"bamboo of happiness" or drazen sander, unpretentious plant

One of the most fashionable and in demand in recent times plants is dracena sander - unpretentious, often used for decorative decoration of apartment houses, offices and shopping centers. In this plant, there is definitely something extravagant, special and mysterious, because its second name, "bamboo of happiness", is not in vain.

Today we will tell you what is so attractive about sander, what care she needs so that she can rejoice over her owners for many years, and how to grow and how to transplant the dracauna after its reproduction.

Dracena sandera

Dracaena Sandera - a wonderful flower for lovers of exclusives. Eccentric compositions are ideal for decorating any interiors.

Drazen Sander is planted in pots. The plant is interesting in that it can grow without soil.

Drazen Sander is planted in pots. The plant is interesting in that it can grow without soil.

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  • 1 "Bamboo stick" with a spiral tip
  • 2 Bamboo that brings happiness, or luck charm
  • 3 Reproduction and care of bamboo dracaena
  • 4 Composition from dracaena sander. Video
  • 5 Drazen Sander, planted in pots

"Bamboo stick" with a spiral tip

Dracaena Sandera is from Africa, but this plant is the most popular in Asian countries. Despite its second name, nothing in common with dracaena (except for the appearance) with bamboo is not.

The leaves of this kind of dracaena grow from the trunk, but after cutting the dracaena (the upper part of its stem), new lateral shoots will appear. This way of plant growth and easy care of it will please many home gardeners, especially creative people, because they allow you to model all sorts of unusual floral arrangements.

Sander can be placed in a beautiful vessel with water or hydrogel. Very beautiful dracaena-bamboo looks in aquarium compositions. At the same time, in any of these options it will feel comfortable.

Stems of dracaena

The unpretentious dracaena is the favorite of home gardeners. Not a cranky flower like bamboo shoots.

Wide sander leaves

The wide leaves of the sanders are an example of a well-groomed flower.

Bamboo that brings happiness, or luck charm

Feng Shui specialists almost unanimously assure that dracena sander can bring happiness, luck and financial well-being to the house.

And it does not matter that the plant does not have a beautiful lush crown and a strong, high trunk, but it fills its house with positive energy with every cell, distributes happiness and makes its owners' dreams come true. The main thing is to give her care and attention, and then she will stay in your house for a long time, attracting success and luck.

At home, sander can bloom, but very rarely. Well, if you have a beautiful relationship with her, the reward for patience will be an arrow with beautiful white flowers and a fragrant sweet smell.

According to Feng Shui, the bamboo dracaena improves friendly and loving relationships, gives a good mood, provides health and longevity.

Hospitable people quite often place several barrels of "luck bamboo" in an outdoor vase at the entrance of the house, thus expressing their respect for the people coming to them.

Asians consider this plant an ideal gift for all occasions: birthdays, housewarming, weddings. At the same time, it is accepted to give sander to both women and men, as it symbolizes also courage, firmness of character and ability to withstand various difficulties.

And the three escapes of Sanders as a wedding gift are the guarantee of a long and happy marriage.

Composition from dracaena

An outlandish composition from dracaena. Bamboo shoots are united in one pyramid. An interesting design solution.

Twisted dracena stalks are an unrivaled piece of jewelry for any home.

Twisted dracena stalks are an unrivaled piece of jewelry for any home.

Escape the dracaena

Escape the dracaena close-up.

Reproduction and care of bamboo dracaena

Sanderiana is a very unpretentious plant, and she does not need special care. However, in order to make the plant feel comfortable, it is worth following a few simple rules. Transplant dracen at home is also not difficult.

The main criteria for growing sanderiana:

  1. Lighting, humidity and air temperature. Dracaena Sander is one of the most shade-tolerant plants of this family.

But under the direct rays of the sun it should not be placed - the leaves of the plant will turn yellow, and after a while the dracaena will die. Sanderiana will be great to grow away from the window in a well-lit room.

At the same time, the room should be warm enough - the optimum temperature varies between 18-30 degrees. It is worth noting that the bamboo dracaena does not tolerate drafts.

