Cupboard compartment in the bedroom - optimize the space

Now, it seems, it is almost impossible to find an apartment in which there would not be a closet closet. What are the advantages they have and why are they so popular? We will talk about this in this article. Especially for you Dekorin prepared recommendations and tips on how to choose the closet closet in the bedroom, how to plan its internal filling and external design, as much as possible "fitting" it to your preferences.

Bedroom with wardrobe compartment - stylish or comfortable?

Its popularity closet compartment, above all, due to its versatility. With the right choice, it is able not only to harmoniously fit into the bedroom interior, but also to become a functional place for storing things.

As an option, the closet cabinet can perfectly adjust the size and proportions of your bedroom, if it is built into the wall. The walls of the closet will be interfaced to the walls and ceiling of the room, so that the closet cabinet can use all the free corners of your bedroom.

Cupboard in the bedroom - built-in wardrobe system

Built-in cabinets, as a rule, are made to order, and from here follows a few more advantages.

The first - and perhaps most importantly - the opportunity to plan the interior filling of the compartment compartment itself (hereinafter we will dwell on this in more detail). Second - its design will be an excellent canvas for your imagination. Having issued it atypically and originally, having chosen your favorite colors, materials and drawing for this, you can emphasize your own uniqueness.

Cabinets compartment - on the photo unusual design in the bedroom

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Finally, one more positive moment in choosing a closet in the bedroom is its sliding doors. You can place such a closet quite close to your bed and this will not give you any discomfort at all, because when opening they do not require extra space.

We plan a wardrobe in the bedroom: we start from the inside

And now let's talk more specifically about how to properly design a wardrobe in the bedroom, so that its internal filling allows you to keep all your things in order.

Of course, everything depends on your needs. However, despite this, you can also be guided by some general principles when choosing and placing all shelves, drawers and other compartments in the cabinet.

To begin with, when planning a wardrobe compartment it will be appropriate to conditionally divide it into main zones in height and determine how much space you need for each of them. For example, it might look like this:

  • From 0 to 60 cm - the lower zone (used to store shoes, boxes, sometimes for other heavy things);
  • 60-180 cm - the main zone (most comfortable, here are shelves, hangers, baskets, hangers and drawers, which are used constantly);
  • 180 and above - mezzanine zone (used to store seasonal things, bags, bed linen, blankets etc.).

Filling the wardrobe compartment in the bedroom - the best ideas with a photo

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The width of each compartment depends on the number of things you have (below we will discuss it in more detail). Do not forget that the closet in the bedroom can have a so-called "dead" zone, which is difficult to get. It may be, for example, a place behind doors, corners, shelves under the ceiling and any other specific places. Decide in advance what will be placed in them: maybe old things or bed linens?

Internal filling of the wardrobe in the bedroom

To determine for yourself the necessary dimensions of the closet compartment in the bedroom, you should also understand how much space it will take to store all things. Already on the basis of this, then you can think about the number and purpose of the compartments, shelves and shoulders. Since different kinds of things are stored separately, let's consider where and what is more convenient to store.

Internal filling of the wardrobe in the bedroom начинается с определения размеров отсеков для вещей, которые хранятся на плечиках. Как правило, их разделяют на несколько отделов. Первый можно предназначить для платьев, костюмов, пальто и других длинных вещей. Второй — использовать для хранения коротких юбок, рубашек, шорт и футболок. По желанию, можно удвоить количество этих отделов, например, если муж и жена желают вешать свои вещи отдельно. Разделив одежду таким образом, можно здорово сэкономить пространство. Да и выглядеть подобные отсеки будут аккуратнее.

Interior design of the wardrobes in the bedroom Cupboard compartment in the bedroom - dimensions and filling

The trousers can be placed separately. This option is suitable for people who have a lot of pants. Otherwise, it would be inappropriate to allocate a whole compartment for them. Pair of trousers can be placed on the shoulders next to other things.

Closet compartment in the bedroom - internal filling and placement of compartments Internal filling of the wardrobe in the bedroom - фото с телевизором

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Nemnushchiesya things are not so whimsical to the conditions of storage, so they can safely settle on the shelves. The width of 50-60 cm for such shelves will be quite enough.

Corner cupboard compartment in the bedroom - filling in the photoUnusual filling of the wardrobe compartment in the bedroom in a rotating rack

For storing underwear inside the cabinet of the compartment, drawers with a depth of up to 30 cm can be used. Remember that underwear, socks, stockings and pantyhose are stored separately.

Built-in closet in the bedroom - the size and photo inside

With shoes, it would seem, everything is clear. But in fact, not everything is so simple - after all, you need to take into account the fact that the height of sneakers or pairs of sandals will be significantly different from the height of winter boots, for example. Divide the space into two or more compartments (for high and low shoes) will be a good option for solving this point.

Three-winged wardrobe compartment in the bedroom - interior filling in the photoInternal filling of the wardrobe in the bedroom - фото гардеробной девушки

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Design of wardrobes in the bedroom: options with photo

The bedroom is a place where you want to relax and relax, plunge into the atmosphere of calmness, exhale after a stressful day. It should be nice not only to fall asleep, but also to wake up. Therefore, the design of the wardrobes of the compartment in the bedroom should be chosen appropriate - pleasant and quiet for the eyes.

One of the most popular variants of the design of the wardrobe in the bedroom is the mirror facade. The surface can be made mirrored both completely and partially. This option is especially good for small rooms, because the mirror surface of the cabinet will help visually increase the small space of the bedroom.

Mirror cabinet of the compartment in the bedroom - photo in the interior Modern coupé cabinets - photo design in the bedroom with a mirrorBedroom with wardrobe with mirror doors - photo The ideas of the closet in the bedroom - a modern design with a mirrorMirror wardrobe in the bedroom with a touch of bronze

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In addition to mirrors, your bedroom with a wardrobe compartment can seem bigger and thanks to the glass facade. You can choose a transparent, glossy or frosted glass for this purpose. Previously, often used single-colored frosted glass in different shades. Nowadays sandblasting drawings on matte glasses are very popular, which not only decorate the facade of the compartment wardrobe, but also emphasize the overall style of the interior.

Built-in wardrobes compartment - photo design in the bedroom with glassModern design of the wardrobes of the compartment in the bedroom - two colors and a mirrorThe ideas of the wardrobe in the bedroom in white with a mirrorBeautiful coupé cabinets in the bedroom - photo design with a picture

If all of the above options do not appeal to you, then you should take a closer look at the photo printing on the closets. With photo printing, you can put absolutely any image or photo on the facade of your cabinet, thereby emphasizing its uniqueness.

Delicate bedroom with wardrobe compartment with photo printing Original ideas of the wardrobe in the bedroom - photo printing on the door Small cabinets with a coupe with a picture - a photo of the design in the bedroom Bedroom design with a compartment wardrobe with a black and white pattern

As you can see for yourself, the options are just an inexhaustible quantity and yet try to find in this variety that which is right for you. And finally - some more wonderful ideas for the closet compartment in your bedroom. Create and inspire with Dekorin!

Elegant modern bedroom with wardrobe The ideas of the wardrobe in the bedroom - built-in model with backlight Beautiful design cupboards in the bedroom - best photos 2017