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A cabinet is a cabinet with one or several walls made of glass or some other transparent material (plastic, acrylic) so that the objects stored in it can be seen. Today showcase cases are widely used not only in museums, exhibition halls and shops, but also in residential interiors. If you are proud of your collection of porcelain, crystal, souvenirs brought from abroad, awards or table decor, a beautiful showcase in the living room will allow you to show them to your guests in the best possible way. Let's take a look at the photo of interesting examples of window dressing in interiors!

Modern and classic showcases for the living room (30 photos)

We used to think of shop windows as obsolete bulky cabinets in the classical style. They went out of fashion many decades ago, but with the advent of smart new models in the modern style began to gain popularity again. Today, there is such a huge selection of storefronts on the market that you can easily find the size and style of decoration that fits perfectly into your home.

Classic showcases for the living room - photo in the interior Modern cupboard cabinet for dishes in the living roomModern showcases for the living room in the style of luxuryUnusual glass showcase in blue colorChest of drawers for living room - photo decoration

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First of all, like any other closet, the living room showcase can stand on the floor, be suspended on the wall or be integrated into the interior. In some cases, showcases even perform the function of dividing partitions, showing the things stored in them immediately into two zones of the room.

Built-in glass showcase for living room and kitchen How does the classic cabinet look like a showcase in the living room

Note that many modern wardrobe cabinets are equipped with built-in lights or LED-backlit to represent your favorite dishes and decor in all their splendor.

Modern furniture - showcases with LED lighting Classic furniture - showcases for living room with lightingLuxurious modern cabinet showcase white in the interior

A cabinet for a living room: a sideboard, a chest of drawers or a curbstone?

There are 3 main types of storefronts closets, which are distinguished by their shape and configuration. So, there are showcases in the form of high cabinets, wide and low showcases (like chests of drawers), as well as narrow lockers of medium height. As a rule, the interior gets either a large showcase in the form of a cabinet, or a set of 2-3 showcases of chests of drawers and pedestals.

Beautiful showcases for the living room classic White cabinets showcases glass for living room Wooden sideboard for living room

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Also showcases are sometimes called modern slides for the living room with open shelves and glass doors. A great way to make your favorite things the main decoration of the interior!

Glass showcases for the home as a roller coaster Showcase cabinets in the interior - photo slides in the living room

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The display cabinet, which is designed to display objects only through one side, that is, through transparent doors, is usually placed against the wall and used to store dishes. Today it is often called a sideboard for the living room.

Built-in showcases for the living room - best photos Glass cabinet showcase with illumination in the interior Sideboard showcase white for living room High cabinets showcases glass for living room Living room furniture - showcases in the photo

Showcases chests of drawers and showcases of a cabinet of average height at which 3 or all 4 walls are transparent, usually settle down in the center of a room or on some distance from walls. They are supposed to store the most beautiful and remarkable things that one wants to show to their guests: souvenirs from different parts of the world, vases, antiques etc.

Modern chest of drawers for the living room in the photo Beautiful modern showcases for the living room photo

In some cases, even a table console can act as a showcase. Why not?

Furniture showcases - table console with glass and lighting

Hit of our time: corner cabinet for the living room

The corner display for the living room has two advantages at once: it takes up little space and is conspicuous. Let's dedicate the last photo of the interiors in this article to the most popular kind of storefronts to date.

Beautiful corner display case for a living room in a classic style Narrow corner display for dishes in the living room

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