Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment - a

Small apartments are quite complex in terms of design. When there is a need to conveniently place everything necessary and to give the home an original look, you should pay attention to the Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment. Very light, simple and functional, it will allow you to feel free even in the smallest room.

Here we have collected a photo of 15 modern apartments in the Scandinavian style, in order to study its various features and manifestations. Be prepared to see the exciting one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartments after a short review of this amazing style.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment - photos of real homes

Secrets of the design of Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment

For the Nordic countries that gave the world a Scandinavian style of interiors, long winters, premature twilight and lack of sunlight throughout the day are characteristic. Therefore, the abundance of bright white is the first thing that catches your eye when looking at the Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment. In combination with it, natural beige, brown, green and gray-blue tones are commonly used that bring balance, harmony and coziness into the house.

Among other characteristic features that distinguish the design of an apartment in Scandinavian style:

  • Minimalism in the choice of furniture;
  • Colorful textile decor - carpets, pillows, bedspreads and other (but not furniture upholstery!);
  • Popular elements of loft style are brick walls, bohemian and vintage decor, industrial lamps;
  • Open shelves with books and decor;
  • Bed-loft, which helps to save space;
  • Warm wooden accents;
  • Numerous house plants;
  • Candles and fireplaces.

Let's see how these components of Scandinavian style were used in 15 real modern apartments!

1. One bedroom apartment in Scandinavian style

When there is not enough room in the house, some rooms have to be combined. In this stylish two-room apartment the dining area was moved to the living room, which allowed to free the kitchen. But if you need to have a quick snack or drink coffee, you can do it for a stunning bar counter by the window.

One bedroom apartment in Scandinavian style - photo of living room One bedroom apartment in Scandinavian style - kitchen photo

Strict straight lines and elements of black color make the Scandinavian style of this apartment more modern and bold.

Design of a bedroom in a two-room apartment in Scandinavian style Stylish entrance hall in an apartment in Scandinavian style

2. Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment 40 square meters. m.

The owners of this apartment preferred a more classic and warm Scandinavian style, although they also carried a dining room into the space between the kitchen and the living room. Pastel color palette and a tiny but extremely cozy bedroom - that's what we particularly liked about this apartment of 40 sq. M. m And you?

Scandinavian style in the interior of an apartment of 40 square meters. m. - photo The layout of a small apartment 40 sq mSmall kitchen in an apartment in Scandinavian style Scandinavian bedroom interior in a small apartment

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3. Scandinavian style in the interior of the studio apartment

It is necessary to remove the partitions and the apartment seems to grow in size. Kitchen, living room and hallway in one interior, and only the bedroom and bathroom are closed on the door. It's a pity that the owners did not share the photo, but we were able to appreciate the industrial elements and the bright vintage refrigerator, which give this studio apartment in the Scandinavian style a special charm.

Scandinavian studio apartment - photo of living room and hallway Kitchen and dining area in the Scandinavian studio apartment Vintage apartment in Scandinavian style - interior photo

4. Interior design of a two-room apartment in Scandinavian style

Undoubtedly, having a rest and working at a desk in this huge bedroom is a pleasure! Wooden floors with wallpaper grasscloth balance the dazzling whiteness of the walls, and lush chandeliers emphasize the height of the ceilings. But the kitchen in this Scandinavian apartment is quite small, albeit cozy. And what is more important for you: a spacious kitchen or a bedroom?

Design of a two-room apartment in Scandinavian style - photo bedroomOne bedroom apartment in Scandinavian style - photo bedroom living room Kitchen design in a two-room apartment in Scandinavian style

5. Scandinavian style in the interior of a one-room apartment: a division into two zones

This one-room apartment in Scandinavian style faces the two sides of the house. In the left part of the interior there is a beautiful kitchen with a balcony, and there is also a bathroom. On the right, designers conjured up a combined bedroom-living room, which you will remember with your warm metal accents. Elegant!

One-room apartment in Scandinavian style - living room and bedroom Partition between living room and bedroom in an apartment in Scandinavian style Kitchen with balcony in a one-room apartment in Scandinavian style

6. Modern Scandinavian apartment with a loft bed

Bed-loft - an excellent solution for small apartments, in which there is no room for a separate bedroom. In the best traditions of the Scandinavian style, the living room (and at the same time the bedroom) of this apartment is bathed in white, but the kitchen suddenly surprises with red-brown tones with notes of pink. Open shelves, modern lamps and fashionable gray-brown upholstery upholstery give the design of the home a special charm.

