What can a designer do for himself on 40 m2 - a stylish

Interior of the apartment in the style of mini loft

For visitors to our portal, we have prepared an extraordinarily fascinating story about the master of graphic decoration Thomaz Rezende, which takes a direct part in the installation of famous foreign series. His apartments belonged to his former grandmother, located in the large Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, and their modest footage is 40 square meters. m.

Thomas Rezende

Housing inherited the architect in a very bad condition, a shabby and unaesthetic decoration - brown furniture fills the room with a negative atmosphere, and impenetrable light curtains brought a dim appearance. The nature of the talented creator needed an indispensable change of appearance. So the apartment looked before the repair work.

Living room before renovation Kitchen before the renovation is separated from the living room by an arch Bathroom before renovation

While the total footage of the apartments is small, it also had a poor layout: a small kitchen area, a modest bedroom, a more roomy and a small guest cabin. Thomaz Rezende lived in such conditions for about a year, but his poetic soul could no longer tolerate them. He asked the talented designer Marcel Martin to develop and implement a unique and charming decoration. Master in a creative alliance with another artist Fabio Soares Cesar radically changed the interior of housing.

Bathroom Design Bedroom Interior Design Bicycle suspended from the ceiling on brackets New type of apartment in the style of mini loft

They connected all the rooms into a single open and roomy space, giving it the character and mood of the loft direction. Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful variant of design design for small-footed rooms that are designed to accommodate several people. Such stylistics can be characterized at present as the modern direction of Scandinavia - snow-white wallpaper, refined furnishings and the absence of dense curtains.

Bar counter in the apartment Apartment plan in mini-loft style More light and spacious kitchen