Design of a cozy coffee house

Coffee house design

The world's first coffee house was opened in the 16th century in the heart of the Ottoman Empire - Constantinople. Since the culture of drinking coffee originated here, it was not at all surprising. In those days, for the export of unprocessed grains that could sprout, sentenced to death. Ottomans jealously guarded their monopoly on the trade in exotic raw materials. In this respect, the Old World was late for as long as two centuries that it took him to transfer coffee from the category of pharmaceuticals to the status of a fragrant drink replacing tea. Coffee houses in Europe began to consistently open first in Venice - the romantic "capital" of Italy, then in London, Berlin and Vienna. The Americans adopted the last tradition of drinking coffee in a specially designated institution for this purpose. In those days there was only one kind of coffee houses - themed. They gathered people who were united not only by love for a bitter, invigorating drink, but also by common interests. Now establishments are opened in several formats, which we will talk about further. The design of a coffee house is an important aspect of a successful business, which directly affects its attendance, and thus its profitability.

Obligatory service is the sale of beverages. The cafe will require large investments, but the return will be many times greater. Sometimes they are combined with a bar, as in the network company Zest. We are interested in the latter option, since in a full-fledged institution, where people are constantly located, design plays one of the main roles. Guests here should be comfortable and cozy enough to constantly want to come back again and bring big companies. In developing the design of coffee houses take into account a number of nuances:

  • The area for visitors should be spacious. Since such institutions are usually located in crowded places, they must accommodate a large number of visitors. Accordingly, the zone with tables and chairs should occupy the lion's share of the leased premises.
  • The right choice of style. The design of the coffee house should be easy, unobtrusive, because visitors do not come here to savor expensive wines and taste delicious dishes. This is not a restaurant. Here the guests want to rest, drink a cup of coffee with a croissant or a piece of tiramisu and run away on their business further. For a quick snack, an unobtrusive atmosphere is ideal, in which everyone can relax. However, on a neutral background, accent details should be highlighted, which will become memorable, catchy. In this respect, creativity is only welcomed. The exception will be only those cases in which the institution is designed for a narrow circle of regular visitors. Then the design is chosen thematic.
  • Furniture. Give up budget plastic tables and chairs. They bring sadness and unpleasant associations with garden furniture. Chairs or sofas should be soft, and tables - comfortable. Be sure to divide the area for visitors into sectors for small groups, single guests and large companies. Choose round shapes for which the visitors and waiters will not cling or hurt.
  • Observe zoning regulations. They will not limit creative potential at all and will not prevent the designer from introducing his creative ideas into the situation. Since typical coffee houses occupy small rooms, tables need to be placed either in a straight line or in staggered order.
  • Observe the specifications of the distance between the objects of furniture. The main passages should have a width of at least 2 m, and auxiliary - 1.5. This is quite enough for visitors to move the chairs and not disturb the guests scurrying around the hall.
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Small side tables Shelves for coffee  Big windows  Bar counter in the center  TV near the window  Chandelier of lamps

And now we will consider several stylistic trends and peculiarities of their embodiment in the interiors of coffee houses.

The design of the menu is small, but the "tick" opposite to this item is worth putting. It can not include meals or full lunches. Only desserts and pastries. Since spending on coffee is usually scanty, and the average check is not that big, the profitability of the institution will depend on its throughput, that is, the emphasis should be on the number of visitors, so it is not necessary to linger for a long time and occupy seats for half a day. Otherwise, the institution will lose its revenue.

Interior in a classic style

The interior of the coffee house in classical style looks like a picture from an old magazine, where luxury came to the fore. It is not necessary to overdo this kind of institution with decor: arches, columns, pilasters and stucco molding. It is enough to use the classical color scheme, consisting of pastel tones, shades of brown and light variants of green, blue, yellow. In furnish use natural wood or its very high-quality imitation, but not with such rough processing, as in a chalet or country. The walls are decorated with mirrors and reproductions of paintings by famous artists of the past. Instead of lamps use sconces in the form of candlesticks. The windows are covered with heavy drapes with garters. Natural textiles adorn a barely perceptible floral ornament. Classics are characterized by rooms with high ceilings. They are accentuated by a luxurious crystal chandelier located in the center of the visitor zone.

Red with gold in design Small armchairs  Leather chairs  Paintings on the wall  Painting with a Gentleman  Round lamps over tables

In the style of Provence

The style of the French outback is perhaps the most optimal option, if the design project is embodied by oneself according to the budget plan. Most of the decor can be made by yourself. Lovely curtains in the flower, funny wallpaper on the walls, landscapes within the framework, fine sculpture, live flowers in pots, baskets, openwork napkins and tablecloths on the tables - that's what will become the main decoration of the interior. Furniture does not have to be new. It can be sanded, re-painted in white and zadekorirovat in the technique of decoupage. The walls and ceiling are covered with plaster, the floor is covered with parquet or tiles, and the windows are curtained with light Roman curtains. For a budget coffee house Provence will be the best design decision.

