hemp in the living room

Add something unusual

Fireplace built-in wardrobe

Built-in fireplace in the closet. Unexpected solution

Contrast colors in the design of the living room

And again about the contrast against the background of strict lines

Unusual lamps in the bright living room

Unusual lamps will brighten the living room

Bright green armchair in the bright living room

The combination of incompatible

Original paintings on the wall in the living room

Do not be afraid to decorate the room with paintings or original furniture

Cozy living room in natural colors

Own house can not be boring

Large coffee table in the living room

Strictly and stylishly

Contrast of olive and terracotta flowers in the living room

Strict contrast of soft colors, for example olive and terracotta

Man's room in pastel colors

Pastel also looks very manly, with the right form