Sophistication in detail: stucco for the fireplace (49 pics)

Classic stucco for the fireplace in the modern interior is more relevant than ever. Perfection, proven for centuries, the elegance of lines of protruding elements, a hint of luxury - the merits of this decor. Multiplied by the high-tech materials and professionalism of the master, they favorably emphasize the beauty of the home and the good taste of the owner of the dwelling.

Snow White Fireplace

Decorative stucco is an elegant decoration for the fireplace. Ornate, floral patterns harmoniously fit into the interior in the Baroque style.

Embossed stucco for the fireplace - the best decoration of the fireplace panel. A stylish element of the interior makes the situation presentable and memorable.

Embossed stucco for the fireplace - the best decoration of the fireplace panel. A stylish element of the interior makes the situation presentable and memorable.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Types and methods of manufacturing
  • 2 Variety of materials
  • 3 Stucco moldings: stylistics, shapes and colors
  • 4 How to make stucco with your own hands. Video
  • 5 Exquisite decor for the fireplace - stucco

Types and methods of manufacture

Artistic stucco is a figured and relief ornamental patterns of architectural decor. The moldings are decorated with ceilings, walls, door and window openings, allowing to make any surface the dominant detail of the interior. No less popular is the decoration of the stucco of the home fireplace - the heart and soul of the room.

Methods of production of stucco:

  • manual (modeling);
  • production (molding, casting).

The production method involves the manufacture of individual parts of stucco molding by means of casting or pressing. Manual modeling requires the search for a master (artist and professional stucco), sufficient financial investments and labor, but allows you to get as a result of the decor, the design of which will be exclusive.

Lepness on the fireplace panel

Exquisite stucco for a fireplace in a country house in southern Austria.

Spacious living room

The panel for the fireplace is framed using stucco moldings from plaster.

Components stucco fireplace portal:

  • cornices (with ornament and smooth profile);
  • capital units and brackets (supports);
  • pediments (the upper parts of the composition in the form of a triangle);
  • moldings (convex relief strips);
  • columns and pilasters (semi-columns, three-quarter columns);
  • base (pedestal);
  • friezes (ornamental compositions);
  • decor (ornaments, statues, corner elements, patch panels, panels, murals, caryatids).

Correctly picking up the material, stucco can decorate not only a fireplace with an operating firebox, but also electric fire and falshkem.

Cozy interior of the living room

Living room in the Art Nouveau style with a large fireplace, decorated with decorative stucco.

Luxurious fireplace design

Design stucco in the Baroque style is decorated with a fireplace in the country mansion of a Moscow businessman.

Variety of materials

For the manufacture of stucco moldings for fireplaces the following materials are used:

  1. Gypsum is a soft calcareous mineral material of fibrous, granular or lamellar consistency. For the creation of figures and ornaments, modern manufacturers use super-hard plaster for modeling, which has a low shrinkage during curing and ensures high precision of parts during casting.

Advantages of gypsum:

  • not afraid of high temperatures (fireproof);
  • harmless and ecological;
  • has high molding properties.


  • weak moisture resistance;
  • hygroscopicity.

To improve the operational properties of gypsum, vegetable fibers, fiberglass, and resins are added to it. In some cases, gypsum is reinforced with metal.

Gypsum panel for the fireplace

Decorative stucco molding from gypsum looks harmoniously with LED backlighting.

The original fireplace

Stucco from gypsum is the most used option. Durable and practical material creates a decor for ages.

  1. Concrete (fiber concrete) - cement paste with additives of polypropylene fibers.


  • withstands high humidity;
  • has high strength properties;
  • safe for the environment;
  • has a wide range of color solutions.


  • heavy weight;
  • requires reinforcement with metal;
  • low precision drawing transmission.
Restrained design

Fretwork made of concrete is suitable for simple compositions.

Fireplace panel made of concrete

The fireplace is decorated with stucco molded from concrete, painted white.

  1. A natural stone.

The most popular molding portal is made of marble, granite, travertine. Used as one kind of stone, and a combination of several types, textures and colors. Making stucco from stone is the most expensive.

Advantages of natural stone:

  • ecologicaly clean;
  • Durable (lasts for decades);
  • lasting;
  • does not burn;
  • "Status" material.


  • complexity of processing;
  • requires verification of the radioactive background;
  • high price.
Luxurious fireplace decor

The richest and most representative kind of decor for a fireplace is stucco made of natural stone.

Fireplace made of natural stone

Stucco molding of natural stone is attractive and versatile. Such a decor will look organically in the interior in any style.

  1. Polyurethanes - duropolymer, polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene coated.

Advantages of polyurethane stucco:

  • low specific gravity;
  • durability;
  • moisture resistance;
  • flexibility;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • high strength;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • High adhesion of the surface to any finish materials.

Polyurethane does not crumble and does not turn yellow with time, it is easily fixed to the building glue, it is resistant to moisture, foreign smells, can withstand large temperature changes, is not prone to fungus and mold damage.


  • high flammability of some species;
  • can shrink.
Fireplace in the interior

The most budgetary, but not less attractive decor for the fireplace is molding made of polyurethane.

Fireplace in interior design

Geometric forms of polyurethane - the ideal solution for interior in the style of country.

Fretwork for the fireplace: stylistics, shapes and colors

Most often used in the classic interior design and its varieties: Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, Empire. Interior French stucco is appropriate in the style of Art Nouveau and Provence.

Popular stucco ornaments:

  1. Geometric, combining chains of balls, rhombuses, squares and rectangles with straight, wavy and broken striae.
  2. Classic, representing a complex pattern of elegant curls, sockets, thread elements and openwork nets.
  3. Vegetable in the form of intertwining branches, volumetric colors, petals and leaves.

At the peak of popularity stucco is classic white, but strict black and bright colors are increasingly used in decorating fireplace mantel. The combination of different color solutions will create original visual effects, unique reliefs, a game of shadows.

As finishing finishing decorative coatings with the effect of gilding, patina, stained wood are used. In the fashion simulation of marble, ivory, stucco made of stone, artificial aging of the surface.

The use of elegant stucco molding in a modern interior will create an indescribable cosiness in the room, and moderation and correct combinations will make the fireplace its main decoration.

Decorative fireplace

Ornate stucco patterns frame the baroque gas fireplace panel.

Gold decor for the fireplace

The stucco elements are painted white with golden accents. The right fireplace for the interior in the Empire style.

Stucco molding for the fireplace

A complex pattern of stucco molding was created by real masters commissioned by a German politician.

How to make stucco with your own hands. Video

Exquisite decor for the fireplace - stucco