Armchair-bed: how to choose a comfortable and functional

Such a piece of furniture as a chair-bed is the most convenient, practical and multifunctional, able to perfectly fit any interior even in the smallest apartments. However, when choosing a suitable model, you should pay attention to several important details.


In this article, let's try to consider these nuances in order not to be disappointed after the purchase, and also to figure out how to choose the right version of this piece of furniture.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • A few tips for choosing a product
  • We examine the framework
  • Pay attention to the upholstery
  • Features of internal filling
  • A few generalized recommendations for choosing a chair-bed
  • Armchair bed in the interior - photos of the best ideas of arrangement

A few tips for choosing a product

As mentioned earlier, the chair-bed in the interior can take a special place, however, when choosing the ideal variant, several details should be considered:

We examine the framework

All soft furniture manufacturers are ready to offer their customers a huge range of goods, with the main difference being the material from which the frame is made. The budget options are mainly performed from the EAF. Here you should carefully consider the surface of the plates, as it is treated with the necessary impregnations, then laminated and ground.


The frame made of wooden bars and boards is the most advantageous option. It can withstand constant and daily folding and unfolding for a large number of years. As the main material used coniferous species, which are a fairly budgetary option, as well as expensive breeds, which are particularly strong and durable.


There are also metal tubular skeletons, they are quite easy to use. The surface of the material is covered with a special powder, which stops the appearance of corrosion and mechanical damage.


It is very convenient that the covers from such armchairs-beds can be easily removed and washed, while the material will not be deformed. Computer table - 80 best photo ideas in the interior


In addition to the traditional legs, there may be wheels that help to move the chair easily from one place to another without much difficulty and absolutely safe.


Pay attention to the upholstery

The most common is cotton. It has a huge assortment of different colors, and is also hypoallergenic, as it is used for furniture plating not only for adults, but also for children. Its only negative is short-livedness.


Additional materials are:

  • tapestry and jacquard - used for models a bit more expensive, has greater wear resistance;
  • shinill, flock and velor - are standing materials, quite strong, resistant to discoloration and washing;


There are manufacturers who impregnate the fabric with special compounds that can repel moisture, which significantly increases the life of their products.


It is often used leatherette or genuine leather, while they are the most expensive options. They are always popular, durable, easy to clean, while they are not afraid of moisture.


Features of internal filling

Very often chair beds are filled with polyurethane or foam rubber, as it is a fairly cheap filler. The main thing is that the filler should be intact, so that the seat does not sag and retain its beauty.


The more rigid are the latte and the perioth. Their main advantage is the restoration of form.

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There is also a filling of special spring blocks, which is used for the orthopedic version.


A few generalized recommendations for choosing a chair-bed

While searching for the right product, it is necessary to pay special attention to its surface, since it should be perfectly smooth, without tubercles. Also check the quality of the seams and folds.

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Consider and carefully examine all available mechanisms, as well as legs and armrests for strength.


Be sure to sit on the chair, in addition to softness and comfort, it should be able to return the original form after you get up.


Independently, try to lay out a chair-bed, so that later it does not cause you any difficulties.


Thanks to all these fairly simple rules, you can protect yourself from buying a substandard product, as well as decorate your interior with a comfortable and useful piece of furniture.

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Armchair bed in the interior - photos of the best ideas of arrangement

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