Brutality and weightlessness in the scandinavian interior -

One room apartment in Göteborg (Sweden)

We offer to get acquainted with one more amazing place, exuding coziness and hospitality and full of inspiring design ideas.

Located in the Alvhem area of ​​Göteborg (Sweden), this house is the result of a painstaking work and combines an interesting open interior, high ceilings and several charming, spirit-preserving elements of the past centuries.

An arch of unplastered brickwork zonal divides the space into a living room and a kitchen

In fact, the house is divided into two parts on different sides of the unfinished brick wall. This allowed to separate the kitchen from the corridor from the living area with a large number of mezzanines. Two large in size windows allow the rays of natural light to fill large spaces in the apartment, and at the same time fill it with heat. The variety of materials such as brick, wood and leather is ideally combined with white and black furniture, creating harmony in the room.

Kitchen in a one-room apartment in Gothenburg (Sweden)

But still, despite its relatively small size, this place has an amazing balance, and some vague charm.

The combination of minimalistic white and brickwork gives the room a unique color. High ceilings give space extra space, making it more spacious Built-in closet in the kitchen Designer armchair in the interior of the living room Mirror in the hallway One room apartment in Göteborg (Sweden) Sleeper on the mezzanine Toilet and shower, and above them a bed The staircase leads to the second conditional floor - to the bedroom Modern kitchen The bookshelf is built into the wall next to the window Layout of a one-room apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden