10 hot trends in the art deco style for your interior

If you want to revive art deco in your home, you are not alone! The art deco style is a visual and influential part of art and decor, which first appeared in France after the First World War. He embodies the strokes of the French, Egyptian and Mediterranean cultures through geometric patterns and in many cases of bright colors. You do not even imagine how easy it is to bring a retro image of the style of the 1930s and 40s into your home, from its appearance to its interior. Here are 10 hot trends for introducing an art deco style into your interior.

Interior of the living room in Art Deco style

1. Start with a bold geometric design.

The Art Deco movement had a strong connection with the bold forms and design. To bring a sense of style to your home, start with bold wallpapers that have strong geometric solutions. Rectilinear and curved shapes that instantly strike the eye are noteworthy for the style of the Art Deco era and will immediately revitalize your room.

2. Bring the life style of the art deco movement to your home.

By the 1930s travel became popular and the demand for tourism began to grow dramatically. African safaris were popular and animal prints, exotic finishes such as pearls and tortoiseshell, began to manifest themselves in the home interior. Bold use of materials in glass, shiny fabrics, metallic paints and mirrors will complete the art deco image in your home.

Art Deco in the interior

3. Art works and sculptures in your interior art deco.

Based on the name, the art and the entertainment world presented their talents during the 30s and 40s, and the home decor mimicked the trends. Bold oil paintings, sculptured table lamps, decorative bedroom furniture and furniture with many small details were common. Bring these items to your room for instant art deco calling.

Стиль Art Deco in the interior ванной комнаты

4. Egyptian influence makes every room regal.

When the journey became the norm of life, the influence of Africa and especially of Egypt was enormous. After the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the influence of the pyramids, hieroglyphs and sphinxes was added to the numerous design elements in the house. Use these symbols in your furniture, textiles and when choosing wallpaper and works of art for an art deco style inspired by Egypt.

Egyptian motifs in the interior of the bedroom

5. Bold colors in the art deco style.

The term "brave" is a reserved expression for many incredibly contrasting color palettes that are iconic for art deco, and the use of such colors in decoration can instantly revive the art of this style in your home. Bathroom and kitchen tiles in monochrome black, white combinations or with red shots, and deep brown were magnificent in this period. To bring the appropriate appearance to your home, choose a ceramic and porcelain tile that has a strong sheen of contrasting colors. Beautiful mirrors and mirror cleanliness of the surface will complete the image!

Modern interior design of the living room

6. Elements of cosmopolitan art deco will add drama.

In the big fashion of art, imitating life, the art deco style was completely aimed at adding a visual drama and bringing the cosmopolis lifestyle to the composition. The furniture had clear lines, it was decorated with bold fabrics with zigzags, stripes, chevrons and simple textiles accompanied by silk fabrics that exuded a drama feel similar to the Hollywood regency style.

Modern art deco in the interior of the kitchen

7. Neutral decoration in your interior in the style of art deco.

An important part of the art deco style was the challenge of drama and the grandeur of the movie screen and entertainment. Early Hollywood used neutral color palettes, but combined them with shiny fabrics, the brightness of which conquered, and an abundance of soft material that was luxurious both in appearance and touch. Hang the material behind your bed in the bedroom to reveal the art deco style of the neutrals.

8. Dedicate art deco from the capital cities you love.

Although the art deco style began in Europe, the United States had beautiful architecture, interior design and lifestyle during the 30s and 40s. The buildings in pastel colors in Miami, Florida made the iconic "South Beach" a popular architectural style for Art Deco buildings. New York and Chicago were proud of perfectly stylized skyscrapers that showed the industrial motifs of planes, cars and cruise ships. They were very influential. Bring this image to your home, adding rich geometry to the exterior of the house for the appearance of a sense of Art Deco style before you open the front door.

Art Deco style in the living room

9. Modern repair with art-deco additions.

There is a strong trend in interior design and architecture that allows you to return old houses to their original charm or make new designs similar to retro-era buildings. Renovating the kitchen, for which modern materials like Corian's curved countertops are wanted to create an "artsy" appeal of the Art Deco era and the edge in simple combinations of modern floor coverings and retro-style lamps, is the creation of a magnificent image.

10. Live in the style of art deco - it's not just for the elite.

While the influence of design in decor, fashion and architecture had the appeal of gloss and glam, the possibility of mass production in the 1930s led to the idea that everyone could live in an art deco style. Just like your interior, an art deco style is created for those who want to bring a stormy appeal to art and the emergence of an open and bold lifestyle in their interiors.

Art Deco in the interior кабинета