10 trends in the design of the hallway 2016

decoration hallway 2016

  • Modern wallpapers
  • Extend the boundaries of space
  • Decor and flooring
  • Color spectrum
  • Increase the usable space

The entrance hall is a small room in which there are no natural light sources. Modern technologies and materials allow to make the premises light and spacious.

New trends are distinguished by the use of materials with the following properties:

  1. Resistance to moisture. This is necessary for finishing the bottom and flooring.
  2. Ease of cleaning.
  3. Resistance to mechanical influences.
  4. Ecological compatibility.

Modern wallpapers

Wallpaper again in vogue. For the hallway you should choose practical and natural materials.

It is necessary to stop the choice on products with the original pattern. In order not to overload the wall, it is necessary to decorate a part of the surface, and the rest - to paint.

In 2016, you can choose the following wallpaper options:

  • Textile materials are environmentally friendly and unique.
  • Metallized materials, decorated with embossing.
  • Naturalism in the design underlined wallpaper from bamboo.
  • Vinyl wallpaper with imitation of natural textures.
  • Environmentally friendly paper wallpaper.
  • Use of products with complex texture. This is imitation under tapestry, wood, shells or stones.
  • Popular drawings are plant motifs, seabed landscapes, travel, exotic animals.

For small hallways, wallpaper of light shades is used. For each room in the house selected specific wallpaper.

Use of products with complex invoice

Door Decoration

The door becomes an excellent decoration of the corridor. To do this, it is painted in an unusual shade. To create a harmonious interior, decor objects that match the color of the door are used.

Extend the boundaries of space

There are interesting solutions for a narrow hallway. The space of the passer-by should not be cluttered.

There are ways to create a volume in the room.

Visually increase the space will help horizontal lines and bands. Thin elements are used. The color palette differs in this case. It is better to combine warm and cold shades.

To make the hallway more proportional will help large photos, paintings and posters on a long wall. They must be of different shapes and square.

Extend the boundaries of space

Decor and flooring

Decorate the hallway will help the rug, which has an original design and colorful shades. In the trend of 2016, the use of ethnic motives.

Popular materials for finishing the hall are:

  1. Wear-resistant tile for the hallway is convenient in decoration. Using original drawings, the room is zoned or the boundaries of space are widened.
  2. Laminate is easy to care for and mechanical damage.
  3. Linoleum is not afraid of moisture and is characterized by the choice of interesting ornaments.

In the flooring, the radial pattern looks original, which is duplicated on the ceiling.

Color spectrum

The neutral color palette becomes popular. Restrained shades are the perfect backdrop for a complex and detailed interior. Use all possible combinations of white and black, as well as sand and beige shades.

The neutral color palette becomes popular

Fashionable style for the hallway

In 2016, the following styles will be in the trend:

  1. Russian style is recognizable by the elements of wood decor, and also by unusual ornamentation. Lace and painted paintings will complement the interior.
  2. The Scandinavian style, which is suitable for small hallways, is laconic. Important components of the style include simple furniture, discreet decor and light colors. A bright accent can be a rug.
  3. In fashion, natural materials. Eco-friendly interior is created with the help of a textured wood, solid granite or beautiful stone.

10 trends in the design of the hall: texture, color, space

Increase the usable space

Modern interior design is characterized by conservation of useful space. Comfortable boxes, ergonomic shoe racks and functional cabinets are used.

Soaring furniture

In the trend, furniture floating in the air. Functional objects are mounted to the walls and ceiling. Thus, in the interior of the hallway there is a suspended cabinet or floating shelves.

Compact storage

Refusal of piles in the room, including massive cabinets and other storage furniture. This allows you to focus on the quality of the decoration of the walls. This method increases the useful area and creates airiness in the room.

For storage of things vertical columns-cabinets, open shelves and built-in pantries are used.

Laconism and simplicity

In 2016 it is recommended to purchase furniture for the hallway of organic and natural forms. Details of glass and metal will bring light and air into the space. Practical finishing materials are used for the walls of the hall. Also used stretch ceiling and high-quality flooring. The use of comfortable handles, the absence of sharp corners, as well as the use of restrained colors and simple lines are welcomed.

Following the fashion trends will help create an original and practical interior.

Laconism and simplicity