10 tips that completely change your opinion about small

Interior of a small living room

What is it to have a small living room and problems stemming from its modest size, today many people know. But what does it mean to have a living room, the quality of its design does not depend on its scale, unfortunately, only one knows. 10 tips to reorganize the image of a small living room, will allow you to avoid all difficulties.

1. Choice of color for furniture

The furniture, decorated in light colors, and having straight lines, is perfect for small living rooms. The existing light will provide a sense of spaciousness, and the lines will repeat the geometry of the room, while ensuring the illusion of elongated parallels.

Experts believe that the choice of simple furniture models will ensure the most rational use of existing space, while retaining a significant part of the living space of the living room.

Sometimes elegant two-meter sofas have a rather small capacity, which is due to the presence of an armrest, the shape of which does not allow comfortable seating on this product to a large number of people, although the original characteristics of the product spoke about the opposite.

Well, it is worth remembering the dust, the breeding ground of which are the spaces that are covered with bulky furniture items.

If the family consists of two people, and the parties and pilgrimage of a large number of guests is not a frequent occurrence, try to replace the couch with two armchairs. Such a method will release a significant part of the space, while ensuring the necessary comfort.

Living room in pastel colors

2. Using the Color Palette

The combination of colors in the interior should be distinguished by light tones and include no more than three of their varieties. Remember that the more diverse the available textures, the lesser the number of tones used, and the bright elements in general should only be used in a process such as the design of walls.

Experts believe that for the walls are suitable for such tones as beige, light gray and white. White color in the interior is good because it accepts any color contrasts, with which you can easily adjust the emotional background in the room by replacing various accessories and decor elements.

The interiors of small living rooms can be based on any design direction, but considering their small areas, all the more preferable are such styles as hi-tech, minimalism, Japanese and Scandinavian, and also, gaining momentum, eco-style. It is these options that involve the use of a small amount of furniture and other elements of the interior.

Living room in white Bright accents in the bright living room Interior of the living room in pastel colors

3. Using mirrors

Mirror in the interior of the living room can, how to expand the available space, and negatively affect its visual perception. Everything will depend on the picture, which will be reflected on the surface of this product.

The appearance of the window, or a light section of the wall, will positively affect the available scales, but the dark cupboard and other objects have a completely opposite effect.

Large mirror in the living room Mirror on the wall in the living room Living room in bright colors

4. Using vertical lines

The feeling of space in the living room depends on many factors, among which the main role is played by such a moment as the height of the ceilings.

Visually increase these figures will help products such as curtains, floor lamps, and mirrors. Curtains for the living room should be the full length of the existing wall, and the mirror wall has a rectangular oblong shape.

Accent wall in the living room The high mirror in the living room High floor lamp in the living room Long curtains in the living room

5. Choosing the size of furniture

With experience, even a large sofa will fit well into the interior of a small living room, but in order not to make mistakes, it's best for you to choose small items.

Compact furniture in the living room A small sofa in a niche Light couch in the living room Small sofa in the living room Compact sofa in the living room

6. Give preference to multi-functional furniture

Various folding models of armchairs and ottomans, as well as other similar pieces of furniture, will not only save useful space, but also enhance the functionality of a small living room.

You always, depending on the situation, will be able to provide your guests with comfortable gatherings, and in the blink of an eye in the same place to organize a decent night's lodging.

Couch with a shelf Soft coffee table Folding furniture for the living room

7. Modern storage systems

The storage system in the form of built-in shelving will allow not only to ensure the comfortable storage of all your things, but also will allow using the available area with the greatest efficiency.

Sections of various sizes, painted in light colors, will create the effect of a larger space that will positively affect the emotional component of the inner atmosphere of your home.

Outdoor shelving in the living room Open shelves in the living room Shelving in the living room

8. Beat the big elements of the interior

The background on which the cabinet or sofa is located is best to decorate a few tones lighter. Such a method will make the room more homogeneous and will not allow the view to focus on the large components of the generated image, which, of course, will facilitate visual perception and increase the indicators of the available space.

Large sofa in the living room Large sofa in the living room niche

9. Internal order

The presence of confusion in a small room, due to the presence of an element of piling up details, immediately makes it somewhat smaller than it is. Various niches in the table, in the couch, as well as additional bright decor and interior items in the form of bright boxes will allow you to get rid of the mess and ensure its constant maintenance.

Children's toys in the living room Upholstered furniture in the living room L-shaped sofa in the living room Drawing on the wall in the living room Folding table in the living room

10. Multi-level lighting

The basis of success is 4 levels of lighting. It includes elements such as natural sunlight, ceiling lighting, various floor lamps and sconces, as well as table lamps and lamps. Remember one thing - the more light, the better.

Lighting in the living room Additional lighting in the living room