A car as a domestic pet - how to write a supercar in the

Luxury garage for a luxury car

In today's article, we suggest that you consider the original interior of the garage in the house.

Luxury cars are a symbol of extravagance for their owners, and most such happy owners value them as a member of their family, even allocating a special place for them inside the dwelling. Then we will see and learn in more detail how supercars fit into the living room environment.

Parking at Hamilton Towers, Singapore

Garage and living room

Gorgeous trophy

Elegant and appropriate, this car looks in the general picture, the owner will surely be sure of the safety of his pride, because he is under the watch around the clock. The development belongs to KOP Properties.

Cars behind a glass wall

The original addition to the general form

Hamilton Towers uses state-of-the-art technologies and elevator systems that allow you to lift a supercar to the upper floors. There is such a residence with interior design of the garage in a decent amount, about $ 7.5 million.

Bright car in a glass room

The way to demonstrate your pride

Garage behind the glass wall of the living room

Interior of the living room in a similar theme

Car Park in Los Angeles

For people who are madly in love with their cars, Holger Schubert has developed this design. The main goal is to create a stunning view that fits perfectly into the environment and will complement the overall picture.

A place to relax in the garage

Holger Schubert's

Living room in the garage

Feeling of minimalism

Garage with glass walls

The ability to see from the inside and outside

Car in the living room

Decorating the living room

Luxury house for a car

Home for your car

Car in an elegant white garage

Elegant Philosophy

Sports car in living room

It will not be easy to focus on watching TV when a nearby favorite

Car on the platform in the garage

Simple parking design

Species garage with glass wall

Playful use of glass and stone

KRE House от Takuya Tsuchida, Токио

This housing is unusual, because for 9 cars more space was intended for than for the inhabitants.

Exquisite garage for luxury cars

Exquisite space

A unique design that allows you to easily set the car as a decoration.

Lift for cars

Ergonomic solution

A genteel garage for a car

Modern minimalism

An unusual option, when the living and organic design of the house accommodates a four-wheeled friend.

Sports car in the middle of the living room

A unique sight

The end result is an underground design garage design with a sliding roof and motorized lift.

Luxury Garage in Connecticut

Classic garage for car

Classic Edition

Garage with natural materials finish

Natural materials in the decoration of the premises for supercars

Stone, wooden walls from the local pine, automated lifts emit pure heat and functionality.

Underground parking для автомобилей

Underground parking

Management of the modern generation

The modern generation of management

Kitchen area in the garage

Recreation area with kitchen and TV

The appearance of an ideal garage

Perfect image

Vintage Wheels at Psychiko House, Афины

Divercity Architects designed interior for garage on a broad foot. Luxurious and spacious room is no different from the layout of the house, showing how much cars are expensive for its owner.

Retro exhibits in the garage

The space is filled with retro exhibits

Perfect car in a luxury garage

Flawless appearance

The house for the car is more like an art gallery.

Elegant residence со стеклянными стенами

Elegant residence

Brilliant corridor for the car

Elegant gloss surfaces: a corridor for the car

Pool at the luxurious residence

Psychiko House извне

Cabana House Shed Space in Philadelphia

The Custer Design Group's state-of-the-art parking replicates the interior of a residential building.

Luxury cars in an extravagant garage

Extravagant garage

Exterior Cabana House

Cabana House

The garages have gone a long way of evolution and moved from tight barns and cellars to our homes that would please their owners with their luxurious appearance.