Stylish transparent curtains and tulle as an alternative to

Let the transparent curtains and tulle do not protect from street light and noise, but they can bring to the interior a pleasant lightness, freshness and charm. The growing fashion for this kind of curtains made us take a closer look at the different ways of using them in modern houses and apartments. In this article Dekorin offers to your attention 30 photos of tulle in stylish and interesting design interiors!

Transparent curtains and tulle in the hall - photos and new ideas of 2015

Simple transparent curtains and tulle are out of time and can perfectly fit in both modern and classic interior design. Very often they are used in rooms with bright patterns and many small details, where they bring softness and calmness.

White tulle in the hall - photos news 2015Cream transparent curtains - tulle photo in the hallDark tulle in the hall - photo new items 2015 in the interior

Conversely, in simple and monochrome interiors, tulle with a large pattern is very interesting, as in the following photos.

With a large tulle pattern photo Blue curtains in the living room White tulle for the hall - photos news 2015 photos

Most often tulle in the hall or living room is white or cream tones. But in recent years, 2015 and 2016, transparent curtains in gray and black have become popular. Most often they are chosen for large living rooms in a modern style, but they can also become a highlight with the traditional design.

Beautiful tulle for the hall - photo in dark color Modern tulle for the hall photo new items 2015 pictures

The material of a tulle with an outflow or a lurex thread is perfectly combined with mirrors and metal elements of an interior, creating with them a classical "glam" effect.

Brilliant tulle in the hall photo new items 2015

Looking for a way how to hang a tulle beautifully? The photos below are just some of the creative modern features that transparent curtains have in the interior.

How to hang a tulle beautifully - photo in the living room Black transparent curtains in the interior of the hall Tulle curtains for the whole wall in the design of the living roomArched windows and tulle curtains photo An unusual way to hang a tulle beautifully

So, transparent curtains or tulle are an excellent partition for a studio apartment or an open-plan house. Use them to gently separate one zone from the other without losing the sense of openness.

Transparent curtains as a partition in the interior

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Modern ways to use tulle in the bedroom

For an airy, romantic bedroom, there is nothing better than light transparent curtains on windows and tulles as a canopy. Even if you have the most usual bed, then you can still hang the tulle in the bedroom to the ceiling and thus create your own little corner of paradise.

Beautiful canopy tulle in the bedroom Transparent curtains and tulle in the bedroom design Luxurious transparent curtains with a pattern in the bedroom design

Note that today in the trend of the design of a bedroom with the effect of luxury, which is best emphasized by dark transparent curtains or a smart tulle with a pattern.

Modern tulle photo with a fashionable patternWhite tulle in the interior - photos of the bedroom Lace tulle in the bedroom of the childGray curtains in modern interior design Dark gray tulle in the interior of the bedroom

Finally, another interesting way to apply tulle in the bedroom is to "weight" it with the addition of a strip of fabric underneath. Simply, like all ingenious!

Modern tulle photo new items 2015

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Tulle in the kitchen? Why not! See photos

Transparent curtains, as a rule, look best, being long and carelessly elegant. But for the kitchen, which is the most marquee place in the house, this option is not very practical. If your windows are close to the stove or working surfaces, then it's best to get a short tulle to the kitchen. It will add to the interior of the village charm!

Short tulle in the kitchen photoWhite curtains tulle in kitchen design

But if the rustic charm does not match your kitchen design, then you can choose the beautiful transparent curtains of dark tones, as in the following photos.

Beautiful transparent curtains tulle for the kitchen Transparent curtains in the interior of the kitchen photo

But for the dining area there is nothing better than transparent curtains! After all, at breakfast or lunch it can be very pleasant to look out the window or just to enjoy the sunlight, while being hidden from prying eyes.

Black tulle in the kitchen - photo of the dining area Patterned curtains - photo of the dining area Transparent tulle curtains in the design of the dining area in the house Stylish transparent curtains tulle - photo on the windows

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Transparent curtains in the bathroom

Another one of the main trends of 2015 and 2016! Long and airy transparent curtains in the bathroom conjure up images of tropical paradise in our imagination. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy this fantasy with the installation of light tulles on the windows or even around the bath itself!

Shiny curtains in the bathroom Transparent curtains in the design of the bathroom Thin white tulle - photos in the bathroom