5 stunning design ideas, how to turn a garage into a

Office interior

Wall for drawings and notes (Suzanne Dingley Interiors)

Most of us need a little more space than there is to create an office, for entertainment or just for recreation. But few of us have the money to equip one more room for ourselves. But you can not create a new one, but use the old one! Interesting? Today, readers will be able to learn how to start from scratch in the room that is just waiting to be transformed. And we are talking, of course, about the garage!

These five rooms survived the alteration and went higher - beyond the medium repair. The owner of one of them no longer needs a parking space; the other was just tired of looking at the mess that was taking place - these homeowners took advantage of their empty or dilapidated garages. As a result, their families received that extra space that was so necessary.

Office interior design

There was a garage - there was an office (Suzanne Dingley Interiors)

Location: Salt Lake City. The size: 180 square feet (16.7 square meters), detached.

A new work at home meant that Suzanne's husband was needed home Office. Instead of trying to shove him into the house, the newlyweds decided to use their old garage, which managed to turn into a real small dump behind closed doors. The spouses cleaned it, changed the roof and its base, laid a new floor and built in storage space.

Wall clock and picture

Wall clock and picture (Suzanne Dingley Interiors)

Red-white color scheme of the room came from this photo IKEA, which depicts the London bus - a tribute to the pair of their British roots.

Competent refurbishment of the garage included the replacement of existing garage doors with double French doors and new windows to let in natural light. An insulated ceiling and floor with an internal temperature control system, a window cooler and a heater - all this helps to avoid heat and cold. "My husband is very pleased with his place, and especially that through the yard he can easily return home," says the author of the project.

Place for eating outdoors

Bar and kitchen, and a place to eat in the fresh air

Location: Des Moines, Iowa. The size: 240 square feet (22.2 square meters).

The garage of the 1930s was worn and beaten; its unusual layout and tiny doors made it impossible to park the car inside for Rick Giudicessi. Instead of using it to store things, he turned it into a bar with an attached patio, where his family can rest year-round. "When the weather does not allow us to use the patio, we are located inside, where there is heating," - shares the friendly owner.

Kitchen interior design

Internal view

When designing a garage, the owner was able to turn it into a soft space, which the family now calls The Annex. Although Giudicessi intended to do a lot on his own, all the construction work required professional help, which I had to turn to.

The new modern kitchen suite, bar counter, satellite TV and a small corner have made The Annex the ideal sports bar where you can spend time, having fun when it rains or the scorching sun shines.

Kitchen interior design

New space

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The size: 600 square feet (55.7 square meters).

Although Michael Brown used his parking space, he did not think about reworking it to get more space when his relatives moved to him. The home original kitchen was too small to accommodate two culinary specialists, so he considered it possible to turn the garage into a professional culinary zone. It required the help of specialists, a designer and an architect, but the result is worth it. "We have never regretted what they did," the host rejoices.

Summer kitchen and dining area

Summer kitchen and dining area, patio

Location: Bexley, Ohio. The size: 525 square feet (48.7 square meters), detached.

Megan Hirsch loves outdoor parties, but her courtyard and main dining room were too small to accommodate large groups of guests. The garage that occupies patio behind the house, had a lot of space both inside and outside. Therefore, the alteration turned the structure into a real small club. A 14-meter projection screen is installed on the back wall of the garage, so the family can arrange parties and watching football matches.

Land in front of the garage

The new black metal roof contrasts with fresh white siding.

Kitchen interior design

New internal environment

Fan, vintage accessories, disco ball, old original lighting fixtures and a large dining table set the atmosphere for parties inside. The hanging lamp is installed in such a way that it can be raised or lowered over the dining table, illuminating the holiday at night.

Interior design of the library

Private Library

Location: West Veham, Massachusetts. The size: 300 square feet (27.8 square meters).

Nancy Rice did not use its parking space, so she decided to fulfill her long-standing dream - to turn the garage into a private library.

With the help of a contractor, she developed a room in a classic Victorian style, added shelves from floor to ceiling and large panoramic windows, "I used to be a schoolteacher and a lifelong bookworm. I always dreamed of my own library. I think this dream was born after watching classical films and reading English literature. "

Interior design of the living room

Additional room for family rest

Location: Long Beach, California. The size: 400 square feet (37.1 square meters).

Three active kids, a pool and the successively warm California weather required an open space for a family from Long Beach. Instead of building something new, Michelle Walton and her family worked with Royce Flom Construction, so they could turn their garage into a spacious living room.

"I came from Ohio and grew up where there was a cellar in every house. My husband is from California, and he says that the garage is a California cellar; here nobody park a car in the garage, "the hostess confides.

Interior design of the living room

Organization of storage

New French doors allow you to walk from pool to house. The floor is painted with non-slip paint, so that children will not fall, running on the floor with wet legs.