Real project of polish architects for the design of

Interior of a small two-level apartment

Now you will not be surprised by the idea of ​​installing sleeping places on the upper levels of small apartments. Many owners of such residential areas, especially young couples, resort to this trick to make them more spacious and comfortable. One example of such redevelopment can be called a studio with a total area of ​​29 square meters. m, located in one of the Polish cities.

Division into zones

Not so long ago, the staff of the design studio ZHA finished this exclusive order, which demanded from them not only a rich imagination, but also caution. The main task was the competent distribution of several residential areas in such a way that the area did not seem cluttered and untidy. As a result, it was decided to erect a second tier, for the creation of which materials such as plasterboard and particleboard, converted into a bedroom, were used.

Naturally, not without the use of a special color palette. Despite the fact that the common space is decorated in a single style, the second floor is highlighted with a darker tone, which is created solely due to the texture feature of wood shavings. At the bottom there is a living room and a dining room, separated by a recently popular bar counter. As a result, we got comfortable and unique apartments for a couple.

Corner sofa in the living room The layout of the bedroom on the second level Layout of the first level of a two-level apartment

Storage system

The most difficult in such situations is the installation of cabinets for storing clothes and various household appliances needed in everyday life. However, here came the ladder that led to the bedroom, which was converted into a kind of library. The rest of the cabinet furniture was installed in a small corridor in front of the bathroom and covered from prying eyes with a discreet curtain.

Large rack under the stairs Bedroom on the second level

Modest palette

As the hosts declared their adherence to the style of minimalism, the interior was based only on three colors: white, black and light cream. Snow-white walls and kitchen cabinets complemented the coal color with plaster, geometric two-tone tiles, light textiles and surfaces from untreated chipboard.

Such a solution allowed to introduce some strictness and restraint into the interior, which the customers really wanted.

Interior of the apartment in a natural palette Kitchen in black and white Interior of the apartment in light colors

Sources of light

The organization of the lighting system was the simplest stage in this work, since a huge amount of street light comes from three huge window openings, decorated only with translucent thin curtains.

Therefore, specialists limited themselves to artificial illumination of the desktop, sofa and kitchen, placing above them laconic point lights, which emphasize the desire of the owners of the apartment for simplicity and naturalness.

Nevertheless, the general impression of the created decor can be described by the phrase "modern chic", since it is distinguished by both simplicity and sophistication.

Suspended light in the kitchen Spot lights in the hallway