One-room apartment with a loft bedA small Scandinavian apartment with a bedroom in the hallInterior of the kitchen overlooking the living room in a one-room apartment

7. Beautiful studio apartment in a modern Scandinavian style

Soft gray-blue and green tones in combination with white walls and wood bring to the design of this apartment the charm of the winter forest. The simplicity and minimalism of the furnishings are not at all conspicuous, thanks to the shelves with open shelves, exquisite wicker chairs and numerous houseplants. A rug in the form of cowhide identifies the living room area, and modern spot systems on the ceiling help illuminate every corner of the spacious studio.

stylish-apartment-studio-in-Scandinavian-styleapartment-studio-in-Scandinavian-style-kitchen-entranceHow do you like this way to separate the hallway?stylish-apartment-studio-in-Scandinavian-style-prihozhaya

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8. Scandinavian interior of a small apartment

The next small apartment in the Scandinavian style on our list is notable for its eclecticism. Although the general mood here is set by the Scandinavian style, you can also notice a Persian carpet on the floor, Japanese prints on the walls and a bold modern papier-mache lamp. All the rest of the furniture is elegantly minimalist, and only the stove-fireplace and the wooden parquet flooring bring back memories of old times.

Scandinavian-style-in-apartment-living room Scandinavian-style-in-the-apartment-kitchen

9. Minimalist apartment design in Scandinavian style

These tiny kitchens and living rooms just had to unite in one room! The absence of partitions, minimal furnishings and large windows make the room light and spiritual, and the ceiling design, patterned tiles on the floor and cheerful red-orange accents bring an invigorating decorative effect.

beautiful-flat-in-Scandinavian-style studiobeautiful-apartment-in-Scandinavian-style kitchen

10. Apartment in Scandinavian style with a creative décor

Animalistic and floral decoration is an integral part of the Scandinavian interior design. He helps bring more life, bright colors and dynamism to the apartment, which are simply necessary during the long Scandinavian winters.

On the photo of this dwelling we see funny natural motifs, which are combined with stylish modern furniture. The bedroom area is on a separate platform, and the floor shelves for books emphasize the transition to it from the kitchen-living room.

Scandinavian-design-studio apartments Scandinavian-design-studio apartments-gostinaya Scandinavian-design-studio apartments-kuhnya

11. Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment 25 square meters. m.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment helps, even in situations where it is very small. Kitchen, bedroom, living room and hallway fit here in the same room with a single shelf-partition. But who will say that this interior is intimate and unattractive?

studio-in-apartment-in-Scandinavian-style living-room-in-apartment-in-Scandinavian style kitchen-in-apartment-in-Scandinavian-style studio-apartment-in-Scandinavian style bathroom-in-apartment-in-Scandinavian-style

12. Bright apartment in Scandinavian style with elements of a loft

When the size of the apartment does not limit you, the Scandinavian design can show itself in all its beauty. This space is simply mesmerizing with bright colors and originality of the decor, which are highlighted by a light background.

bright-apartment-in-Scandinavian-style-living room

Looking closer, you can see that for the living room of this two-room apartment is characterized by a marine aesthetics - from a white-blue palette to sea fish on the windows and ship patterns on cushions. The life of the Scandinavian countries is inextricably linked with the seas, since the ancient Vikings first went on a campaign.

bright-apartment-in-Scandinavian style bright-apartment-in-Scandinavian style-studiya

But the bedroom and the bathroom follow the best modern trends - geometric shapes and bright tiles in recent years are leading trends in design.

bright-apartment-in-Scandinavian style-spalnya bright-apartment-in-Scandinavian style-vannaya

13. Scandinavian style in the interior with natural accents

This refreshingly light interior combines organic and industrial motifs for an ideal compromise between Scandinavian and urban style. Traditionally, the studio apartment has simple furniture, but unusual decorative elements surprise us almost at every step. What are only the lamps (by the way, did you notice the lamp on the wall?), The window sill, the knitted decor in the bedroom and the picture on the walls of the kitchen!

light-apartment-in-Scandinavian style light-apartment-in-Scandinavian style-kuhnya light-apartment-in-Scandinavian style-spalnya

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14. Cozy studio apartment in Scandinavian style

It is necessary to soften the shades a little and a small apartment in Scandinavian style acquires the effect of luxury. Instead of the usual sterile white color, the walls in this interior were decorated with cream-white paint, which is stunningly comfortable with a gray-brown palette. Black and white photos, industrial lamps and wicker chairs bring a touch of nostalgia to the design.


15. A small apartment in Scandinavian style with a brick wall

When the design of the apartment is based on the Scandinavian style, mixing and adding elements from different directions is not at all difficult. On the example of these apartments, we can note that a small apartment in the Scandinavian style is very hospitable to modern and vintage, industrial and rural elements.


The loft bed also helped to free space, without depriving the owners of a cozy place to sleep.


This is the last photo of an apartment in Scandinavian style for today. Please indicate in the comments the serial number of the apartment that you liked most! Thank you!

Scandinavian-design-kitchen-in-apartment Scandinavian-design-bathroom-in-apartment