10 interior ideas for a small studio that have not yet

Designers constantly generate ideas for small apartments. This is understandable: lately, the studios have been increasingly popular in the real estate market, and furnishing them so that there is a sense of free space is not an easy task.

Round dining table

One of the most successful ideas for the interior of a small room is a round table

Here are a few examples that show how to solve this puzzle.

1 In a small room, a round table on one leg looks particularly elegant. It seems that it takes up less space than a square one, and you can not be afraid of hitting a sharp hug. The round table will comfortably accommodate all your friends. 2 Instead of looking for a monolithic cabinet that takes up all the free space near the wall, purchase a few racks. They can be put side by side vertically and get a full bookcase, and if you put it horizontally - get a bench with shelves. We fully admit that there are other options for using such racks. Experiment! Sofa between shelves

Racks can be placed on either side of the sofa

3By the fact that you do not have room for high-grade chairs or a large sofa, it does not follow that you are an inhospitable person. It just means that you need extra seating. Get stools for this case and store them in a corner of the room stacked. Stool under open shelves

You should always have a place for an unexpected guest

Small stools in the living room

A compact stool can serve as an excellent snack table

4If you have firmly decided to confine yourself to a few items of furniture, a large mirror must necessarily lead your shopping list. It will create the illusion of continuing the space, and for this you do not have to make an opening in the wall between the rooms. Large mirror in the dining room

The most successful place for a mirror is the wall in front of the window

Two small mirrors in the living room

Two or three mirrors of a smaller size - a budget alternative to one large

5 The large armchair is, of course, much more comfortable than an ordinary chair. But it also takes up a lot of space. But these barrel-shaped mini-chairs will be able to take care of making you comfortable even in the smallest living room. Chairs in the living room

Such chairs will look great in the hallway

6How it must be nice sometimes to lie on a small sofa in the living room and indulge in dreams alone. If space allows, it can be put at the foot of the bed, in the hallway and even in the dining room near the dining table. Small sofa by the window

Canape - the attribute of the sybaritic way of life

There is no such function that a small square table could not carry out. It is indispensable for small apartments, where each role is assigned several roles. It can be used as a bedside table, mini-bar, buffet and even a kitchen table. Small table in the hallway

Such a table does not clutter the interior and cope with a multitude of tasks

The bench can also be used for a variety of uses. As an exquisite coffee table, for example. Or an additional place to accommodate guests at the table, when the chairs are not enough. Low bench under the table

The bench without a backrest easily fits under the table when there is no need for it

9 Acrylic chair can become one of the most refined elements in the interior of your house. His presence will be almost imperceptible due to the complete transparency of the source material. Ideal for any room - from dining room to bedroom. Transparent chair in the living room

Such chairs - like a new outfit of the king: will be visible only to you - until you need

10For any small apartment a soft pouf will be an excellent purchase. Use it as a footrest or an extra chair. And by placing a steady tray on it, you can get an elegant little table.

If you are the owner of a small apartment and already have experience in optimizing the space with the help of interesting design techniques, share your ideas in the comments!