50 ideas for creating a stylish bedside table

The bedside table plays an important role in the comfort of the bedroom. With her help, you can keep your glasses, phone, alarm clock, medication and other necessary things at hand, even when relaxing in bed. In addition, the presence of a bedside table can be not only useful, but also very important in terms of design. In this article, we present to you a selection of 50 ideas for a bedside cabinet that will make your bedroom look more interesting and stylish at no particular cost.

Some of these ideas may surprise you. It turns out that vintage suitcases, old staircases, boxes, furniture, books and many other things can serve you as a material for creating a unique pedestal with your own hands! Refurbished or preserved in their "aged" form, they can perfectly fit into both modern and traditional bedroom designs.

Also, in order to further warm your imagination, we have included in this collection several creative designer nightstands that act as the main decorations of the interior. Enjoy watching!

50 original bedside tables (photo):

alternative-bedside-cabinet alternative-bedside-cabinet suitcase-and-chair-in-role-timba suitcases-in-role-timbies wooden-curbstone-with-hands eclecticism in the bedroom functional pedestal ideas-for-bedside tables Idea-for-Bedside-Bollards idea-application-old-chair Ikea-regiment-instead of-curbstone how-to-turn-bar-chair-to-thumbs pockets-on-the-bed Corsina-for-garbage-in-role-curbstones beautiful-bedside-curbstone beautiful-and-comfortable-table-in-bedroom krovat-s-tumboy staircase-instead of-curbstone-bedside A small-shelf-for-bed-in-the-corner small-table-with-chair-in-the-bedroom unusual-idea-for-thumbs unusual-bedside tables pendant-bedside-curbstone shelf-mounted-bedside shelf-bedside OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA shelf-in-the-curbstone regiment-in-a-role-bedside-curbstone bedside-curbstone-with-hands Bedside-table-by-hands application-old-box homemade-curbstone-of-wood-and-metal homemade-pedestal-of-boards homemade-curbstone-on-wheels self-made-stand-in-the-curbstone stylish-bedside-curbstone a table-bedside stepladder-in-the-interior stepladder-instead of-curbstone-bedside floor lamp-and-curb-and-drawer curb-is-coil curbstone-is-books-wolf-bed curbstone-with-cottage-for-cat nightstand comfortable-bedside-in-bedroom boxes-makeshift-for-thumbs box-in-the-curbstone-bedside box-in-a-roll-thumbs log-in-role-thumbs