Effective tips for arranging a studio apartment

Creating an interior in the studio apartment, it is worth considering the main functional areas. This type of housing is considered an affordable and convenient option. The mobile screens, various materials and the best color solutions will help you

20 bedroom decoration ideas for boys

Making a child's room is always a hell for loving parents. How to please the boy? How not to go too far with the pink color for the girl? And other pressing issues are always tortured when creating a child's interior. We have collected 20 best and

The designer from san francisco has created a magnificent

A slight negligence in design can be a key feature of the interior The client asked the designer Jacqueline Palmer to help turn the interior of the small living room, located in his house in New York, to a place where he can entertain and spend time

Small-sized apartment-transformer: interior of a small

Probably many of us want all at once, for example, to make several functional areas on one small living space at the same time: we want so much to have a living room, a bedroom, an office and many other useful things in the house. But, often, it is

Fantastic idea for small apartments: a pull-out bed from

A successful creator of unusual projects, Funn Roberts, has developed an elegant retractable bed for actor Vincent Kartheiser. When dealing with small rooms, you always face the same dilemma - how to arrange furniture so that it does not take up

Mini kitchens as a necessary step to flawless functionality

A completely new level of small space organization will be demonstrated by mini-kitchens that can create a comfortable working area in a few square meters of the square. For the first time such systems were created by Western engineers, now Russian

Interior of the living room in a private house: fresh ideas

Furnishing the living room is both an interesting and responsible process. The interior of the living room in a private house should be unique, beautiful, relaxing and original. How can I put this into practice and remain a happy result? Dekorin

Bright living room - 100 photos of the best examples of

The color design of the living room is of great importance for the design pattern of this year. Bright colors and colors are the best tools for creating colorful designs. Being in such a room, the mood will rise. Bright living room is the best

Interesting ideas and practical solutions for small bedrooms

 If you need a push to inspire you to upgrade a small bedroom, be prepared to see a lot of witty and original ideas. This stunning publication will turn your idea of ​​organizing a bedroom room upside down. All the achievements of modern design are

Interior of the living room with a fireplace in the house -

Today, the interior of the living room with a fireplace became a characteristic symbol of the comfort of individual houses, a romantic atmosphere, while fulfilling the status role - the owner of the fireplace, without doubt, a successful and
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