White interior of a small one-room apartment

Interior of a small one-room apartment in white color

Delicate interior of a small one-room apartment

The interior of a small one-room apartment in Stockholm is full of various surprises. Luxurious high ceilings and wooden parquet create a special atmosphere of home warmth and coziness. And huge windows fill the room with a soft natural light.

Another feature of this interior: a minimum of furniture. All the most necessary for a comfortable and functional life. Of course, all parts of the interior must interact, fill the rooms with a certain mood, and therefore they represent a single whole. We suggest you to see for yourself.

The snow-white sofa on legs of ivory color is simple enough, but it is refined. A small trolley on wheels is at the same time a coffee table, and a shelf for magazines. The white shelf above the sofa is a wonderful stand for beautiful black and white drawings. The interior of the room is crowned by a fashionable chandelier, installed in the center of the ceiling.

The sleeping place is hidden in a niche, separated from the other areas by two sliding panels. White lockers serve as functional storage places, and the same snow-white shelf perfectly accommodates pictures and statuettes.

Bedroom behind the partition in a small one-room apartment Small balcony with a view of the city

The entrance hall is also equipped with storage shelves. The niche, where you can keep your things, is open; with it a bar for hangers and a few boxes on top. White kitchen cabinets and shiny wall tiles are complemented with a wooden countertop and a floor.

On the windowsill in front of the window there are a lot of pots with flowers as well as on a stool with running boards. A table in the shape of a flower and two white chairs are favorably underlined by the light air dome of the chandelier.

Work area in the hallway of a small one-room apartment Kitchen interior in a small one-room apartment Kitchen with dining area Original vase on the windowsill The layout of a small one-room apartment

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