Design of the dressing room +30 photo examples

Ready-made systems for the dressing room

Have a separate room for clothes and things - quite affordable pleasure, uniquely improving the quality of life. Despite the utilitarian, the design of the dressing room can provide not only functionality, but also external aesthetics. Although to make the most of this decision, especially when the area is small - a priority. It is necessary to take into account at the planning stage the specifics of the finish and internal filling. How to create a beautiful dressing room - inspirational photos will prompt, and the latest modern solutions and modifications of storage systems will help to use the allotted space fully. Regardless of the amount of things and features, universal tips and interior novelties will eliminate mistakes.

The door in the interior perception of the dressing room will occupy an important place, standing out from both sides of the room. When the filling is standard, the canvas is able to express the necessary idea by transforming the area in the right stylistic direction.

Wardrobe with sliding doors

Trend blending of invoices can be realized with the help of an unusual design of the door leaf and accessories:

  • Adding to the solid array of leather inserts.
  • Weaving as a decorative option, complemented by the filling of the dressing room, for example, baskets for storage.
  • Modifications with enamel and inserts from glass, decorated with crystals - feminine version.

Spacious room for clothes

Small dressing room

The small size of the room is not a verdict, on the contrary, architecture features are often played out by a non-standard approach, using:

  • niche, storage room;
  • corner of the room;
  • insulated loggia;
  • attic, attic.

Arrangement of the attic room in the attic

Equipping a small dressing room is given no less importance. What design solutions are tested in practice, can cope with the tightness or non-standard configuration of the allocated space:

  • A pull-out ironing board.
  • Fastening of short bars under clothes perpendicular to the wall.
  • Open shelves without bulky drawers and swing doors.
  • Coat hanger - for a significant amount of clothes on the shoulders.
  • Railings and hooks for accessories - wherever the rack can not fit, even on the door.
  • Opening mirror-snag - the reverse side is used for jewelry, other small items.

Small dressing room в спальне

For a room of small size, you may have to sacrifice a full dressing area and fitting with a large mirror, puff, separate dressing table. But even small mirror surfaces will correct the situation, changing the space for the better.

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Narrow Wardrobe Room

Filling: choosing preferences

Any complex task will have its own solution, especially if you make furniture to order, which will allow you to take into account any nuances without complex rebounds. Although the production of giants of the furniture industry offers good options. The most ergonomic is the U-shaped layout, when the area allows. It's no problem to put pedestals for shoes that take up a lot of space.

Location of shelves and hangers

The internal filling is chosen according to the needs, but the standard size is the height of the shelves for clothes hanging on the shoulders:

  • upper, dresses: 1,5-1,3 m;
  • short: 1,1 - 0,8 m.

Hangers in a small dressing room

Depth is usually used 0,5-0,55 m. Open shelves with baskets and boxes for storing small things - ideal for any footage. Filled section cells with a certain type of clothing, for each pair of shoes, will require pedantry, but it will pay off a quick time to find the right thing. In advance it is necessary to provide the location of the electrical outlets and USB-out if necessary.

Narrow Wardrobe Room

The upper part, depending on the height, and the base is equipped with closed facades, for rarely used things: seasonal shoes, bed linen.

Wardrobe in the closet

New look: luxury items

Turn the wardrobe is not just a functional storage place for things, add refinement and status to the entire room as a whole, you can with a more impressive footage. There is an opportunity not only to laconically execute, but also to add an interior chic, having transformed a wardrobe room into a stylish space.

Lighting for the dressing room

Some design solutions like in the photo will require space:

  • Showcase cabinets behind the glass.
  • The central island-chest of drawers is a great way to streamline the storage of jewelry, accessories.
  • Poof or small sofa with expressive upholstery.
  • The growth mirror in a beautiful baguette is a very feminine option.
  • Art objects, natural greens.

Design of a small dressing room

All this will add splendor to the room. But in addition to additional decoration, emphasize the aesthetics, fashionable technological approach, they know how to store clothes, especially if there are a lot of them. They are not always budgetary, for example, elevators. Such mechanisms are well proven, especially at high ceilings, unlike a conventional ladders.

Mechanism for trousers

What other possibilities are opened by an unlimited budget and area:

  • specialized boxes for ties, small things;
  • organizers in sliding drawers;
  • transparent shelving facades;
  • Retractable modules for vacuum cleaner and steamer;
  • models of shoes with a slope.

Open Hangers

Actual. Completely closed models of cabinets in the dressing room may require additional time to find the necessary things.

Men's dressing room

Color palette

The most common option is white color, and not only for a small area, because this is the most neutral background for clothes, ornaments. Combined version of white shelving and wood basic background or vice versa, cabinets and shelves made of wood on a neutral background are alternative solutions. Will introduce some coloring in a modern look, adding a cozy design.

