The apartment's metric is not a verdict - design tricks for

Interior of a small space

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford large apartments. Sometimes in standard apartments small rooms, kitchens are even smaller, the ceilings are low, and the walls are pressed from all sides. Claustrophobia develops even in the most persistent and seasoned. However, do not despair. Having listened to our advice, you can expand the space and visually increase the room.

1. Size matters

In childhood, many played with Barbie and her charming little house, and already then the young ladies understood that the doll beauty on the background of a miniature headset looks like an elephant in a china shop.

Interior of a small space

With rare exceptions, furniture is going to be standard, but we advise you to carefully approach the choice of furnishings and equipment. Perhaps a slightly narrower sofa or table, a compact washing machine or a shower in the bathroom can significantly expand the necessary territory. We are sure that you will not have to sacrifice comfort due to the small dimensions of this or that object.

2. Learning to organize multipurpose areas

When creating an interior, functionality comes to the fore. A table with a bookshelf, a sofa bed, a wardrobe-transformer - all this will help to save precious free meters. Multifunctional corners of your home will not only save space, but also become an interesting design solution for a small apartment.

Interior of a small space

3. Play the color

Dark shades do not carry vibration and do not reflect sunlight, unlike light. Let in the decoration of a small room there is light blue and light green colors as the main ones. If you prefer any dark tone, use it in decoration and small home decor elements.

Interior of a small space

4. Do not Mess with the Shadow

Windows with modest dimensions play the main role. No matter how beautiful your blinds and curtains, be sure to disclose them in the afternoon, and for the evening time, organize spotlighting in several parts of the room. The more natural light, the space will appear wider and more spacious.