What difficulties await the owners of compact cottages?

The appearance of a small house

To date, written a lot of articles that highlight the advantages of suburban life. Perhaps, it is already time to discuss and its downside, namely, the shortcomings that owners of cottages, especially small ones, may encounter.

At once we will specify, that it will go about compact houses the area to 100 sq. M. meters, designed for a single family. To begin, we will discuss the most important and most pressing problem: the placement of children.

The appearance of a country cottage

It's one thing to go out of town for the weekend with your friends or the other half, taking with them only a couple of bottles of wine and light snacks. It is quite another to live in a cottage all the time, having one or several children of different ages who need space for games, eating and sleeping.

White interior kitchen

Do not forget that the presence of a huge number of children's accessories is inevitable, if the house has kids. And it's not just about toys and cumbersome furniture. This includes diapers, cosmetics and clothing.

Designer furniture in the interior

Well, chaos and noise caused by the presence of children in the house, most will be considered a blessing from God, and not an infernal curse. Here everything depends on the point of view.

Life in small cottages is by definition connected with interaction and fellowship, because there simply are no superfluous rooms or upper floors where you can send disobedient children or go yourself to rest alone.

White walls in the living room

Accommodation of a family of four (or more) people in an area of ​​some 100 square meters. meters requires a certain ingenuity in terms of organization of space and tolerance in relation to each other.

Adherent of green building and the author of the book "A Small House on a Small Planet", Shay Solomon believes that the greatest problem for most families occupying compact spaces is the need to place books, clothes and other things for each child, although there is nowhere to place children themselves. Spacious wardrobes in cottages are a rarity, which complicates the above task even more.

Equipped wardrobe

And bathrooms, as a rule, are adapted to the size of cottages ...

Small bathroom

And kitchens ....

Wooden floor in the kitchen

And laundries, if they exist at all.

Small laundry

In the conditions of a space deficit, it is very difficult to select and arrange furniture, because it is necessary that each item corresponds at once to three parameters: the allocated budget, the taste preferences of the owners and the dimensions of the room. And first you need to make sure that the selected sofa squeezes into the non-standard front door and does not get stuck in the hallway.

Small interior of the recreation area

To sit down at the table guests, will have to show considerable ingenuity. But tightness helps to establish contacts and forces you to maintain a conversation with those sitting next to you.

White dining table

If someone is lucky with the presence of a backyard and good weather, he can organize a feast in the open air.

Outdoor dining area

Nevertheless, an increasing number of people move to small houses, out of town, in search of shelter from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, believing that the location more than compensates for all their shortcomings. And what do you think about this?