Round table in the interior +50 photo

Round table in the interior

A neat round table in the interior contributes to the creation of maximum coziness. Models can be installed in bedrooms, rooms intended for eating. Ideal for comfortable meetings with friends, relatives. From the color scale and the materials of products depends on the created style of the room. The stylized semicircular showcase or dressing table, chest of drawers will help to uniquely complement the unusual interior element. They emphasize the refinement of the general appearance of the room, will emphasize a certain part of the room. Models with rounded table tops have a lot of plus. Suitable for installation in a home with any area, decoration and furnishings. But at the same time it is important for the owners to take into account some of the disadvantages of the products. Acquaintance with all the characteristics will help to choose the right model and the place of its installation.

The absence of corners makes models with a table top-circle completely safe. They are recommended to choose for installation in homes where there are small children.

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Round table in the kitchen

The most correct solution when choosing the place of installation of a non-standard table will be its placement in the kitchen. It is recommended to install it in the distance from the working area: in the recreation area. It must be taken into account that the new element must resemble the already installed kitchen set. They can be similar in style, color. For example, when choosing wooden models it is recommended to select products that visually complement the wooden, MDF cabinets and pedestals. Non-standard models for installation in dining rooms are suitable. To create a full group of furniture for food intake will help you choose the chairs and chairs suitable for the style. In a combined kitchen-dining room you can install a semi-circular sofa. Such additions should create a tandem with a new product. Then the overall appearance of the room will be harmonious.

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Round table in the living room

There are two directions for using non-standard furniture in the hall. The first one allows creating an amazing decoration element. In this case, low models are added, supplemented with a shelf. Usually placed in the center of the living room in front of the TV: for the opportunity to simultaneously watch your favorite programs and have a tea party. They are installed flower vases, potted plants. The lower part is used for storing magazines, books. In a stylish kitchen-living room with a size of 12 sq.m and more, the original furniture will be the main element. Remoteness of the cooking zone allows you to install next to it any soft chairs. Models without styling tabletops can be covered with a cloth tablecloth. But more often the owners leave the upper part open. This makes it easy to clean and wash.

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Choose a table for style

Any furniture should be selected according to the style of the room, where its installation is provided. This rule is also taken into account when buying non-standard products. Correctly choose the right model will help the following ideas in the directions:

ModernObservance of the color scheme of the situation and the new product are important. To create space, ease it is recommended to choose models with a thin table top. Optimal products on simplified metal frames.
ClassicalThis style should be complemented by a product made of wood on straight, carved legs. You can buy a classic model on a metal frame.
OldModels for antiquity are distinguished by a special elegance. They are complemented by carved legs, include carved patterns on the sides of the countertop.

Provence style kitchen with round table  Cloaks on the chairs  Striped carpet in the dining room  Vase with flowers on the chest of drawers  Flower on the table

Rare old models look truly luxurious. But they are expensive, they need careful care. They differ in massiveness and are suitable only for spacious rooms.

Blue chandelier in white interior Kitchen with a linear layout  Chandelier with candles above the table  Table with original legs  Rack with dishes along the wall  Yellow chairs on legs around a white table

Color and design

The color range of products determines the style and size of the room in which they can be installed. Dark furniture is suitable for spacious rooms. Light and bright products should be installed according to the following prompt:

  • blue;
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Ideal for emphasizing coziness, special tranquility of home atmosphere.

Blue round table in the interior

  • white;

Promotes the expansion of space.

White furniture in the dining room

  • lime, olive, brown;

Will emphasize the comfort of living. Ideal for family tea drinking, daily meals.

Light green table in the kitchen

  • yellow;

Stresses the originality of the style of the room. In such colors becomes the main element of the room.

White chairs around the yellow table

  • red;

It looks contrasting and unusual. Optimal for installation in rooms with a white-gray color scheme. The best are products with a patterned table top.

Red round table in the interior

  • Gray.

A universal solution for rooms decorated in pastel, dark, bright colors. Practically complete any room.

Beige chandelier above the gray table


Simplicity of care and maintenance of attractiveness of the acquired model directly depends on the quality of materials. The most unusual are products with a top of tile-mosaic. Also produced countertops from the following raw materials:

  • glass;

The glass surface requires constant cleaning. The table top itself can be transparent, matte, painted with special compounds.

Round glass table in the interior

  • metal;

Metal models are unpretentious in maintenance. Resistant to damage. They have outstanding design, are versatile in use.

Table made of metal

  • plastic;

Plastic models are easy, simple to clean. Can be monophonic, include multi-colored inserts, complemented by patterns.

Plastic round table in the interior

  • tree.

Wooden products are equipped with metal legs-tubes, carved wooden supports. They have a luxurious view. They need periodic polishing and varnishing.

Wooden furniture in the dining room

The capacity of table models

Choosing the appropriate type of dining type, you need to take into account the actual size of the countertop. It should not restrict the free space of the room. At the same time, small sizes of furniture should not affect the convenience of its use. For a family consisting of 3-5 people, there will be enough models with a countertop with a diameter of 0.8-1 meter. To ensure that both hosts and guests can comfortably spend feasts, it is recommended to choose a folding model. It will be able to accommodate more than 10 people. Transformable furniture is expanded in a circular motion, by inserting an additional central bar. The first type has a high price, but in the unfolded state its table top has the shape of a circle. The second type after folding has the shape of an oval. It has an affordable price. For living rooms, you can choose models with any suitable diameter for installation near the window, sofa.

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Используя рекомендации по выбору стилистики, цветовой гаммы новой мебели, можно оригинально обустроить даже хрущевку. Нестандартные изделия подойдут для совмещенных комнат панельных, кирпичных квартир. Уделив особое внимание подбору модели по цвету, можно визуально расширить пространство, создать дома комфортную зону отдыха, приема пищи. Для решения этих задач подойдет мебель со стандартным каркасом. Изделия с вспомогательной полочкой подходят для установки в гостевых комнатах, спальнях. Materials изделия влияют на удобство использования, простоту поддержания чистоты столешницы. Лучшими считаются модели из дерева, стекла и металла. К нестандартным вариантам относится стилизованная пластиковая мебель. Наличие узоров, плавных переходов цвета на таких дизайнерских моделях делают их ярким интерьерным элементом.

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