The plant will not be against regular spraying with water, however it perfectly adapts to the conditions of a room with dry air.

Well-groomed Drazen Sander

Dracaena Sandera grows well in conditions of insufficient lighting in apartments and houses. The flower can even be called shade-loving.

The dracaen leaves of the sander strain grow directly from the stem. Imitation of a bamboo shoot can be used to decorate interiors in an ethnic style.

The dracaen leaves of the sander strain grow directly from the stem. Imitation of a bamboo shoot can be used to decorate interiors in an ethnic style.

  1. Watering. For the healthy growth of the sanderna requires well-moistened soil and care.

Therefore, regular watering it is simply necessary. Watering the plant is necessary when the top layer of the soil has dried to a depth of about two centimeters. Use clean or dewatered water, since the plant does not tolerate the chlorine that is contained in the tap.

  1. Hygiene. Care for dracaena should include cleaning the leaves from dust.

If your plant lives in water, do not forget about the need for regular replacement (1 time in 2 weeks) with the washing of the red-brown roots from the resulting plaque. Also in order to avoid decay, you should always ensure that the fallen leaves do not stay in the water.

  1. Fertilizer. Dracaena Sander needs a fertilizer and complex fertilizer. Dracaena is fed only in the summer (1 time in 2 weeks), and in the winter they take a break. If sander grows in water, soluble fertilizers are used.
  2. Reproduction. The most common method of propagation of dracena sander is the method of dividing the stem.

Stem cuttings are able to take root both in water and in the ground. If the reproduction is carried out by rooting the cuttings in water, it is necessary to add a little activated carbon to it to avoid decay.

If you plan to plant the apical cuttings immediately into the soil, then it must be well moistened. The rooting in the substrate of sand and peat is best.

Another way to reproduce bamboo dracaena is using shoots with sleeping buds. They are also, in the first place, lowered into the water, and after the appearance of the roots are transplanted into a sand-peat mixture. Or they are left to grow and develop in the water sphere.

Dracaena in the interior

Dracena Sander is not planted in classic pots with soil, but in transparent jugs with water. Interesting solutions for the interior.

Stalk of dracaena

Stem of well-groomed dracaena.

Dracaena at home can always be propagated with the help of seeds. To do this, it is necessary to soak the seeds of the plant for five days, and then to sow them in the soil from peat with the addition of sand. Soil temperature should be maintained at +28 degrees. Seed germination can last from one to six months.

  1. Transplant Sanderian. For dracaena, the transplant is carried out in the spring.

Before transplanting Dracaena, it is necessary to prepare a soil mixture consisting of a special composition for dracaena and a mixture for ordinary houseplants in a ratio of 1: 1.

Pot for transplanting dracaena need to pick up a small, but steady. At the bottom of the pot you need to put drainage and then start replanting the dracene at home.

  1. Formation. How to prune a dracaena. For how this bamboo plant grows and forms, it is necessary to watch constantly.

After the transplantation of the stem of the dracaena, new shoots will start growing after a while. And if they are not removed, the plant risks acquiring a run-down and shapeless appearance.

On the site of remote shoots, new processes may reappear. If you want to avoid this, then after trimming the dracaena you need to process the edges of the segments with paraffin.

To give the trunks an interesting decorative form, young shoots are placed in special tubes. In dracaena transplanting shoots takes a special position. After the escape will grow, it will retain the shape of the spiral. Unfortunately, this form of the trunk can only be obtained by artificial means.

As you could see, the cultivation, propagation and transplantation of dracaena at home does not require much effort, and the ability of the dracaena to grow both in the ground and in the water makes it possible to create unusually beautiful, unique compositions.

Interlaced Draescene Stems

The dracaena stems of the sandera are intertwined. A flower resembling a palm tree will take an honorable place in any house.

Composition from dracaena

The most popular composition is from dracaena. On the cut of each stem, small leaves grow.

Composition from dracaena sanders. Video

Drazen Sander, planted in pots