Decorating bottles with your own skin

Decor of bottles with leather

Decorating bottles with leather is the original way to give old, unnecessary things a second life. The finished product can be presented as a presentation, which will be very handy with the excitement of gifts in the style of handmade. It is wrapped in special paper or placed in a box with a bow. Decoration does not exclude the possibility of using the bottle for its intended purpose. For women, a sweet liquor is poured into the gift box, and the men will drink stronger.

suedeIt has a special, fleecy texture and poorly absorbs moisture. Suede deep shades (blue, purple, wine) looks rich and elegant.
СафянянIt is a thin, elegant goat skin. For her tanning use the plant sumac.
ShagreenSoft material with an original, natural pattern on the surface. He was glorified by the French writer in his eponymous novel about a piece of leather that fulfilled desires.
VeloursThis material is polished during processing, as the base is often taken from normal skin, which has defects. Traditionally, it is painted in bright colors.
LaikuSlim and elegant material, used mainly for sewing gloves. The bottle will look elegant, suitable for decorating small containers.
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Suede  Сафянян  Shagreen  Velours  Chamomile

In addition to a piece of leather you will need:

  • Decorative elements: pictures, brooches, beads, cabochons, coins, bugles, buttons close to the main material of the shade. Also in the course are pebbles and seashells;
  • Ножницы, пинцеты и кусачки;
  • Universal adhesive.

Coins on the bottle  Grape leaves on the neck  Stones on the bottle  Printing  Butterfly

Among the variety of additional elements, choose only those parts that are suitable for the embodiment of the idea of ​​composition. It must be thought out right away. The fact is that the décor with leather is just a beautiful cover, which should have some accent from another material. Then the bottle or jar will look finished.

White flowers  Grapes  Monkey  Bottles in hats  Grapesная гроздь

Before choosing a material, determine the final result of the work. Depending on how you want to get the product, to what style of interior it is intended, choose a skin of a certain thickness, strength, color and texture.

Snakes around the vessel Glass and bottle  Pattern of stones  Bottle with long neck  Fur and leather  Persons

Step-by-step instruction for decorating a bottle

First you need to prepare the bottle itself. Its label is soaked and scraped together with the remnants of the glue. Then the surface is dried and degreased with alcohol. A piece is cut from the skin corresponding to the size of the container. On the flip side, it is carefully glued with glue. The skin has the property of quickly absorbing it, so immediately apply it to the glass, while pulling and securing the ends. The neck is glued separately with a thinner piece. If you want to get a relief surface with an abundance of chaotically scattered wrinkles, then squeeze your fingers into the "accordion" with your fingers until it sticks. Usually, several layers of skin are used. The lower one is used as a base, and additional "crumpled" pieces are glued on top. In conclusion, decorative elements are attached to the center of the composition. If you use brooches, then the needle cutters cut off unnecessary needles and fastening mechanisms from the "wrong" side.

Necessary materials  Decoration  Separate unnecessary details  Making a leather background  Apply glue to the edges We glue the skin onto the bottle  Equalize  Adhesive neck  Crop excess  Apply glue to the skin We glue the remainder  Attach a decor  Cut out a rectangle from the skin  We glue the top  We make decoration  Apply glue to the cork  Cutting out the skin  We glue the skin on the cork  Leave to dry  Ready result

If you are new to this business, then as a first experimental sample it is better to take a bottle of 0.5 liters. Smaller containers will require hard work and decorating skills.

Patterns on the bottle

Skin Decorating Ideas

If there were beautiful locks in the old cloak, then they will also be used to create the original product. Do not rush to discard and throw out such pieces of material. Cut out this piece and glue it to the bottle so that the unbuttoned lock fits into the center of the composition. He can "open" the view of the pasted coins, cabochons surrounded by glass beads, pearl deposits. Especially popular is the "pirate" style of decoration, where the skin is combined with decorative "treasures." Such bottles, richly wrapped in chains with coins and other attributes of the life of sea robbers, organically look with aged chests of "dead". The packaging is usually filled with a strong rum - the fiery water of fearless pirates. In addition, a similar technique decorates a set of glasses for thematic celebrations. From the skin, you can make three-dimensional flowers or an original relief coating simulating the bends of the shibory tape. Beautifully painted leather on glass containers. For example, steel color, luxury gold is suitable for retro or vintage style. Decorate such interior elements bedside table, hanging shelves in the living room or storage space in the kitchen. Along with a set of bottles for spices, they will revitalize the situation and create an additional cosiness.

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Bottles in leather frames Stress  Bottles of different shapes  Coins  Bottle and glasses  Hieroglyphs

Decor of the pot

Flower pots are another important decorative element of the room. They are pasted with coffee beans, cereals, broken glass in the manner of a mosaic pattern, twine and beads. Master classes for their design offer a lot of options: from "tight" techniques and to the method of soldered seams. Decorate the pots in the manner of bottles: the container also before cleaning and degrease. Do not use suede and velor as the main material, because the container will be exposed to the sun and periodically watered its contents, which is fraught with the burning out of flowers and dampening the decor. In the design of pots, plant compositions and ornaments prevail. Beautifully look surfaces with glued to them pieces of leather in different colors and sizes. Their joints (relief seams) are covered with strong knitting threads, pre-colored. From such pieces you get fantastic flowers and neat leaves. The skin harmonizes as a background with seashells and starfish.

Drawing  Cutting out  Fasten the rope  Insert the pot  Decor of the pot кожей Kashpo

Making a basket of leather

Spinning bottles in the manner of the basket also looks quite original. This work will require a special patience, because only cutting the stripes of skin takes a long time. First you need to make a frame "frame". On the bottle, glue the side strips, from which the weaving begins. Two vertical pieces are attached to each other on the side of the product, which will be reversible. Then they are glued cross strips with a "gap" of about 0.3 mm. When the composition dries, the weave itself begins. Vertical strips are attached to the lateral horizontal and alternate subsequently on the skin with poddevaniem under it. The finished weaving from above is decorated with "berry" and leaves cut from the material. Other compositions are possible, but on the "basket" background the most organic look is the village still life.

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The branch on the bottle


Work on leather finishing refers, perhaps, to the most ancient crafts. To master all the nuances of techniques at home of course will not work, but you can not limit yourself to decorating bottles. This material is decorated with old chests, covers diaries and caskets, create luxurious panels on the walls. Options for using unnecessary pieces of skin mass, so do not rush to throw old jackets or wiped upholstery. From it you can create an elegant element, which, with its appearance, will not bring even the thought of handmade. Remember that to create a decor by yourself you will need not only inspiration, but also a lot of patience, without which the work will not be completed.

Snake around the bottle  Zipper with coins  Different shades of skin on bottles  Seagull  Flowers on a vessel  Chinese motifs  Castle in the mountains  Red stones on beige bottles  Roses  House Skin with flowers on the vessel  Ancient castles  Cap on the cork  Deer  Castle Tower Cave  Ring on the bottle  Bouquet of flowers  Bottle in coins  Flower on the bonnet