Design of a narrow apartment - original ideas of a modern

Very often developers offer their customers ready-made apartments with planning, and sometimes even with furniture and household appliances. It happens that in such apartments there are rooms that are not quite proportionate in size. Typically, the length of such an apartment several times may exceed the width.

The design of the narrow apartment

Of course, in order to make the interior of such a room comfortable and cozy one needs to resort to some tricks to get a comfortable, functional and bright room in the results.


Table of contents of the article:

  • The ways to expand the space
  • Furniture in a long narrow room
  • Illumination of a disproportionate room
  • In conclusion
  • Photo of the design idea of ​​a narrow apartment

The ways to expand the space

Change the layout of a narrow apartment is unlikely to succeed. But you can work on the design of a small narrow apartment to visually expand and increase space. To do this, you can use some very effective techniques:

- Color solutions for apartments with irregular shapes should increase the space by painting long walls in light colors and narrow walls into darker ones. It is not necessary to use solid colors. You can paint the walls, for example, in two colors, which will smoothly smooth the transitions between the palette of colors. To give dynamism and contrast to the room, you can use textures that mimic a brick or a stone. But the ceiling, in contrast to rooms with the correct proportions, you need to paint the tone of long walls. So, you can achieve a more extensive interpretation of space.

narrow-studio apartment-2017

- If the design of a long narrow apartment involves gluing the walls, then you need to stop your choice on wallpaper with saturated colors. But, it is necessary to cover with such wallpaper only long walls, which will remove the accent from narrow walls when visualizing the room. Particular attention should be given to lighting. To illuminate the narrow room was in the same style, you need to use combined light sources. If a certain theme is created in such a room, you can use wallpaper, but they must create a volume, then the narrow room will not resemble a tunnel. New design of apartments - photo of the idea of ​​modern interior of 2017

narrow-studio apartment-2017

- Visually shorten the long room will help furniture on the width of the wall. If you are lucky and you have a beautiful view from the window, then in no case do you need to close it.


- If you install mirrors on your walls that reflect light rays, you can achieve a blurred transition between the long and narrow walls. But remember, in order not to overload the room with mirrors, you must abandon the decorative details.

design-narrow-studio apartment-27-meter5

- If the windows are installed on long walls, you need to maximize them, for greater illumination of the space with natural light. Doors on such a wall should also be maximally expanded, for example, due to arches, wide doorways. It is recommended to paint the door frame in a bright color.


Furniture in a long narrow room

Arrangement of furniture for a room of the wrong size should be carried out individually, proceeding from features of such room. To visually give the room the correct geometric shape, cabinets, sofas, tables and other furniture should be placed along a short wall.


If the dimensions of a long room, allow it to be divided into several zones with the help of partitions or cabinet furniture, then it is necessary to use such cunning. This will allow you to get several useful zones in the room, and there will be no feeling of a long corridor.

The design of the narrow apartment

To arrange bulky furniture parallel to long walls is not worth it. This will further emphasize an already narrow room, besides furniture will obstruct the passage, and the lighting will be distributed unevenly.


Illumination of a disproportionate room

In a room with irregular geometric dimensions, it is necessary to select a chandelier, which would be as close as possible to the ceiling. But the fact is that if one light source is installed in a narrow room, then in the remote corners of the room there will appear shadows from the interior items.


Especially it will be noticeable if you take a photo of the design of a narrow apartment. And the installation of several local lamps will still add to the gloom of the room. Therefore, if the room is not divided into spatial zones, then it must be divided into several squares, where the side of the square will be equal to the width of the room, and in each such square to install the lamp. Thus, we will achieve uniformity in illumination and the absence of glare and shadows. Classic apartment design - 100 real photos of an ideally decorated interior


In conclusion

The approach to the interior of a room with narrow and long walls should be strictly individual and depend on the area of ​​the room, the location of windows and doors in it, and, of course, the wishes of the owners themselves. The design of such rooms differs from the design of a normal room, and therefore it is necessary to achieve not just a visual increase in space, but also to improve the perception of disproportionate room, and create comfort and comfort in the room.

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Photo of the design idea of ​​a narrow apartment

narrow-studio apartment-2017




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