The stunning transformation of the narrow kitchen space into

Small kitchen in the annexe

Today we will get acquainted with Alex and Jane, who wanted to get rid of their narrow kitchen in their house and turn it into an attractive space with a view of the inner garden. In this, they helped the British architect Frederick Vasetti. The master pleased the beloved couple with his decision.

That's what the kitchen looked like before the repair.

Narrow kitchen until repair Facade of kitchen before repair

Important changes

First of all, the specialist eliminated excess walls, and the corner of the room made transparent to open the view of the courtyard and fill the atmosphere with warm sunlight. Now he has only to place the accents correctly.

Its magnificent solution was to cover part of the wall with a mirror surface in order to visually erase the boundaries between the inner and outer spaces. Thus, he changed the typical ideas about the design business, harmoniously fitting the extension to an existing structure.

Mirror facade of the kitchen

Correct color shades

Certainly, huge windows and a delightful reflecting wall have become the main objects in the room, which, moreover, require significant financial costs. So Alex did most of the work on his own, giving up the services of the foreman.

Vasetti advised the owner not to overload the limited area with bright colors. This expressive insertion is the only one in the entire annexe. A lovely emerald tone "invigorates" the dull design and perfectly matches the oak working surface.

Mirror Kitchen Apron Bright kitchen apron

Perfect taste

By the way, the professional used oak to cover the floors, as well as to create a dining table, benches and the front door. As you probably already noticed, the walls of the kitchen are covered with white trim in order to reflect the light and emphasize the exceptional style of the room.

The owner bought the highly practical furniture in the IKEA store. These striking colored chairs effectively dilute the calm atmosphere in the room.

Alex also modified the facade of the extension, covering it with a moisture-proof plywood.

Dining room in white color Narrow double-sided kitchen

Realization of dreams

After all the works carried out, the owners got exactly the same lunch that they always wanted: bright, spacious and hospitable. To the practical kitchen, equipped with all necessary devices, there was also a fabulous view of the garden.

If you approach creativity creatively and with inspiration, as Vasetti did, and with love, like Alex, always the final result will be first-class.

Wooden facade of the kitchen