Mixer for kitchen: types of mixers and 45+ photos

We use water every day in the kitchen every day, which means that we should choose with special care the kitchen plumbing. So, the mixer for the kitchen and the sink must be quality, durable and, importantly, simple in care and use. It is important

Vertical blinds on windows with a fabric basis for different

The current trends in interior design, both home and office, tend to be laconic, stylish, elegant, elegant decoration. Vertical blinds on windows - this is an option that fully meets these criteria. They have a lot of positive characteristics, due to

How much in a cube (1m³) of brick: calculation using a

Everyone who starts building is interested in the question of how many bricks are in the cube. These calculations need to be done to determine the total number of bricks. Bricks are often used in construction, because, despite their small size, they

Wallpapers on a wall in a frame: ways and ideas for creating

After repair, often there are surplus materials: wallpaper, tile, varnish or paint. Usually their quantity is not enough for a full-fledged finishing of any zone. But do not rush to throw unnecessary pruning, because of them you can create a real

Which folding kitchen table to choose - 67 photo-ideas

Well, when the kitchen is spacious - it is easy to arrange it on your own. If the room is small, the folding kitchen table can be an excellent solution. This will help not only to optimally use the space, but to create a cozy atmosphere in the eating

Kitchen design 10 sq.m. m. - 115 photo design ideas for

Despite the fact that the ten-meter kitchen is not big to equip it is not easy. However, if you carefully think over the design of the interior and in advance to foresee everything, the kitchen will become not just a place for eating, but also a

Osb stove: characteristics, dimensions, pros and cons, photo

To date, the wood industry is one of the most advanced areas. Products from waste wood are used in furniture production and construction. The most popular are the OSB plates. They are used to make different designs.

Useful ideas: what to do at home in anticipation of spring

You also noticed that summer flies almost unnoticed, and winter with every year as if it becomes longer and longer? And especially the last days of winter are especially long, so we decided to sketch a small list of cases that will help us pass this

Apartment design in 2017 - modern interior design options

It is always very interesting to create a design in an apartment. Every year new unique opportunities open for us, allowing to realize all our ideas and desires. New design of apartments 2017 is about to lose relevance, and therefore we will

Decor from improvised materials - more than 25 ways to

1 In this article, we will tell you how to create crafts for the house with your own hands. Decor from improvised materials gives habitation a unique look, helps old things to find a new life. The work begins with an idea. It manifests an
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