35 reasonable solutions for small areas: transformable

Folding bed in the species bedroom

To replace the heap of furniture, as you know, came minimalism. Free space is now much more valuable than furniture-packed rooms that can not be squeezed into. And the small sizes of apartments in which the overwhelming majority of city dwellers live, demands to search for compact variants.

But today a simple folding bed for a beautiful environment is not enough - after all, the overall concept and style of the interior is important. Also you can not do without additional functions. So, you can install a shelf for a laptop on a hidden bed, and use the space inside as a place for storing books and documents

Folding bed and workstation

Also inside you can build lamps to read before going to bed.

Folding bed and work tables

The cabinet does not need to be placed on a blind wall, because even at night, natural light may be needed

Folding bed in the office

For a day, you can use the vacated premises as a home office.

Study in the bedroom Working area with a folding bed

Also, using a mobile partition, you can make a rest area in a niche

Folding bed in white bedroom

Two separate beds can be used for a twin room.

Two single folding beds

The variety of modifications is amazing - you can use it as traditional vertical beds, horizontal ones are perfect for narrow rooms, and sliding cupboards will bring another highlight to your house. So, with a few movements, a modern living room with a photograph of Kurt Cobain's rock legend turns into a stylish bedroom.

Interior of a small living room with portraits of celebrities Folding bed in the living room

Moving partition allows you to work at the table during the day, and at night you can rest comfortably.

Spacious study Folding bed in a cozy bedroom

But the movement can and the part, so the additional shelf in the nursery assumes an additional space for the storage of textbooks.

Office in yellow color Folding bed in the office

And another version of the arrangement of space, which is simultaneously a study, a living room, a library, a cinema and a bedroom.

Cozy cabinet in classical style Folding bed in the office Library in white and gray tones Folding bed in the library Study room in burgundy colors Folding bed in the office A cozy office with a fireplace Folding bed in the office Bright accents in the design of the office Folding beds in a colorful study Wooden furniture in the home cabinet Folding beds in the home cabinet

There are many options and only you can choose a specific one, based on your needs and the actual area. Dare!

Folding bed with illumination Folding bed in a spacious room Folding bed and work area Folding bed in the living room Folding bed in the office Folding bed in the nursery

And do not neglect a bed for a pet, because it's forbidden to sleep next to you?

Folding bed for a dog Folding bed for a dog