Stair against the wall Wooden shelves for glasses  Bottle rack  Blue coffee machine  The effect of old furniture  Bicycle on the wall

Modern design

The modern style in the coffee house looks organically, unobtrusively and at the same time strictly. Of course, such an establishment will be mostly designed for young people, who will appreciate the effective introduction of modern technologies in design. Chairs and tables choose unusual shapes with rounded corners. The ceiling is painted in dark colors and decorated with false beams. From massive chandeliers refuse in favor of lamps with shades of laconic forms. The basis of the color scheme is white, gray, black, brown and an additional bright shade as an accent. Decors use the minimum amount, and choose it from non-standard options: a pair of outdoor vases, a large print on the plastic partition between the common room and utility room, avant-garde sculptures on each table. The windows are covered with simple curtains of one or two contrasting shades. The floor is finished with wood or tiles. The walls are plastered, painted or plastered with plastic panels.

Cozy sofa at the wall Menu board  Collage of photos  Lots of lamps  Seats by the window  Chairs at the bar

Loft style

In the coffee house in the style of the loft use simple furniture and a minimum of decor. It is necessary to have an accent wall, decorated with brick or stonework. This luxurious and unobtrusive style is embodied in fashionable European cafes, which are worthy of equaling. The windows are not covered with curtains at all, enough office blinds. But the frames need to be used with a large number of internal partitions, as in the veranda versions. It was these windows that used to be installed in industrial workshops, the environment of which is copied in many respects by the loft. Behind the barista's bar is a spectacular panorama of the night city. Here hang a slate with a meek menu to date. The wiring and pipes are not covered with false panels, but are left "as is", because this interior solution will turn the communication into decor. The floor is finished with wood. To add coziness, on one of the walls a pair of shelves with pictures, author's pictures, watches and a couple of stylish gizmos are fixed. It is important to know. In the loft, lighting plays a special role. In the room should be present in large quantities of spotlights and ordinary light bulbs without plafonds.

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Map on the wall Wall of red brick  Brick painted white  Semicircular bar counter  Shelves on a white wall  Small high tables


In small rooms it is possible to realize an interesting solution in the form of a minimalistic interior. Laconicism and rationality of style will help visually expand the narrow space, add air to it due to the meager decor and strict zoning. In finishing use natural materials: wood, stone, tile, brick. Minimalism is characterized by ease of form and simple geometry. In the color scheme white prevails. It is present in the decoration, upholstery of furniture and a few decorative details. Addition to the main tone will be gray, walnut, black and soft coffee with milk, which will look very symbolic. Minimalists are contemplators in the shower, so a piece of wildlife is necessarily added to the room. These can be pots with shoots of decorative barley or oats, lotuses in miniature bowls with water or dwarf bonsai trees. You can also install a wall-mounted waterfall on the glass, which will add pacifying notes to the overall atmosphere.

Sharp lines  Some furniture  Black chairs  Lamps over the counter  Long light bulbs  White with black stand


Oriental стиль для кофеен считается родным, ведь традиция пить горький напиток появилась именно здесь. Столики отделяют друг от друга с помощью легких, полупрозрачных штор, которые отдаленно напоминают шатры. Дополнительное зонирование помещения проводят с помощью арочных сводов из резного дерева, которые держатся на декоративных балках. Для воплощения уютного направления в интерьере используют обилие текстиля. Ткани — важная составляющая оформления. Текстильные шторы ярких расцветок закрывают окна. Обивка мебели выполняется из пестрого материала. Диванчики, оттоманки и стулья декорируют покрывалами и подушечками с тематическими узорами. Низенькие столики выполняются из массива дерева. Пол отделывают паркетной доской и обязательно покрывают большим восточным ковром. На столиках ставят свечи, а стену украшают светильниками в кованых плафонах. Вместо обычных стекол в окна вставляют витражи.

