Do it yourself: bright and creative ideas for children's

Looking for an alternative for decorating children's cartoon characters? There are many different ways to beautifully decorate a nursery, and they do not necessarily have to be expensive. For example, with simple tools and materials, you can:

  • to build a wigwam or other cozy shelter;
  • turn a bunk bed into a fairy-tale fortress;
  • make a doll house or toy kitchen for a girl;
  • install a magnetic, perforated or graphic board on the wall and much more.

As for the decorative design of the walls in the nursery, you can also work with your own hands, for example:

  • create a zigzag when painting walls;
  • decorate the walls with children's creativity;
  • set rows of shelves with colorful children's books;
  • create drawings from color ribbon or LED garland etc.

We present 40 great ideas for self-design of the child's room, and also invite you to share your already embodied ideas in the comments to this article!

Original ideas for a child (photo):

Childrens Design in Native American StyleChildren's table for drawing from a cotChildren's wardrobe for girls with their own handsCozy baby bed in a former cupboardChildren's design for the smallestChildren's room with extra room House for children with their own hands Dollhouse from a square shelf Crafts for children's board Toy kitchen in the children's room Toy house for children Toy houses made of cardboard Ideas for a bunk bed in a nursery Square shelves as a house for dolls The use of old furniture in the nursery Sticker tree on the wall in the nursery The use of a wooden pallet in a nursery Work area for the boy with his own hands A practical solution for walls in a nursery Where to store soft toys in the nursery The use of a perforated board in a nursery Decoration of a wall by cars Simple crafts for children's own hands Suspended tent in the child's room Children's bed with their own hands Baby bed that is attached to the ceiling School board on the walls in the nursery A small scene in the children's room Royal Castle for children's own hands Bright decoration of a child's own hands Children's reading corner Idea for a cottage in a nursery Homemade two-story house for children Baby house made of cloth Wigwam and slate in the nursery Decoration of a wall with books Special table for lego own hands Baby decor with own hands Toy birds as decor for children Decoration of walls by children's drawings Children's books on the shelves on the wall