Design manicure cabinet and salon

Design manicurist cabinet

Creating beauty is an art that only real masters own. These words fully refer to the virtuosos of the manicure business, which day after day make the world more beautiful. The desire to look at 100 to the very fingertips attracts women knowing the value of themselves in the cabinets of the nail design. But the transformation of hands is not the only reason to pay a visit to such a place. You can invite a master to your house and save money. Every visit to the salon is a dive into the atmosphere of beauty and refined taste. It is this factor that attracts the beautiful half of humanity in stylish and comfortable rooms. Of course, many will say that the main thing is not where, but how they did a manicure. And this is true. But believe me, the atmosphere of the salon leaves an imprint not only on the general impression, but also on the attitude of the masters to their work. Therefore, the selection of the design of the manicure cabinet should be taken as carefully as possible.

  1. Area. If the studio has a master of 15 square meters. m will be enough.
  2. Location. In areas with high traffic capacity to ensure an uninterrupted flow of customers at times easier.
  3. Accommodation. The office can be arranged in a separate room, in a shopping center building or in an apartment on the first floor of a residential building. The latter is unprofitable - rent is high, and unoccupied areas will be empty. The apartment will have to be transferred to an uninhabited fund, and this is unnecessary waste and trouble.
  4. Transport accessibility.

Red Carpet Black and white in the interior  Pink ottoman  Graffiti on the walls  Parquet on semi  Chair on wheels

It is more advantageous to place a manicure salon in a shopping center. Here you do not have to spend money on decorating and processing documents, and a steady flow of visitors will ensure a stable income. The opening hours of the shopping center must correspond to the working schedule of the manicure room.

Sanitary norms and requirements for the Cabinet

When considering specific proposals, one should be guided by the compliance of the premises with the legislatively established norms.

Studio premises should meet the following requirements:

  • treat "non-residential fund";
  • the area for one or two masters should not be less than 15 square meters. m;
  • Ceiling height - not less than 3 m;
  • it is necessary to supply cold and hot water - separate for the manicure and pedicure cabinet;
  • equipment, finishing materials must be safe.

Light parquet Siren picture  Large shelving with varnishes  Round lamps on the ceiling  Black desktop  Gray and white

What styles are suitable for a manicure cabinet

The main thing from which it is worth starting from when choosing a style is the target audience. Salon, aimed at servicing wealthy clients is better to decorate respectably. Suitable ageless classics, spectacular Art Nouveau or Art Deco. To the well-to-do visitors, accustomed to luxury, such a situation appeals. For a youth studio, choose a non-trivial interior. In the atmosphere free from the conventions of pop art, loft or hi-tech - young people feel like a fish in the water. For the economy-class studio, minimalism or scandium is suitable. Create such conditions for clients that they are pleased to return to you again and again.

Whichever concept you choose for a nail studio, it is better to entrust the design to a professional designer. The expert will think and calculate every detail and make the interior harmonious and complete.

In brown tones Cabinet of manicure in white style  Racks with varnishes  Gray chairs for pedicure  White table and work chair  Decorative arches

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High tech

The room in this style will delight any client. The clarity and simplicity of the lines coexist in it with a luxurious gloss of surfaces and spectacular contrasts. Chromed and glass accessories are fascinating, and designer furniture is amazing and remains in the memory. Interior decoration will be his business card and will not only keep regular customers, but also to acquire new ones. In such an atmosphere everyone will feel the fragrance of success, and the desire to join him will make you plunge into this glittering world again and again.

Mint chair for pedicure

Pop art

Стиль просто создан для эффектных объектов фэшн-индустрии. Яркие краски, дерзкий декор, сочетание несочетаемого способствуют созданию творческой атмосферы, готовности к смелым экспериментам. В каком еще стиле яркие граффити во всю стену могут встретиться с резными дворцовыми креслами, портреты звезд с пуфиками из автомобильных покрышек, а кирпичная кладка с рисунками из комиксов. Не стоит искать логику в этом интерьере. Pop art – это выставка неординарных идей и вещей, и чем они экстравагантнее, тем лучше. Отличная находка в стиле поп-арт — диван для клиентов, выполненный в форме женских губ.

Neon figures


Interiors in the stylistics of the country of the rising sun are distinguished by strict simplicity and unobtrusive details. Here, unacceptable accents and synthetic materials are unacceptable. The room is full of minimalism and tranquility. Japanese screens, hieroglyphs on the walls, the ceiling broken on the squares with wooden beams, mats made of bamboo straw, images of sakura, geisha, photos of beautiful Japanese women, sliding panels on the windows, a low sofa and a table in the waiting room will help to identify themes.

In Japanese style


Нестареющая классика актуальна и для маникюрного кабинета. Интерьеры привлекают своей изысканностью. Старинная мебель из дорогих материалов покорит обладателей хорошего вкуса. Хрустальные люстры в сочетании со сложными архитектурными решениями – колоннами, лепниной на потолке, каминами, панелями буазери погрузят в атмосферу дворцового парадного зала. Classical стиль не терпит беспорядочной расстановки мебели. Для каждого предмета есть четко выверенное место. Балом правит симметрия и порядок.

Massive sideboard


The lovely heart of many Provence is friendly and cozy. In such an interior, you can really relax, feel at home. It is filled with soft pastel and heavenly colors, charming vintage items. Wooden aged furniture, delicate cotton prints in floral ornaments, hand-woven napkins allow at least an hour to forget about the dynamics of city life. Ceiling beams from untreated wood will remind of a country life. Soul atmosphere will not let go, here you want to listen to pleasant music, share your dreams. A pleasant impression will be secured by a cup of fragrant tea, offered to the client.

