Compact living rooms with fireplace - 52 photos of the most

Small living rooms with fireplace: interior photo with a brick wall

Living room with fireplace - a dream of many homeowners. Anyone who decides to install this interesting device, should remember that the choice of model is the most important thing in this matter. In small living rooms, you can usually see not traditional wood fireplaces, but their electrical varieties that do not require special care and are easy to maintain. At the same time, they quite effectively heat the room and have the ability to create a cozy atmosphere.

The external design of the fireplace must necessarily correspond to the style of the surrounding interior. The classical living room will require exquisite intricate decoration, imitation of living fire and the use of materials such as marble, natural stone or red brick.

For modern interiors laconic models are more suitable, in decoration of which elements from glass and heat-resistant plastic are used.

Fireplace shelf - regardless of the design of the model - can be decorated with souvenirs, photographs, decorative items or works of art. Specialists in interior design recommend paying special attention to the appearance of the wall, which installs a fireplace. It is quite appropriate to look a picture in the appropriate style or reproduction.

Near the fireplace, you can equip a cozy sitting area - to put up soft armchairs and a sofa to spend quiet family evenings here at tea or reading your favorite books.