Interior of a small house - zoning and functional furniture

Wicker chairs and a table by the window

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not want to live in a comfortable, cozy house or apartment, where everything is necessary for proper rest. If for owners of spacious housing everything is decided by the availability of free time and finance for its arrangement, then the interior of a small house requires great effort, attention and imagination. Fortunately, there is no need to invent something radically new. After all, with the problem of a small, and sometimes frankly close home, many people are confronted. Consider the most popular ways out of this situation.

Attention, it is very important that the bed is not only present, but on it it was really possible to rest, while someone else is in the room. This is facilitated by the refusal of the TV, as well as sources of bright light near the bed.

A small sofa in front of the TV

If the living room is integrated with the kitchen, then it makes sense to abandon a large dining table in favor of a magazine. Furniture should also not be cumbersome. The best solution is a small sofa (perhaps corner) and several armchairs, chairs or ottomans. They fit well into any layout and do not take up much space.

The combination of white and brown furniture in the living room


The design of a small country house usually does not provide for a separate spacious room that can be used as a bedroom. There are several interior options that will be a way out:

  • confine to a narrow sofa in the living room;
  • put in a small room a bed that will occupy almost the whole of its area;
  • to equip a sleeping place in the attic under the roof of the house.

The lamp on the tumbocke in the roof

In order to implement the last project you need to loosen the attic of all things, insulate the inside of the roof and remove part of the attic floor. After this, you need to install a reliable staircase and the bed itself. Its function can perform a hard mattress. Then it remains only to place a lamp near the bed and shelves for the necessary things: books, phone, comb.

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Bedroom со стенами под дерево

Kitchen in a small house

No matter how small the area of ​​the house was, it can not do without a place where you can store food and cook food, that is, without an equipped kitchen. It is worth giving preference to a compact model of a refrigerator or a dishwasher, furniture with a built-in oven.

Lockers and cooker with cooker hood in the kitchen

A huge role in the arrangement of the kitchen of a small house is played by a variety of shelves and cabinets, which can be located in several levels. Holiday services, jars with exotic spices, voluminous pans and pans, spare detergents can be removed to the upper shelves, at hand should remain only what is claimed really often. The bottom surface of the shelves should be equipped with reliable hooks. They will accommodate small frying pans, cups, ladle, kitchen towels, potholders.

Wooden furniture in the kitchenKitchen interior in a wooden house


The area of ​​even the smallest country house usually allows you to place a sitting bath or shower. This is not the best solution in terms of comfort, but it is conditioned by necessity. Household chemicals and washing powder can be placed under the bathroom or in the locker. On the shelves there is a place for shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothpaste.

Contemporary bathtub of interesting shape

In such a small room, you should actively use walls. On them it is necessary to fix hooks for sponges, towels, dressing gowns. The same devices can be placed on the inside surface of the door. Before proceeding to this, it is necessary to assess the quality of the door and the load, which it does not hurt. No need to save on a good rug, because with a small size of the bathroom, spraying water on the floor is almost inevitable. It is better to purchase several silicone or rubber mats than spend money on repairing floors and getting rid of mold.

The combination of brown and beige tiles in the bathroom

Workplace equipment

The realities of modern life are such that an average person does not often leave work outside the walls of his home. Many take part of the work at home, give it a weekend or part of the vacation, someone is working remotely or just enjoys watching the news while sitting at a stationary computer. In this case, you can not do without a kind of working office on the territory of a country house. A small desk for papers and a comfortable chair perfectly fit into the interior of a small house, but you need to find a place for this furniture. They usually become part of a bedroom or living room.

Cabinet and desk for computer at the window

Attention, it is very important to place the desktop near the window or, at least, to install a bright lamp above it.

A good option for a functional interior will be a compact wall for a living room with a built-in desktop. In any case, the style of the furniture of the working area should coincide with the design of the living room or bedroom. It is best to choose a ready-made kit from a trusted manufacturer. Then the room will look harmonious and cozy, make a good impression on the most demanding guests, will become a favorite place for family members.

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Table for the computer in the form of a locker at the window

Zoning in the interior of a small house

Often the whole area of ​​a small house is represented by only one room. In this case it is necessary to divide the space competently into separate zones: sleeping, working, a place of preparation of meal and reception of visitors. This is best facilitated by the installation of one or two racks, or thin partitions. It will allow you to visually divide the room into several rooms. In addition, the shelves will be an additional storage place for necessary things: books, dishes, bedding. And putting on them vases, statues or candles can decorate the room.