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Armchairs with pillows

Color spectrum

Artists of the nail service work with color. The right choice of shades is the key to obtaining an excellent result and, as a result, thanks to satisfied customers. And this means that all possible factors that can distort the color in the work area should be deleted. Leave bright wallpaper and graffiti for the reception area and waiting room. They discard the reflexes, thereby changing the true colors. Therefore, in the zones for the procedures, the walls must be bright.

Selection of color palette for manicure cabinet. Principles of the compatibility of shades

Achromatic gamma - a combination of black and white colors, fills the interior with a dimensionality and order. Such a color solution is applicable in any interior. Most likely it will look in a dynamic high-tech, an extraordinary loft, restrained classics, African ethnicity, ascetic Japanese and Scandinavian styles. When using a black and white gamma, do not overdo it with one of the colors. The abundance of white can make the studio look like a treatment room, and the excess of black - on a dark dungeon.

White tables, black walls

Monochrome gamma - artfully selected shades of the same color. For example, the blue in the alliance with cobalt, cornflower blue and tender blue. Or green in common with a tender mint and cheerful lime. The idea of ​​a one-color interior may seem boring, but with a skillful selection of colors and textures will be surprisingly expressive. The same shade on glossy, matte, metal surfaces, in textiles is completely different in appearance.

Brown, beige, light brown

A similar combination is the union of two or three colors adjacent to the circle of Itten. This technique allows you to get interesting combinations. For example, lilac with a cold pink and blue or burgundy with eggplant and red rust. Dilute the palette neutral shades-milk, white, gray, beige, black.

Lilac with pink

Contrast tones - two colors placed on opposite sides of the color wheel. In other words, they are called complementary - when they are together they intensify each other's brightness. This effect can be achieved if you combine purple and yellow, green and red. For the interior of the nail salon it is better to use light contrasting shades, they will not overload the design and at the same time manifest themselves maximally. Tandem of saturated colors will be appropriate in accent decor.

The combination of red and green

Materials and methods of finishing

The main requirement for finishing - it must be made of quality safe materials, so as not to cause damage to the health of employees and its visitors. The second condition - coating should be made of smooth and resistant to detergent materials. The walls in the manicure studio are covered with a wide variety of materials. They can be painted or trimmed with tiles, mosaic, wallpaper, natural stone, textured plaster, glass, mirror canvases. For the floor you need to choose a safe non-slip coating. Suitable matt tile, laminate, granite, filler, parquet, metlakh tiles, tempered glass as an accent fragment.

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Red curtains Wooden table for manicure  Semicircular table  Red shelves for varnishes  Table with drawers  Stands under the elbows

The materials used for finishing must be accompanied by certificates confirming their safety and compliance with the established standards.


Specificity of activity dictates special requirements for lighting a manicure cabinet using common light and additional devices. Placement of local light devices depends on the arrangement of manicure tables and armchairs. You can compensate for the lack of light with a table lamp. The reception area also requires good lighting. If the spotlights do not cope, it is worthwhile to provide for hanging devices. In the waiting room is appropriate floor lamp next to the chair for customers. It will not only make it easier to read fashion magazines, but also create a cozy home atmosphere.

Leather chairs for pedicure Manicure tables in one row  Picture on wallpaper  Bright elements  Paintings on the wall  Small shelves for varnishes

Furniture and equipment

The salon of nail design needs specialized equipment of high quality. Modern, functional furniture, elite tools greatly facilitate the work of the master and increase the prestige of the institution. Customers are pleased to realize that the salon is in step with the times and invests in the purchase of new equipment.

To equip the cabinet you need:

  • tables for manicure - there are single and double models. They are completed with curbstones, built-in table top extracts, table lamps, nail polish pads and cushions for hands;
  • rotating chairs for masters and customers - it is desirable to purchase comfortable, soft, easy-to-wash models made of eco-leather;
  • an armchair for a pedicure;
  • Reception for the reception area and upholstered furniture for the waiting room;
  • UV-curbstones, trolleys for manicure - it is advisable to purchase for small rooms and for conducting master classes outside the studio;
  • sterilizers and frying cabinets for disinfecting tools;
  • UV lamps, waxes and paraffin baths, electric devices for manicure and pedicure.

Turquoise septum Orange chairs for pedicure  In Japanese style  Classic furniture  Laconic white color  Oval chairs

Elements of decor in the office

Accessories will help to revitalize the studio interior, breathe in her mood, make the design complete. The choice of decor depends on the style realized in the room. It can be bright posters, photos, paintings, false panels, various lamps, candles, installations, vases, fresh flowers. The best decoration will be photos of the works of the masters of the salon and certificates.

Sculptures and candles Backlight for shelves  Shelves for varnishes in the style of Provence  Glass shelves on shelves  Picture and flowerpot  Certificates within

Workplace equipment in the apartment

To serve customers at home, you need to allocate a work area. It can be placed in the living room, a spacious hallway and even a glassed-in loggia. For a home mini-studio, it is important to meet sanitary requirements. It is necessary to conduct disinfection of the equipment after each visitor and daily wet cleaning of the entire apartment. Non-observance of hygiene can cause negative reaction of clients up to the complaint in SES. Provide disposable towels, shoe covers, a separate hanger.


Quality service, design, increasing the importance of the client, high-quality equipment and compliance with sanitary standards will help the nail design company to achieve success.