30 best ideas this week from pinterest

We bring to your attention 30 fresh ideas for decorating the house, collected on the largest website to find inspiration in the world - Pinterest. Its huge international popularity is due to the fact that dozens of interesting solutions for home from designers and decorators from all over the world are published daily. What are they pleased with us this week? Among the best ideas you will find:

  • wall decor of thread;
  • stylish homemade lamps;
  • ideas for the design of curtains;
  • festive decor;
  • ideas for pillows and pl. other

Even more inspiration you can get in our last post: The best ideas for home on Pinterest (photo). In the meantime, imagine ...

30 best ideas for this week's house:

Decor heart from thread Decor on the wall of thread Decor star Decorative basket Decor of wine stoppers Table decor of natural materials The hunter is a dream substance Lamp from cans by own hands Foil Lamp Finishing Garland with balls Wall decor home schedule Painting bottles decor Ideas for placing photos Braided Ivory Light The idea of ​​a homemade vase Decor black and white colors Home Decor Beautiful cushion trim New Year Decor Pillow Fabric around pillow Ideas for Christmas decoration at home Beautiful pillows on the sofa Stylish design of the window The idea for curtains and windows Ideas for design of curtains How to hang curtains Beautiful candlesticks with their own hands New Year's decor on the table Crafts for the New Year A simple and beautiful picture of your own hands Cute floral decorations Homemade mat in stones Festive decor on the table