Lampshade for table lamp - step by step instruction for

A big role in human life is played by lighting. The atmosphere of comfort and softness is easy to create with the help of floor lamps or lamps. If you do not find a suitable lamp to your interior, you can always create a new lampshade for your desk

Application of feng shui at home (tips and photo interiors)

Is there a feeling when you wake up already tired? Thoughts about problems at work or in relationships persistently pursue you, pouring out into inner dissatisfaction with yourself and disappointment with life. If so, then it's time to change

Painting: colorful works of american artist n.s. david

Today my inner world shook the work of the American artist N.S. David, who lives in Los Angeles and she is only 26 years old. All the works are done in watercolors and have a pronounced author's style and very interesting ideas of the fusion of

Gray curtains in the interior +50 photo

The overall impression of the room to a large extent depends on a harmonious combination of colors of its main elements: walls, ceiling, floor, textiles, wallpaper, furniture. First of all, you need to choose the base color, then only proceed with

Wall panels in interior design

Wall panels can perform a lot of functions: from hiding wires and various defects on the walls to sound insulation and insulation. As an element of decor, they are a great way to change the structure of walls and make the interior more interesting.

Colorful photos from rachel bellinsky

Rachel Bellinsky graphic designer and photographer, originally from Las Vegas. In her photographs, a documentary photo and a surreal note are combined. The main emphasis in their photos Rachel takes on animals from the suburbs. She has already

Game illustrations from andrew murray

Andrew Murray free artist and illustrator, who was engaged in such world-famous games as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Lord of the Rings Online. Dark, several eerie illustrations allow you to immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of these games

Design of ceilings: 30 beautiful ideas

Our life is sometimes so rapid that we look only forward or on the sides, never even bothering to look up. However, the unusual and unique design of the ceiling will easily transform the everyday space around you into an inspiring and creative

Tulle in the interior - types and examples of design

Regardless of the housing situation, tulle in the interior plays an important role. This light curtain made of transparent or translucent fabric gives a harmonious appearance to the room, complements curtains and furniture, dissipates sunlight

Wall mirror in the hallway - 30 ideas for a stylish interior

It is difficult to imagine a piece of furniture or decor, more necessary for the hallway, than a mirror. And it's not even that it's vitally important for us to take the final look before going out. A suitable mirror in the hallway can become not
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