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Color design of the wardrobe

But if you want a non-standard solution, the creative approach is able to transform the wardrobe:

  • Colorful bright background that will be visible through open shelves (trendy turquoise, purple) - will make the room memorable, and the favorite color - inspiring.
  • Part of the wall surface is covered with wallpaper with that ornament and those shades that are the main line in the design of the whole apartment or house, for example, a certain floral print.
  • Gray, steel, contrast black, natural wood of dark breeds is a brutal male version that will benefit from limiting systematization of things.

Large wardrobe room

Fineness of finishes

General trends in the selection of environmentally friendly materials are distributed in modern design projects and the interior of cloakroom rooms. On the other hand, materials of artificial origin often benefit from the point of view of wear resistance and budget savings. But this part of the house is an object of active use, and the microclimate is a necessary parameter. Consider the design of the wardrobe in terms of natural finish - a good investment that will accurately pay off the necessary atmosphere.

Rectangular Room

RegionRecommended MaterialsMaterials with shortcomingsWork on bugs
FlooringWood, linoleumCarpet - collect dustThe robot vacuum cleaner will perfectly cope with the problem
WallsWater-based paint wallpaperFlizelinovye wallpaper - nedyshashie, and paper - impracticalPaint is preferably washable
CeilingPlaster, paintStretched ceilingFabric with cornices along the perimeter

Small dressing room

Experts advise choosing a performance that can combine practicality and worthy aesthetic qualities. Again, we must provide for individual moments - traces of heels on the floor cover are unlikely to decorate any design, so among the most likely materials is sometimes to choose non-standard solutions, such as cork floor.

Mechanisms for placing clothes

Actual. A good ventilation system is a must for a wardrobe room without a window.

Open shelves and clothes hangers

Stylistics: the secrets of transfiguration

If you want to create an expressive room from the storage area, which supports the overall design of housing, then the owners of a small footage should focus on filling. Rack systems also set a certain interior tone.

The solution for placing a large number of shirts

For classics - full-fledged facades, cabinets, and not frame structures are common. The color scheme, such as brushed champagne - timeless refinement. Wood with minimal processing will emphasize eco-stylistics. Calm provence, light country - can easily be adapted with wicker baskets, fabric elements - curtains. For laconic, modern styles - glossy MDF. More urban, innovative design options offer the dominance of metal, glass.

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Chest of drawers in dressing room

Lighting: important and fashionable

If your choice - to look perfect, then the wardrobe room without natural light must be equipped with one that will answer any needs. So, the location of the dressing table for applying makeup is an auxiliary light on the sides of the mirror. To see the entire color palette of your own wardrobe in undistorted form is the main task of lighting. This will help:

  • LED strip;
  • illumination of shelves, floors;
  • track lights and sconces.

Placement of racks on two sides of the wallRound built-in lights give way. They are replaced by a variety of shapes: triangular, rectangular, in the form of a thin profile. Their implementation will emphasize the idea:

  • aluminum, nickel - rough and rigorous;
  • satin chrome - fashionable accent;
  • gold, bronze - classic.

Wardrobe from an old pantry

The window, as a rule, is decorated minimally, for example, with neutral roller blinds. If you need complete privacy, and the location of the window aperture does not provide it - fit varieties of "day-night" or classic tulle.

Long dressing room

Alternative approach

The combination of a dressing room with a living room is a perfectly acceptable solution, and photos confirm this. The interior should be adjusted to personal needs, and therefore the creation of the so-called open cloakroom - ceases to seem like a bold step. Most often combine with a bedroom, a study or turning into a full rest room.

Bedroom with wardrobe

Partially zoning, not completely isolated in a separate space, will help:

  • heavy curtains;
  • screens, Japanese screens;
  • transparent partitions - add light;
  • bamboo blinds.

Placement of a cloakroom behind the wall in the bedroom

The mobile partition is relevant in case of a deficit of free space, in open type apartments. Place a modification of the linear view can be at the head of the bed, erecting a stationary partition, for example from plasterboard (leaving it not occupied with shelves from the inside).

Wardrobe room with glass walls

Modern solutions allow not to sacrifice the design of the entire space, on the contrary, it is worth taking the opportunity to free the rest of the residential part from unnecessary bulky items of furniture and things. Therefore, more and more in demand new items of washing machines with the function of drying things or the installation of a separate unit, allowing you to give the dressing room a laundry, significantly saving time, because everything is at hand. Having allocated a sufficient amount of space for household appliances, the interior as a whole will benefit from this.