Round chandeliers Low tables  Black wall  Mirrors on the walls  Flower by the window  Chairs with backs

Design of mini-cafes

Mini-coffee is an institution in which you can order a take-away coffee. This option is ideal for small businesses with a budget for a small budget, when you do not need to conduct "complex" accounting. Small institutions are usually deprived of a common room, they fit into a compact "booth", in which there is a coffee maker and a counter with a finished batch. Less often there are coffee shops with a couple of tables or chairs behind the counter, but they are still more oriented towards passing guests who take their orders with them. In the design of such an institution, fusion, hi-tech and loft are used. In the finish, wood is used to make the interior look more solid. Optimal combination of dark shades with classic brown, gray, white. Complement the design of the neon signboard and slate with a price list, written chalk by hand. The accent wall behind the bar can be fashioned with brick or stone masonry, covered with frosted glass or mirror tiles. In order to become more comfortable in a cramped space, it is decorated with spotlights along the perimeter and a group of small chandeliers in original plafonds.

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Small pictures on the wall Wooden Stand  Mini fridge with water  Forged benches  Gray ceiling  Crystal Chandelier

Color design

The color palette is selected based on the rules of psychological perception of shades and their combinations. If you want the institution to be remembered, you should not paint it in an aggressive combination of screaming tones. Such a design will leave only an unpleasant residue and return to the coffee shop for visitors no longer arise. A win-win option is the use of natural shades of the tree: beige, walnut, honey, brown, wenge, coffee with milk, cream. The pastel palette also helps create a cozy atmosphere. Bright colors are used in small quantities and only in accents: orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, coral, mint, blue, violet. Do not combine more than three colors in the decoration of the coffee house. Exceptions will only oriental style, ethnics and fusion. These directions are based on the use of bright color combinations in thematic ornaments.

Red with gray in the interior Beige walls  White furniture  Pattern on the floor  Inscriptions on the walls  Rounded Rack

Decoration Materials

Of course, in the decoration it is recommended to use natural materials: brick, stone, wood, veneer or cork. But, unfortunately, their purchase does not always fit into a limited budget, so for the sake of economy, a qualitative imitation will do. Walls can be wallpapered or plastered, paneled with PVC. The first two options look good in combination with each other. By means of their combination, the room is zoned. Paul is recommended to finish with tiles or use a bulk. Laminate, parquet board and linoleum will not withstand daily wet cleaning, quickly "zatrutsya" and come to complete disrepair. The ceiling is plastered, painted or plastered with plasterboard.

Coffee beans on the wall White walls black stance  Board with menu under the ceiling  Chandelier volumetric flashlight  Bright orange walls  Turquoise chairs


For coffee shops, which are designed for the sale of take-away drinks, hard chairs will do. If the institution is delayed longer, it is better to buy upholstered furniture. Sofa for large companies and chairs with upholstery for single guests. At the same time, the furnishing must meet the following requirements:

  • Ergonomics. Choose compact and lightweight items. Massive stools and chairs will be uncomfortable to use and will take up too much space.
  • Practicality. The surface of the furniture should be easy to clean, since with a large influx of visitors it will inevitably become soiled.
  • Эстетика. Furniture должна быть красивой и при этом вписываться в общую дизайнерскую концепцию, то есть соответствовать стилистике интерьера.

Olive sofas Wooden shelving  White bar stools  Round chairs on legs  Turquoise sofas  Blue furniture

Stability and strength. Choose reliable tables and chairs that will not loosen after a month of use, otherwise the owner risks injuring visitors. The stand is the "face" of the coffee house, so it is chosen from a durable material with a beautiful glossy surface that will withstand constant wiping. Also have to get counters in which under the windows will be exhibited examples of baking and sweets, attached to coffee.


Lighting в кофейне будет многоступенчатым. Во-первых, центральная люстра используется редко, так как в любом случае придется дополнительно оснащать светильниками каждый столик. Во-вторых, нужно обеспечить рабочее освещение в районе барной стойки и зоне кассы. Точечными светильниками или неоном обязательно подчеркивают прилавки, чтобы посетители видели «товар лицом». Возле каждого столика вешают потолочную люстру или настенный бра. Чтобы создать романтичную атмосферу, используют свечи на подставках или небольшие индивидуальные светильники. Роскошь интерьера и его «сильные» стороны подчеркивают точечной подсветкой, расположенной в акцентных зонах.

Neon lights Lamps on the ceiling  Lamps over the counter  Bra on the wall  Small chandeliers above the counter  Wall lamp and ceiling lamp


If you decide to open a business, but do not know how to design your own coffee shop, you can visit the well-known network establishments for inspiration: Shokoladnitsa, Starbucks, Costa Kofi, Coffee House. They can be viewed as examples of successful business with cozy interiors that attract visitors. Do not rush into the pool with your head and start with design experiments. For this, there will still be a time when the institution will become popular, and the revenues will be stable. And at the very beginning of the path it is better to take an example from those who have already reached certain heights, and use proven design schemes.