How to decorate a window and a window sill: 55 best ideas

When choosing a decor for a house, we often ignore some corners and secluded places, including windows and window sills. But there are so many wonderful and charming ways to decorate them! The end of winter is the best time to fix this situation: let the new look of your window help bring spring to your home!

In this article you will find 6 ways and 55 ideas for decorating windows and window sills in living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, kitchens and other rooms in your home. Some of them are quite simple, while others require a creative approach and the making of the decor by one's own hands. Vases with fresh flowers, house plants, candles, LED or homemade garlands - choose the decorations that you like best, and let them give you every day joy and inspiration!

1. A cozy corner for reading

Are the ledges of your windowsill wide enough for you to sit and read a book there? If so, then you should definitely turn it into a small reading corner. Add pillows for comfort and ease, put a book shelf near and a reading lamp for evening reading. If the situation is the opposite, but you really want to have such a cozy place, then you can put a small bench or a banquet directly under the window or window sill.

Window decoration with pillows, books, flowers A small banquet at the window in the kitchen Angled seat by the window Sitting on the windowsill and bookshelves by the window Comfortable soft bench by the window

2. A small garden on the windowsill

To stylishly decorate the windowsill with indoor plants, you can use unusual "pots" (for example, old sugar bowls, glass jars, books etc.), all kinds of hooks and ropes for hanging them, as well as playing with the color and shape of the plants themselves. For the kitchen, a good idea is a garden of spicy herbs that can be used in cooking. In addition, some plants are in themselves so attractive that they enhance the beauty of the interior without any additions.

Kitchen garden on the window Decorating the windowsill with cactus Hanging cones with plantsDecoration of a window sill with plants in pots Original pots for plants with their own hands Stylish decoration of windows with indoor plants Luxurious bathroom with a beautiful window Window decoration in winter

3. Eclectic and pretentious composition of decor

Can not decide what to put on the windowsill? Then just put everything there that comes to your mind or does not fit on other shelves in your room! How to create an interesting eclectic composition, find out by using the examples presented in the following photos.

Stylish decor on the windowsill Decorating the window sill with flowers and other decor Bedroom with a beautiful decor on the windowsill Window sill decoration in the children's room Design of a bathroom with gold ornaments Window decoration with books and indoor plants A simple and beautiful window decoration in the kitchen Beautiful window sill decoration in the kitchen Decorating the window with statuettes Artistic decoration of a window sillHow to decorate a window in a children's room

4. Romantic and festive decoration of the window

Your window sills will instantly become more romantic with the addition of several candles, LED garlands or freshly cut flowers. Such a window decoration will give you a wonderful mood in any calm evening or rainy day.

White flowers in cans on the window Decoration of a window sill with candlesCandles and flowers on the windowsill The idea of ​​decorating the windowsill for the New Year Romantic window sill decorationLed the garland as a window decorationSimple but stylish window sill decorationWindow decoration on a rainy day Tulips on the windowsill Long candlestick and flowers on the windowsill in the bathroom

5. Homemade cornices, garlands and other ornaments

Do you like to make something yourself? We have several ideas for creating crafts for decorating windows and windowsills!

Bright textiles in window decoration Garland of paper with your own hands Cornice of cloth with their own hands The original idea for window decorationA long narrow table instead of a window sill The idea to decorate the window with stickers Decorating the cornice with children's toysCrafts for window sill decorationWindow sill decoration with natural materials Stylish design of the window in the interior with old things Window decoration in rustic style Homemade curtains of beads for window decoration Window decoration with artificial flowers Merry homemade garland for window decoration Stickers for windows on the windowKnitted hand-made articles for window sill decoration

6. Storage space

Finally, a good way to somehow decorate the windowsill is to use it as a repository for different things. Do you work at home or do you have a hobby? Then why not put some folders, boxes or jars on the windowsill to decorate the interior and tell the guests about their hobbies?

Folders and boxes on the windowsill Workplace on the windowsill Photos within as a window sill decoration Shelf on the window in the kitchen Bright decor on the windowsill