Living room and dining room in one room

Another solution is to establish a podium with a bed in the niche of the wall. And placing a sleeping place under the ceiling will allow you to free space for a wardrobe, closet, work table, extra chair or play area for children. Zoning a country house can also be facilitated by tiles on the kitchen wall, carpets for the bedroom or living room, repeating the shade of furniture, spectacular curtains.

Room divided by a shelf into the hall and work area

Functional furniture

Without functional furniture it is difficult to imagine the interior of a really comfortable country house. These are products with moving parts that perform several functions at once or combine different interior items. It includes:

  • Sofas and beds with built-in cupboards and drawers;
  • folding chairs, armchairs, benches;
  • sliding coffee and kitchen tables;
  • wardrobe systems with removable shelves;
  • book stands with built-in floor lamps;
  • ironing boards with a mirror or shelves;
  • kitchen furniture with pull-out tables.

Sofas with drawers in the room

Such furniture looks modern, is made of durable, reliable materials. With it, the design of even the smallest house will be distinguished by a special, unique style. An example of functional furniture are also stairs with built-in small steps for books, towels, socks, souvenirs and children's toys. They allow you to compactly place everything you need almost at hand, without littering the space of the home.

Bed and sofa with shelves next to the table

Keeping things in a small house

The problem of storing the right things is especially acute in a small room. Therefore, the owners of such housing can not do without a sufficient number of cabinets and shelves. Place them best vertically, not focusing the bulk of the boxes on the floor. In a small house, you need to use walls as efficiently as possible by installing hooks and hangers on them. A bulky cabinet can be replaced with a wardrobe system or a railing for clothes. This floor construction with several crossbeams allows you to hang a large number of things in a limited area.

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Cabinet with table and shelves for things

If the house has an attic space, then most of the things that are not used in everyday life, can be attributed there. Books, outerwear, shoes that do not match the season, extra bedding and dishes should be placed in reliable, strong boxes. Quickly find the necessary things will help inscriptions on the boxes. From the old furniture, which is no longer used, it is better to get rid of it altogether. It does not fit into the design of housing, it will occupy a place to which you can find the best application.

Shelves for things on the wall

General style of the interior of a small house

With a limited area of ​​housing it is especially important that his style is harmonious. If there is only one room in the house, delimited into several zones, then all furniture should be combined. You can install ready-made kits or choose the right things for yourself. In the design of a small house, small furniture in light colors will fit in successfully.

In general, light colors, for example beige, milky white, gray, peach, mint are especially in demand in the conditions of small rooms. The walls and ceiling of this shade will allow you to visually expand the space. They can be supplemented with interior details (curtains, floor lamps, statuettes, pillows) of brighter colors - salad, blue, lemon-yellow, lilac.

Sofa and table opposite the kitchen furniture

Interior design of each individual house or apartment is individual. But for owners of small housing the following recommendations are relevant:

  • strive for minimalism, do not clutter up space with superfluous things;
  • give preference to several, well-blended colors or shades;
  • if possible, leave the walls open, without hanging them with variegated carpets and numerous paintings.

Sofa and table with a computer by the window


With insufficient amount of light, any room seems tight, uncomfortable and littered. Therefore, the interior of a small country house provides good lighting. This is facilitated by windows with curtains or light curtains, lamps, floor lamps, table lamps built into the ceiling and walls.

There must be several sources of light, this is necessary for the competent division of space into functional zones. The bedroom design provides for the presence of a main luminaire and one or two additional ones. If it is combined with the living room, then you can limit the nightlight at the head of the bed. For the interior of a small living room, there is an indispensable lamp that fits into the style of the room. It will complete the main light source - a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. The kitchen can use the lighting on the bottom of the hanging cabinets.

A small room with a blue sofa  Bed with stairs above the kitchen  Table with a computer by the window  Bed over shower and toilet  Sofas and a bed on the second tier with a rope ladder Furniture with beds on the first and second tier  Kitchen next to the bedroom  Small kitchen with table, benches and stove  Kitchen, dining room and living room in one room  Soft sofa, cushions and carpet on the floor of the room Room with stove and bed on the closet  Kitchen and dining room in one room with a bed on the second floor  Shelves for blanks in a small kitchen  Sofa, armchair and table opposite the window  A small room in the attic Room with kitchen, work and rest zones  Small kitchen with table, shelves and cupboard  The room is divided into the bedrooms, kitchen and dining area  Dining room and kitchen in one room  A room with a kitchen, sofas and a bed on the second floor