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The appearance of a wooden cottage

In today's fascinating story, we demonstrate to your attention the magnificent design of the cottage, which was designed and implemented by designers and specialists of the architectural company Cushman Design Group in the American metropolis Morrisville.

Ethan Waldman (Ethan Waldman) built a miniature building with a total area of ​​18 square meters. He wanted to use it for skiing and hiking in picturesque surroundings.

He placed the charming design on the chassis, so he could easily park it in the yard in front of his cousin's cottage and not pay taxes on the property.

The appearance of a wooden cottage

An unusual house is located on a four-meter trailer. The interior of the cottage includes all necessary amenities. So, for example, sinks and showers were connected to a septic system, while an extension to the garage.

The designers of the Cushman Design Group have added many windows with hermetic glazing to the construction of the structure, which allows the interior to be filled with heat in the cold months. The bench on the modest porch gives the opportunity for family members to sit down and take snowshoes or hiking boots.

Interior of a small two-level cottage

The interior was designed in a simple and laconic manner. A small room includes several areas: a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom.

The folding table also functions as a corner for work and dining. A wooden staircase leads to the attic of the dream house, where there is a dressing room and a comfortable boudoir.

A cozy place for sleeping was decorated with a large double mattress, which makes it possible to enjoy a quiet pastime and contemplate a panoramic view of nature from three miniature windows.

Under the attic is a compact kitchen equipped with an oven, fridge, microwave and sink. In addition, the cottage also has a modest shower and a modern bio-toilet. Sliding partition separates this compartment from the rest of the living space.

Sleeper in the cottage

The wall surfaces and ceiling were lined with textured pine boards with knots, which gives the apartment room an incredible charm and warmth. In addition, light wood was used to decorate window blocks, floors and furniture sets.

The illumination system in the house is represented by ceiling lights with an expressive industrial lampshade that fills the furniture with incredible radiance and warmth.

At the large window with panoramic glazing there is a comfortable couch. It embodies a cozy corner for reading and having a pleasant pastime with friends and relatives.

Shower in the cottage

The walls in the shower cubicle were decorated with tiles of a rich copper shade, which is ideally combined with wood and chrome mixers.

In addition, this cladding creates excellent conditions for hygienic and water procedures. A small window allows the owners in the shower to enjoy the picturesque nature.

The appearance of a wooden cottage

The mansion is surrounded by small hills and mountain hills. Its original and creative exterior is complemented by tall trees and spruce trees, which allows family members sitting inside the building to contemplate an expressive environment.

The decor of the facade was kept in a simple and concise style with the use of textured wooden boards with a moray dark surface. This decoration gives the building an incredible charm, warmth and aesthetic appeal.

Small wooden cottage in the forest

An interesting project at home from the Cushman Design Group is a delightful engineering masterpiece.

Stunning decoration of the structure, high mobility and functionality of use, a small area with all the necessary equipment for living, and a cozy atmosphere attract close attention and public interest to this tiny structure.